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Fallout 3: GOTY Ships! |

I know there are a ton of other amazing, high quality titles shipping right now, but I’m surprised this game is getting such a quiet release.


The “Game of the Year Edition” is a new disc release with the same Fallout 3 from last year plus ALL of the following expansion packs:

  1. Broken Steel
  2. Operation: Anchorage
  3. The Pitt
  4. Point Lookout
  5. Mothership Zeta


Wow, that is a nice deal! Each one of these looks like a substantial, high quality, and well reviewed product. Even more unexpected is that these expansion packs just came out as downloadable extras for the PS3 (they’ve been gradually released for the 360 and PC over the past year). This is a really nice deal, and I’m surprised that it’s released simultaneously with the PC/360 versions.

If you haven’t played Fallout 3: it’s great. Check out a full impressions post here. It’s probably the best RPG on any platform outside of the MMO sub-genre, with the only real contender being the recently released (in US/Europe), Demon’s Souls.

Wow, what a great month for RPG fans!

  • hobbes

    i don’t understand why they don’t bundle the add-in content into 1 bundle, let’s say for 30 bucks for all 5 packs. at 10 a piece it makes sense to trade in for this new game, unless you share the dlc wiht friends.

  • Trieloth

    Man what a great deal, even though we had to wait forever. I will get this when Iam done with all the newer games.

  • i downloaded broken steel but not really had the time to get into it yet. i also look to get The Pitt and Point Lookout. not heard good things about the other chapters.

  • francois

    Fallout 3 is an excellent game. But I don’t like the fact that the extension has to drastically change the ending of the original game in order to sell you extra content. I convinced myself that the Fallout 3 ending made sense (even thought my Super Mutant friend did not want to punch in the code for me), now they change that.