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New Uncharted 2 TV Commercial |

What do you guys think of this Uncharted 2 commercial? I like it, short but effective.

  • King32

    Today is the day ppl. I will finally get my copy of Uncharted 2 wit a new ps3 slim. Im so freakin excited to play this game. I loved the first and i jus hope that this one doesnt disappoint, but im sure it wont. Playing it on my hdtv should be nice to. If anyone has played aleady let me know how it is without any spoilers.

  • I must say that I agree with you Tosh.. I liked the Ad.

    my problem is that my PS3 is in Saudi Arabia.. and now I am in the UK 🙁

    but I wish you all a happy Uncharted2 Time 🙂

  • hobbes

    anyone here order U2 from amazon and get the digital map, well if you did, i wouldn’t bother if you found the 1st 6 treasures, it’s a map of 6 digital videos of the 1st six treasures. at least i couldn’t figure out a way of viewing the others.

  • Only the first 6? That’s disappointing ..

  • hobbes

    yah, tosh, would be interesting to see if ND would say that’s actaually correct, it’s a 770 or so mb download.

  • The game looks awesome. As long as it’s bigger than the previous game I’m sure this game will be just as big and probably better!