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Box Art shows the classier side of gaming. |


I stumbled across Box Art, which has a cool collection of various video game covers including this for Japan’s version of Uncharted 2. Demon’s Souls and other PS games are included in the collection, check it out at;

  • Sinlock

    Dang… There was better box art on some of the old Atari game boxes, The games only had 8 colors but the boxes were nice.


    This JPN art box sucks, i agree with sinlock the Atari co had a better in 80´s

  • Terrible, Terrible Box art. So I’ve got a 3D rendered game where teams of artists built gorgeous 3D models that render better than anythign else on the PS3. A Gorgeous Gorgeous game So what does Japan do.

    Pay some guy who got his art degree by filling in the application form on a matchbook $300 bucks and let him use his watercolour and guache set to paint (poorly) a crappy rendition of the characters. Who’s the bald guy.

    UC3 has built in machinima. They could have faked a render from in game for the cover. Wow Sony Wow. Your best game ever and this is how you market it? Fire the marketing staff in Japan, now.