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No More PixelJunk Games for PSP? |

According to, Q Games founder, Dylan Cuthbert, has said, on Twitter, that:

I don’t think we’ll port anything else to the PSP, we have to see how [PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe] does as there’s a lot of piracy.

So right now, due to open chats of piracy of the game and whatnot, development of future Q Games titles showing up on PSP largely depend on how many people actually purchase the game, seeing as piracy, to them anyway, is a serious problem. I know a few of you really look forward to seeing their titles on the handheld, I just hope you get legal copies of the game if you want them to bring others over as well! Hopefully they’ll find something that would be an effective anti piracy technique, though.

  • JimmyStewart

    BUMMER! I love Monsters, I’m ready to buy it twice! And honestly we’re semi-seriously considering buying a second PSP just so we can play co-op so we actually might do that.

    But the other side of it is that so far PixelJunk has been a real wild card for me. Racers was completely forgettable. Monsters is hands down my favorite PS3 game and one of the best of the past few years. And Eden had it’s charms, but ultimately didn’t live up to the level of expectation Monsters set. A disappointment. So I’m nervously eyeing Shooter now. And even still, for some reason I’m very excited whenever I hear any PixelJunk news. So I’m saddened to hear they might not port any more games… but at the same time I wonder why. Outside of Monsters there aren’t any they’ve made that I would buy.

  • JimmyStewart

    I should add, I mean that I would buy as a port. I gladly purchased all of the PixelJunk titles so far on the PS3. And I intend to buy Shooter as well.

    And maybe dropping PSP ports will mean they can start work on Monsters 2!