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The Weekly Recap (October 18-24) |

Yeah, it’s about time I get this recap up in time! I apologize for the past few weeks’ being up later than I wanted. Anyway, seems like this week has been a bit skimpy on submissions as well. The holiday season is literally right around the corner now, though, so coverage should pick up a bit! We also managed to get a review in for Uncharted 2, written by Trev, so be sure to check that out! Now for what you’ve all been waiting for:

Within the community, we don’t have any new features or anything on this site, but we do now have a Facebook fan page, so if you’re on Facebook, be sure to be come a fan over there! You can check that out here. As for the week’s recognitions, out of the 23 main articles received:

Contributor of the Week

  • Tosh – 6 Entries

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Calling All Cars Servers to be Shut Down
Eddie – October 19th

Heavy Rain Demo Interview
Eddie – October 19th

Aliens vs. Predator | Alien Video
Tosh – October 19th

Borderlands Video Review by IGN
Blackstaffer – October 19th

Classic Oddworld PSOne Titles on PSN This Week
JimmyMagnum – October 19th

September 2009 Sales
Darrin – October 20th

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review.
Trev – October 20th

Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time Update
JimmyMagnum – October 20th

No More PixelJunk Games for PSP?
JimmyMagnum – October 20th

40 Hour PS3 Marathon Sets World Record!
Nico – October 21st

No wonder Sony is losing money on PS3…
Trev – October 21st

PlayStation Home Update: Content, Spaces and a Patch!
JimmyMagnum – October 21st

Critter Crunch Mini-Impressions
Darrin – October 21st

Borderlands PS3 Co-op Issues
Nico – October 22nd

Need for Speed Hits 100 Million
Tosh – October 22nd

Another Strange Controller Patent from Sony
Tosh – October 22nd

Tekken 6 Live Right Now
Tosh – October 22nd

First Episode of UNCHARTED: Eye of Indra on PSN Today
Tosh – October 22nd

PS3 UEFA Champions League Adverts.
Trev – October 23rd

3D Dot Game Heroes Gameplay
Tosh – October 23rd

A Couple More Kevin Butler PS3 Ads!
JimmyMagnum – October 23rd

Borderlands First Impressions
Blackstaffer – October 23rd

Box Art shows the classier side of gaming.
Trev – October 23rd

New EyePet Video
Tosh – October 19th

Need for Speed Shift 25% Off
Tosh – October 19th

The PS3 version of Tekken 6 will have a 4GB optional install
fleakitten – October 21st

Uncharted 2 Sells Big in Japan
JimmyMagnum – October 23rd

Vote on potential playlists for UNCHARTED 2 Multiplayer
Tosh – October 24th

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time
Tekken 6*
DJ Hero*
Fairytale Fights
Madagascar Karts

*Includes any special editions/packaging

So there you have it! Not a very eventful news week, and we still haven’t managed to break the 30 submissions mark the past few weeks, but I’m sure good things are to come, to be sure to check back and catch up on the news!


Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time

Tekken 6


This is It

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

  • i think the most comments shouldn’t have counted sine most of them were solutions to someone’s broken ps3. glad my review has been well recieved, trying to get fifa 10 up in the near future.