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250GB PS3 Slim Available November 3rd |

The 250GB PS3 Slim is hitting the American shelves November 3rd. It has all the same features as the 120GB system but with more space. It will be priced at $349. Not bad for 130 more gigabytes of hard drive space. No bundles are planned for the US at this time according to Sony.

250GB PlayStation 3 System Available November 3

  • No Kill Tayler

    the OS takes 10 gigs i hear.
    And hopefully by Christmas time they bundle in a game.

  • GM – Luke
  • o think $350 is a fair price.. too bad you can not run PS2 games on them.

  • GM – Luke

    $350 isn’t to bad, it’s only $50 bucks more than the $299 model and you get a lot more space.

    I do think this is a mistake though, once again the price is climbing, they should just leave it at $299 for now and release models with bigger hard drives later. Keep it nice and simple.

  • King32

    I wish the this model was out already so i could buy this one instead of the 120gb. But its coo though i polly end up taking the 120gb back and payin the extra 50 bucs. Great deal sony. Buying Uncharted 2 today. Finally!! 🙂

  • edwin sanchez

    still a nice deal, because its cheaper than a Blu-Ray disc player.

  • BDrool

    OK…So where is it!!! today is 3 Nov. Not sold in stores, shelves are not stocked…!!!