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Rumor: PS3 cross-game chat in next firmware update |

A Naughty Dog employee said that the next PS3 Firmware update will include cross game chat. Since then, I think the post has been deleted, but here is a copy of what he said. Sony of course doesn’t comment on rumors. So we’ll just have to wait and see.

Would you use cross-game chat? I myself probably wouldn’t or very sparingly.

Reported statement made by ReklissAbandon:

“I think they wanted people to have fun and ejoy the show since all dead players can talk to each other no matter what team you are on. But I will suggest it anyway. Not to mention that the next PS3 firmware update is going to allow cross game chat. So if players use that instead of in game communication then they would also be able to communicate enemies positions.”

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  • haha love the image tosh.

  • 🙂 Thanks

  • hobbes

    yah, would be nice way to chat with my friends, i rarely use vchat cause usually my friends are in game

  • hobbes

    i think the thing they’ll need to be careful of is allowing in game chat within the same game, they should 1st look to see if that game has ingame rules about such a thing, else defer to that in game chat rules. I would really love this feature, and am looking forward to getting demon’s souls tomorrow.

  • Trieloth

    I sure hope this shows up so people stop crying about it. The odds of me using this feature a fairly slim.

  • GM – Luke

    This would make a lot of people happy. Almost everytime there is a firmware update, people are crying how the ingame chat hasn’t been added which supposedly was promised to them.

  • Blackstaffer

    Personally I’d use it to overcome poor or nonexistent in-game chat.

    Also I’d be able to ask someone how long until their match is done, so I’d know how long the wait is.

  • Kicks

    I would definitely use it as I sometimes just want to talk with a friend while playing instead of listening to the wonderfully mature gamers out there…