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EyePet – 15 Minutes of Gameplay and Final Packaging Shots |

A lucky guy at got to try out EyePet way before the rest of us. This video shows you what it’s like to first turn on the game, and how to hatch your EyePet. So spoiler alert! I hope this game does really well, obviously it’s targeted towards families/children. Sony needs to advertise this for the upcoming holiday season or I doubt it would sell very well otherwise.

Packaging wise it’s great. But I hope you can buy it without the PlayStation Eye bundled in. That’s one thing that made me stop buying EyeToy games is because it was almost always bundled with a EyeToy camera I didn’t need. Will you be buying this virtual pet for your family?

EyePet – 15-minute play movie and photos of final version

  • i’m not going to watch the video, because i don’t want the initial experience spoiled 🙂 obviously that means i plan to get the game. if i can’t get it separately from the eye, i’ll get it anyway and give/sell the extra ps eye to a friend or something.

    sony definitely should push this hard. they could probably get some good news pieces out of it by pushing the “augmented reality” aspect of it to tech-oriented media. AR is a big buzzword these days.