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UPDATE: Netflix Streaming on PS3 Confirmed! |

According to This Article, Netflix has recently announced a deal that is taking place, with the article stating:

The latest buying spree was spurred by the growth potential of Netflix’s supplemental service for streaming video over high-speed Internet connections. Netflix stirred the excitement late Thursday by revealing the streaming service will soon be available through a device already owned by a large number of consumers.

This announcement shot their stocks up to around $57.50 a share (but later backed down to around $54, but it closed the day higher than it had opened). Since the 360 gained Netflix support, subscriptions for Netflix had risen by 2.4 million (with the end of the third quarter showing 11.1 million total subscribers).

With this deal, Netflix had said they expect between 900,000 to 1.2 million more subscribers by the end of the 4th quarter 2009. Could this be support for the long-awaited Netflix streaming on the PS3? The Associated Press said it was almost certain to be one of the two remaining consoles, either the Wii or the PS3. My money is on the PS3, especially since Sony owns a large number of movies to begin with. Not to mention, it’s far more capable.

And as a side note, Netflix will be bringing the service overseas as well. I’m not sure if that’s for the streaming service, the disc-based service, or the hybrid service (both streaming and disc), but it is nice to see them spreading out like that. At least with the streaming service, for a low monthly fee, you can stream movies from their huge library of titles (though, more recent movies might not make it on right away, but more and more of those are available soon after release anyway, especially on the Starz portion of the service). I, myself, am a big fan of the service, especially since the turnaround on the mail rental service is only about a day (2 max) and the large number of TV shows and movies you can stream.

I would assume this Netflix support could pop up along the rumored PS3 update that is supposed to come next month (along side the cross-game chat tons of folks seem to want). If you aren’t a subscriber already, would this be incentive enough to become one?[RSSImport display=”5″ feedurl=”” before_desc=”
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    IT’S BEEN CONFIRMED! Jack Tretton, CEO of SCEA, has officially confirmed Netflix streaming will be made available for the PS3 starting next month. From IGN:

    The PlayStation 3 system has always been about more than just gaming, and it will soon be the only platform in the industry to offer consumers such a variety of convenient options for enjoying movies and TV shows. Whether you want to watch content on Blu-ray disc and DVD, download it from the PlayStation Network’s video delivery service, or stream videos instantly from Netflix, the PS3 system is the only solution that offers it all.

    Plans for Netflix start at $8.99 a month, and in order to use the service on the PS3, you’ll have to get the free Blu-Ray disc (which should only be a one time deal) that:

    …leverages Blu-ray’s BD-Live™ technology to access the Internet and activate the Netflix user interface on the PS3 system, which must be online via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

    In other words, you’ll have to use the disc initially to be able to stream the content. As to whether that means for just software installation or for whenever you want to use the service, I don’t know (though, I’d say for whenever you want to use it). In any case, it sounds like if it’s the latter, there will be a dedicated program available, like Home, that you can access directly from the XMB in the near future. That would probably come with the rumored PS3 update, so use of the disc probably won’t be around for long before it goes fully digital. And as Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, said:

    As a leading game console and Blu-ray disc player, bringing Netflix to the PS3 system is a real win for both Netflix members and PS3 system owners.

    If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you can pre-order the Streaming Disc HERE. When they become available, they’ll ship them out and will be in the mail usually within 1 business day. This is awesome news and I’m glad it became a reality! It’s just unfortunate that, for the time being, you’ll need to use a disc, but at least that’s not how it will always be!

    View the entire press release here.

    • iFlash

      I currently use playOn and that’s been hit or miss. It’s great having access to all those movies but they don’t support HD and a few times updates have broken streaming for days.

      Native support would be great!

    • JimmyMagnum

      yeah, definitely! I, myself, usually just use my PC (which is connected to the same TV as my PS3), so I had no reason for PlayOn, but I have heard people did have some issues with it (which I’m not really surprised about), so native support would definitely be a win-win for both Sony and Netflix, and I would probably use the PS3’s service more than I would my PC’s if this rumor is to be proven true lol.

    • hobbes

      i gave up on this and got a roku, i suppose it’d be nice to have the ps3 do this as well, maybe setup the roku on another tv.

    • Legion

      I’m not a subscriber mainly because I don’t watch a whole lot of movies all the time. My brother has it and plays movies through his Xbox which was always neat. But I refuse to pay for Live. So I never got it.

