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Post 3.0 Firmware Wants |

Now that firmware 3.0 has been with us for a while, I was thinking about what I would like changed in the venerable PS3’s operating system. And it really came down to two things: things I want fixed, and things I want added.

Things I want fixed. Firmware 3.0 is a mess. Can we all agree on that? First of all, it was a dot release at best, if not a dot dot release. The face that it got an whole number assigned to it was optimism at its worst. So I want this thing fixed. First of all, those ugly gray backgrounds in the friends list have to go. Why the developers didn’t cringe and puke upon its first implementation is beyond me. Next up, ever since firmware 3.0, autoplay has been broken. I even went into the settings and fixed it (I thought). But still it’s a no-go. Now admittedly, this might be a bad combination of settings, but I’m saying this anyway, just in case.

Things I want added. Now Tosh mentioned this the other day, and people don’t seem so enthusiastic about it. But cross game chat is a game changer, especially if they add one feature to it: auto connection. Wouldn’t it be great if you could specify a set of friends that you always wanted to connect to? As soon as you turn on your PS3 you could say “Hello?” and any of your friends that are online could give you a “Whassup?” in return. Or say you’re playing a game. Having a good time. Or bad, if you’re me playing multiplayer UC2 and finishing at the bottom again. Either way – you’re playing a game, and hear “Yo, dude, I just came online. How long before you’re ready for some action?” Wouldn’t that be great? Then another friend chimes in and says “Time for some co-op Uncharted, guy. Stop playing Flow and let’s go!”

Yup, the list of things the PS3 needs is getting smaller and smaller. I could mentioned some other things, like aping Xbox Live’s party system, but I’m not gonna. 🙂

  • I’d like a global party system.

    Right now all of your friends online are only in the Freinds list. Why can’t they use Home technology and see the physical avatars on screen of all your freinds on-line. Walking over to them should initiate chat. ANd if you wanted to party up and go into a game.
    I would initiate a doorway that would lead to the Uncharted game.

    This should be made to work with every multiplayer game on the PS3.

    Each game is a world of it’s own. Each game has a doorway to it. Once in the Gameworld your Home avatar walks around looking for a matchup to play multiplayer.

    Parties could be created an signified with a same colour glow around party members.

    A few more streaming codecs would be great as well. .mkv being the one i’d like added.
    A video store for Canada would be great. itunes is getting better.

    And as has been my request since before the PS3 launched. Bring iTunes to the PS3. I’d rather sync my pod to my PS3 and buy video content from iTunes.

  • GM – Luke

    “First of all, those ugly gray backgrounds in the friends list have to go”.

    I totally agree, that looks like pure shit, no idea why you would sign off on that crap.

    Second what is with the new PSN colors, I went into it yesterday and it’s all black instea dof blue. Halloween come early?

  • Sinlock

    The SLIM is in production! The PSP Go is in production! Now lock the software developers in a room and don’t let them out until they can show a Real web browser!

  • @ Sinlock

    I agree. I would like to see any of the following on the XMB:

    Web-kit (Safari)

  • Laust

    Very simple request from my side, please port the podcatching client from the PSP to PS3.

    This would make the PS3 a contender in a whole new way as a mediaplayer in the living room.

    There is so much good video (and audio) available as podcasts and there is really no reason why this should not be directly available on the PS3.

  • “Firmware 3.0 is a mess. Can we all agree on that?”

    No, sorry!

    Grey friends-list backgrounds aside, FW3.0 was absolutely fine. It obviously laid the groundwork for upcoming features. The fact that cross-game chat has all but been confirmed via the Naughty Dog posting on the official forums confirms as much.

    A party system is the only thing that I want added, and that’s only because many developers seem either unwilling or unable to implement a decent system in their games themselves.

    From a personal point of view, cross-game chat is an absolute irrelevance. As I’ve said countless times, if I’m online I’m with my clan and talking to them anyway. If I’m in a single-player, my PS3 is offline anyway, purely because I don’t want interruptions anyway. Talking to someone while playing a single-player game is distracting and pulls you out of the game experience. I don’t like talking to someone in the same room when I’m playing a game, so I certainly don’t want to talk to someone else playing another game. Anyone who kept bothering me to chat while I was playing a single-player game wouldn’t be on my friends list for long anyway!

  • Maybe 3.0 is all flowers and perfume for you, but it’s caused problems for others. Some people have had problems with controllers, some with auto-starting, and most just think it’s ugly. The ads all over the place just get in the way, and clutter the interface. 3.0 is a mess, plain and simple. Maybe you were ones of those kids who liked their clothes all over the floor but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t messy.

    You say: “The fact that cross-game chat has all but been confirmed via the Naughty Dog posting on the official forums confirms as much.” Well, that’s no confirmation at all. Because it’s coming parts are already in there? Maybe, but we really have no idea.

    And if you don’t like cross-game chat, you’re lucky in two ways. One, we don’t have it. And two, when we do, you don’t have to use it.

  • George

    mkv is just a container, it’s not a codec. You can remux it into a PS3 compatible container very quickly, as long as the file contains video streams encoded in a PS3 compatible codec.

    For example, given a MKV of a blueray, you can remux the file into AVCHD in about 10 minutes (for burning to DVD), similar times are possible for converting to .ts or .mpg. I have found .mpg is best for streaming, as it retains the surround sound.

    Google mkv2vob / tsmuxer for all the details.

    I guess the flipside of that is there is no reason why Sony could not support it…maybe they don’t want to because it is sort of an underground container, it’s not an official standard like .mp4 or .mpg.

    I personally don’t care about the cross game chat feature, as I don’t really use the PS3 chat system. It would be nice if the PS3 had a MSN client, but that’s probably not going to happen.

  • Kris

    I don’t agree that 3.0 was a mess. I guess I’m a minority, but the friends list backgrounds and larger fonts really look nice on the 65 inches of real estate I’m rocking these days. Instead of ugly and grey I see silver and elegant.

    Anyway, cross game chat would be awesome, but I am pretty intrigued by a cross game party system. Imagine logging in, jumping into a party with a few friends, and being able to jump into any game with that preformed party, even into Home if you’d like! I think that’s sort of a natural extension of cross game chat and I hope it is implemented that way.

    However, other than cross game voice chat, I can’t think of anything else I just totally need. Apparently the authour felt the same way 😉

  • JimmyMagnum

    I didn’t mind the 3.0 update. Didn’t come across any issues myself, and I don’t use the Autoplay function anyway, because sometimes I like to pop in a game and check a few other things out before I play it. cross game chat isn’t a big deal, since I hate chatting anyway lol. And I don’t think the background on the friends list looks that bad. Like Kris said, it’s more a shining silver than a grey, and the larger fonts grew on me. Biggest additions I’d like to see? More options for fonts and colors, stuff like that, so you can really personalize the way your XMB looks. Netflix capabilities. I know there are ways you can do it on PS3, but I want one that’s centrally focused on the console’s OS and accessible via the XMB with its own icon, like the PlayStation Store, Home and Living with PlayStation. There should also be an option to turn the PS Store icons off in the games and movies tabs, even though they don’t really bother me lol.

  • exostencil

    How about fixing/replacing that lame excuse for a web browser? The PS3 browser is horrendously slow, cumbersome, and glitchy.

    I’m hoping the folks at Sony can work with developers to implement a PS3 version of Firefox and/or Opera. That would make my day!