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September 2009 Sales |

USA + Japan Hardware Sales:

Platform United States Japan Total Year Over Year Change
PlayStation 2 146,000 9,861 155,861 -27.61%
PlayStation Portable 190,400 107,997 298,397 -22.11%
Xbox 360 352,600 21,631 374,231 -8.67%
Wii 462,800 81,389 544,189 -34.54%
PlayStation 3 491,800 183,897 675,697 148.02%
Nintendo DS 524,200 299,658 823,858 1.27%

Top Ten USA Software Sales for September 2009:

Title Platform Release Month Monthly Sales
HALO 3: ODST 360 September 2009 1.52M
MADDEN NFL 10 360 August 2009 289.6K
THE BEATLES:ROCK BAND* 360 September 2009 254.0K
MADDEN NFL 10 PS3 August 2009 246.5K
MARVEL:ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 2 360 September 2009 236.0K
BATMAN:ARKHAM ASYLUM* PS3 August 2009 212.5K
GUITAR HERO 5* 360 September 2009 210.8K
THE BEATLES:ROCK BAND* WII September 2009 208.6K

Top Ten Japan Software Sales for September 2009:

Title Platform Release Date Monthly Sales
Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver DS 2009-09-12 2337587
Wii Fit Plus Wii 2009-10-01 318755
Tomodachi Collection (Friend Collection) DS 2009-06-18 301105
Inazuma Eleven 2: Threat of the Invaders – Fire/Blizzard DS 2009-10-01 297310
Tales of Vesperia PS3 2009-09-17 290641
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu Portable 4 PSP 2009-09-17 171948
Gran Turismo Portable PSP 2009-10-01 143903
SaGa 2 Legendary Secret Treasure: Goddess of Destiny DS 2009-09-17 140909
Dragon Quest IX: Defenders of the Starry Sky DS 2009-07-11 131787
Wii Sports Resort Wii 2009-06-25 122211

(There are some 10/1 release titles in these September numbers since the source data isn’t perfectly month aligned and there is some bleed over)

  • hobbes

    1 thing that really sticks out to me is the madden sales… ps3 has really caught up with the 360, it doesn’t trail it much in the madden sales, which to me says more about the install base that’s playing games(generally)… PS3 has demon souls and uncharted2 .. so very nice. Anyone try borderlands yet?

  • King32

    Everytime i write something on this website its always me bragging about how the ps3 is coming for nintendo and m$. I told yall that the ps3 is coming for revenge and what does it do, it outsells both the 360 and the wii. I mean come on, it feels damn good to be an ps3 owner. Yes i was one of those ppl buying a new ps3(I bought the slim version). Keep up the good wrk sony it is well deserved.

    P.S. Who ever hasnt tried Folklore should try it. Thats what im playin now and its a really good game and the graphics are superb even for a 2 yr game. This is my first time playing it and i hope they come out with a second.

  • GM – Luke

    It’s great to see the PS3 sales, but I really want to see what it does in the month of October.

  • King32

    Yea me to GM-Luke. I bought me ps3 this month(Oct 16th). I bought it for Uncharted 2. Plus Brutal Legend came out to and from what ppl r tellin me. Brutal Legend is and awsome game. Plus Demons Souls as well. I think the ps3 will beat wii and 360 this month as well.

  • I thought Activision was boasting how GH5 was selling better than Beatles:RB. Doesn’t look that way so far.

  • Trieloth

    @King Folklore is awesome and is way over looked. They probably wont make another one though.
    The PS3 out sold the Wii and the 360…congrats Sony! but for how long? And who in the hell is buying all those DS’s? I dont know a single person that owns one, lol.

  • King32

    Everybody is buyind DS’s, even my fiance has one. She’s playing Kingdom Hearts and it rocx. I hope they make another Folklore because it really is a good game. Once again good job Sony 😉

  • The guys behind Folklore say they won’t make another. They’ve moved on to another game being published by Nacmo.

  • JimmyMagnum

    Namco?! Well, that’s going to be a 360 exclusive! lol

    anyway, its about time! I hope Sony can keep the momentum going throughout the holiday season. They really need it and truly deserve it!