      If it comes to PS3 that will change. I will be one of the first to set up an account.

    • King32

      Finally, now lets look at all the 360 fanboys cry at night. Like i said before ps3 is back and here to stay.

    • JimmyStewart

      Sweet! I know I’ll be switching from the 360 to the PS3. Assuming of course the navigation works as nice and the quality is comparable. But to use a bluetooth remote. My PS3 once again returns to be my main media machine!

      King32, it’s funny you make light of the 360 user base. What I immediately thought of was this site, a few months ago there was a post about how the Netflix deal was exclusive to the 360 and all the posts were saying how they didn’t want Netflix on the PS3 and that if you wanted to stream Netflix you should buy Roku not a console. Now that the news goes the other way… once again the Sony fans switch. And the doubly irony to me is that as an active member in communities for both consoles… I see a TON of Sony “fanboys” (mostly here). But the 360 users seem to engaged with their own console to care much what your side is up to. It would seem the fanboy crying would be a rare PS3 exclusive to me.

    • JimmyStewart

      Just reserved mine, gotta say renting the disc is a lot better than paying $10 for it. I hope there’s no wait on this, it’s kind of a bummer not to be able to download it when it’s out.

    • Eddie

      I still don’t want Netflix lol. No need for it.

    • Sinlock

      Sweet… Ordered.
      The wife and I watch a movie almost every night both from Netflix and from are large libary of films.

    • Good news for the PS3. But, I still won’t be getting Netflix.

    • JimmyStewart

      Hehe, Way to stick to your guns Eddie and Tosh!

      I think it’s really good news for the PS3. I’ve been loving the Netflix streams. I do wonder how long they can keep it up and still improve the service. I’m on the 1 disc at a time plan (the lowest) and I don’t really know how it can be cost effective for them. We stream a LOT of stuff. Plus, one would assume they’d continue to add more content and at some point a Netflix stream could replace your $80 cable bill. I’m guessing either the content providers will either want more money and force Netflix to raise rates or they’ll simply have to stop adding new content. I’m already a little disappointed at how much content we add to our queue that drops off before we can even watch it! Just last week we watched half a movie, and it was taken down the very next night!

    • I wish SOME kind of video service would make its way to Canada! First we get shafted by the lack of traditional Netflix. Then by the lack of a PSN video store. Then by the lack of Netflix streaming.

    • weatherman_

      Isn’t there a way to circumvent the restrictions to Canada?

    • JimmyMagnum

      @JS: I’ve been wanting Netflix on PS3 forever! I was actually disappointed with the Netflix exclusivity on the 360 and always hoped for a standalone way to use Netflix on the PS3 (so you don’t have to use thigns like PlayOn, etc), so I’m definitely glad it came to fruition!

      Also, I’m still not 100% of the wording on how it will work with the disc. With the word “initially”, it implies that it’s a 1 time deal, but the words after that suggest, at least for now, you’ll need to use the disc whenever you want to use the service, as the Netflix streaming will be using the BD-Live.

      And it won’t be a rental. It’s a disc you keep, so they’ll ship them out when the service is available, so there won’t be a long wait or anything (that’s going to dig into their pocketbooks though, because of how many potential discs they’ll have to manufacture, including all the preorders and potentials).

      @Blackstaffer: Next year, Netflix announced they’re going to be expanding the service overseas. I know Canada isn’t overseas, but from the sound of it, Canada could potentially get it (it would be surprising if it didn’t). Even with that, though, I’m not sure if they mean the streaming or both streaming and disc.

      When the service is available, and I get my disc in, I’ll be writing up a review.

      EDIT: And to add to the confusion, the Official Blog’s post on the subject seems to imply that it will be accessed directly from the XMB, so it might just be an initial installation… I guess we’ll find out next month lol.

    • Trieloth

      Netflix? No thanks, I dont want and dont need it!

    • GM – Luke

      It doesn’t matter if people want it or not, the point is that it’s available. I think this is an awesome move for SONY. It seems like the PS3 is taking everything away from the Xbox.

      Now it’s not like I am trying to bash on the box but the more things that each of them offer the better it is for us.

    • Legion213

      I foresee Microsoft changing the fact that you have to have Xbox Live Gold in order to use Netflix once it becomes available on the PS3. They would almost have to in order to keep up. For those who own both systems it would be cheaper to just to switch and use Netflix on the PS3.

