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Uncharted 2 Co-op | Thursday Night 5 P.M. MT |

Come join us for some Uncharted 2 Co-op tomorrow night starting at 5 P.M. MT (mountain time). I should be able to play until 7 or 8.

Leave a comment here if you want to play with your PSN ID. Btw, my PSN ID is xBerserker. We will figure out the 3 party groups tomorrow.

I’m going to get the Deadquarters Personal Space when I get home. What do you think about meeting up in my personal space before hand?

People that can attend at 5 P.M. MT




After 8 P.M. MT crowd


  • Count me in!

  • That’s a bit early for me, but I can log on a little later in the evening when you’re gone. Anyone care to join me then?

  • yodaddy

    I only to chapter 22, so If I can finish before then … I’m in. This game ia alot of fun!

  • mjm_007

    thats a little early for me too.. but i’ll be on a little later for sure, probably around 7:30PST. Add me if you want. mjm_007

  • I may be able to play later as well. Just not 100% sure about that just yet. For those that want to play later, maybe you could meet up with Blackstaffer.

  • Trieloth

    I havent even touched the MP but I will give it a try that day if Iam around.

  • (psn)SOLEB7891

    It SOLEB7891 hit me up

  • SicSemperTyranis

    I’m going to try and play. Hope to see everyone tomorrow!

  • King32

    Getting my copy tomorrow. Hope its as good as everybody says it is.

  • JimmyMagnum

    I’ll try to get on, will be busy with NFS: Shift most of the day so I can write up a review asap in the mean time

  • TJ

    ill be here…staffer your still on my friends list so ill hit u up around 330 pacific….

  • TJ

    my psn is HELLACHEAP TOSH….

  • if i’m online hit me up, my copy just arrived in the post today.

  • I’m going to get the Deadquarters Personal Space when I get home. What do you think about meeting up in my personal space before hand?

  • mjm_007

    Tosh, whats ur PSN?

  • mjm_007

    oh nm lol.. just ACTUALLY read what u wrote ;-p

  • Chucked

    im going to try to make it,
    PSNID chucked

  • I’ll send out friend invites when I get home in about 20 mins. Check your PSN messages.

  • JimmyStewart

    I’ve got a question about the co-op… is it for the full game or is it just special “co-op” only levels. I was really unimpressed by the first game, but from the reviews so far they claim the gameplay has been fixed. Add to that co-op and I’m sold! Honestly any game that has a fully realized co-op portion is a pretty easy sell. But I read a few reviews lately that lead me to believe the co-op is only a few “co-op” only gameplay modes and that the actual game is still single player only.

    Can my wife and I actually play through the game together, or will she be forced to doze off next to me on the couch again?

  • GM – Luke

    @JimmyStewart: The co-op is not the actual game. I know the demo had one of the co-op missions and it was awesome. I think in the full version you get a few different co-op maps but they aren’t all that long. It might take a few tries if you do it on hard or crushing. Also unless you have two PS3’s your wife won’t be playing with you as it’s not split screen.

    The developers were thinking of doing this but said it would take away from the graphics.

    I might be picking up my copy tonight so I might catch some of you later.

  • JimmyStewart

    Thanks Luke!

    That’s a shame, but what can you do. Seems to be the trend lately and at least it’s an understandable excuse.