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Zone of Enders 3 on the top of Kojima’s List |

Zone of Enders 3

When I first heard about the PS3 being developed. My first thought was “I can’t wait to see what Zone of Enders 3 would look like on the PS3!”. Looks like I still have a long wait ahead. Because he wants to make a original title after he’s done with the current Metal Gear games in development.

Hideo Kojima said in a interview with the EU PS Blog that he would like to make Zone of Enders 3 as well and it’s on the top of his list. Hopefully we hear more about this after he’s done with his current MGS projects.

Skip to the 3:45 point for the Zone of the Enders question.

“A lot of [people] love Zone of the Enders, and we love the title as well, especially at Kojima Productions and we always want to create one for the next gens as well,” he said.

“Of course, Kojuma Productions has a long list of things we want to bring out, and of course Zone of the Enders is one on the top of the list.

“However, we have to manage staffing and work around projects so it’s not going to be out too soon, but we are really considering it.”

More ZoE sequel “news” from the Kojima Productions blog

  • Smegmazor

    Is this any relation to the Ender Wiggin novels?

  • If ZOE3 was on top of Kojima’s list why waste time on all these Metal Gear games.

    Move on Kojima!

  • Trieloth

    It would be so awesome to get a third ZOE. I would also like to see the orginals in HD.

  • Lordincubus

    ZOE is probably going to come out 2014. Thats too bad. Atleast they are planning it.