    • Legion213


      360 fanboys are every where. Especially sites run in the US. I visit Gametrailers quite often and it amazes me how many 360 fanboys there are on there. Every single PS3 game that is on that site is almost over run by them bashing it and claiming Halo or Gears is a far better game.

      Check out Uncharted 2 for instance. When they reviewed it, the fanboys bashed it in the comments. Claiming it to be a major rip off of Gears of War simply because it has a similar cover system. Even though the game play is completely different.

      Same thing with Killzone 2. They claimed Halo 3 is so much better. 2 completely different games but because they are FPS. They feel the need to rip it apart.

      Even Metal Gear Solid 4 wasn’t immune to the bashing. Even though it is nothing like anything on the Xbox they compared it to Gears and Halo. Of course saying it is inferior to the 2.

      So I see more 360 fanboys then PS3 fanboys. The reason you see the PS3 fanboys here is because its PS3 blog. Shocker I know. If there wasn’t at least a couple of fanboys here I would be amazed. If you were to visit a Xbox blog that has PS3 getting Netflix as an artical. I would be willing to bet you see a lot more crying on their end.

    • JimmyMagnum

      lol, most 360 fanboys do, indeed, compare every single exclusive PS3 gets to Halo and Gears. These fanboys obviously have never picked up the games in question. And if they did, they have so much hatred towards Sony that they don’t enjoy it and only look for the negatives of the games and blatantly ignoring the positives.

      Since 360 fanboys have to compare everything to Gears and Halo, MGS4 and U2 are definitely better games (IMO), and that’s ignoring the other PS3 exclusives I enjoy (I know JS wouldn’t agree with me on that, but oh well, different strokes for different folks. At least he has first hand experience with both consoles and based an opinion on that rather than blindly compare everything to two titles, so I wouldn’t say he’s a fanboy, just biased more toward 360 games).

      Don’t get me wrong, 360 has a few decent exclusives, but, IMO, nothing compares to what Sony has, especially from first party software.

      Anyway, getting back on topic, IDK if it would cause Microsoft to make it available on Silver accounts, especially if they have a contract that specifies a Gold subscription (in which case, they’d have to go through some legal stuff to have it changed, which could prolong that availability).

      But as far as the service goes, Netflix does have a huge list of thousands of movies and TV shows you can watch. I’m hoping they allow you to search by title, which would be great, so if you can’t stream it, you can add it to your mailing queue (usually with brand new releases, but there’s also a lot of older titles unavailable, but what is available more than makes up for it).

      As far as price goes, Netflix is actually relatively cheap, so if you do a lot of movie watching and whatnot, it is definitely the way to go (at least, legally lol). Compare the PS3’s free service to XBox Live’s $50 a year, and Netflix, NF is only costing PS3 users (at least) $8.99 a month and 360 users about (at least) $12.35 a month (and that would include if the users preferred to not play games online, since a gold account is required (which, in itself, is a marketing scheme to get more Live subscriptions)). I say at least, in case you decide to get multiple disc plans, etc.

      I use to be on the 3 disc plan and had a seemingly endless supply of DVDs and Blu-Rays come in. I had to switch to the 1 disc plan because of my money situation, but Netflix has an excellent turnaround for receiving and shipping out rentals. One time I literally put a DVD in the mail and got the next one the next day!

      There are a couple drawbacks though, like you can occasionally get a damaged disc, like it got caught in the mail sorter or something, so it’d be cracked, but that’s like a 1 time out of 100 kind of deal and they don’t give you a hard time about replacing it. Just answer a few questions (all on their website, so no calling) and they’ll ask whether you want them to ship out the same video or the next one on your list. If it’s the same video, they’ll send out a replacement copy ASAP, and you just send them back the damaged disc. If you request the next one on the list, though, they’ll have to receive the damaged disc before they will send out the next movie, but, again, that only takes about a day.

      Other than that, though, most discs I’ve received were in satisfactory to like-new condition. I’d occasionally get a scratched up disc, but that’s usually with really old DVDs, and if you have playback issues, do the damage report and request the same movie and 9/10 it’d be a disc in working condition. With older titles, I definitely recommend cleaning them, due to normal wear and tear and the fact that probably 300 people before you used it (though Netflix does a good job of cleaning them themselves; I don’t recall getting a disc covered in fingerprints or anything, but I have gotten 1 or 2 with a couple stingy smudges.

      Sorry, got a bit into it there lol