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Battle Of The PS3 Legends: Snake vs Drake |


The Legendary Hero, Solid/Old Snake, makes a special return to test out the new blood in town; Nathan Drake. While  Solid Snake has 3 ( PlayStation ) generations of experience behind him, Nathan Drake has youth ( and the ability to survive a train wreck! ) on his side. Which one of these heroes can come out on top?



Both have a wide variety of weapons at their disposal but Snake is the only one who can fit multiple firearm in his pocket. Drake ,on the other hand, can only carry two at a time. If it came down to  Snake’s Rail Gun vs Drake’s GAU 19, I think Drake’s luck would run out.                 


Drake has proven he can sneak up on a clueless enemy  with ease but can he sneak up on someone wearing  full camo? Snake’s camo doesn’t only allow him to blend into the surrounding environments but his  Stealth Camo makes him completely invisible to the naked eye. However, a keen ear can hear his approach.


Snake has the Solid Eye. Drake has..regular binoculars. Things aren’t looking too good for Drake.

Physical Strengths and Weaknesses:

Even before Solid Snake become ‘Old Snake’ hanging from the sides of objects and buildings was limited to his physical strength. Where Drake is concerned  hanging like there’s no tomorrow is no problem. Snake is admittedly no CQC master. Given a chance Drake could easily turn the tables on Snake in a hand-to-hand brawl. Drake versus Solid Snake or Old Snake is quicker and more agile. Over time he  could tire Snake out in a  long battle.


  Solid/Old Snake’s experience and camo would prove challenging for Drake but in the end Nathan Drake’s luck and youth would prove to be the deciding factor is this fight. It was close but Drake takes the cake.


    LOL 2 master pieces of SCE, I believe that anybody what one bought ps3 has or must have these two games
    They are plays so what show the difference between the PS3 and 360


    Ok MGS 4 its from Konami, but u only play in PS3 hahahahahahaha

  • Ian

    I know this is just for fun…. but you can’t be serious…

  • Wha..? You don’t think Drake would win, Ian?

  • King32

    Yea i dont know whats wrong with this article. There is no way drake could be snake. Young or Old.

  • next up ratchet vs sackboy?!

  • this is funny! snake would pull drakes face off and then feed it him while drake watches in the mirror lol. No but really there both cool as **** but snake is and always will be the daddy! fair enough he isnt the CQC master, “SPOILER” but in the final battle he does a good job of re-arranging liquids face dont you agree?

  • David Macphail

    I think this article gets it about right. Snake’s expert stealth training means he would have the advantage when it comes to sneak – attacks but Drake’s ability to quickly adapt to his surrounding environments and use them in his favour, coupled with his obvious dominance in hand – to – hand combat would probably be too much for Snake – young or old.

    It’s that age old question of what comes out on top – age and experience or youth and ability? I think in this case Nathan Drake would win.

    Of course Snake could always take the cowards way out and shoot Drake in the head from 110 yards away with a Sniper Rifle…………

  • Games4Gamers

    I LOVE uncharted and Drake is as much a baddass as anyone elese, but to think he would last 5 mins with Snake is insane. Snakes so called lack of CQC skills is only relative to Big boss and Liquid and although Drake has good fighting skills u can clearly tell his style is that of a brawler and those wild punches would not work on a trained special forces soldier like Snake.

  • Ian


  • uhhh

    uhhhh, snake is a soldier prepared for anything in the battlefield, drake is treasure hunter, dont get me wrong, their both badasses, just play all metal gear games, then play the uncharted series and u will c why this article is a total paradox.
    Drake isnt a legend yet….but he is getting there,:) i just dont think on the same pedestal as snake
    P.S. Hope Uncharted 2 sells more than 2 million at the end of this year,

  • This would be an interesting matchup, but like Floyd Mayweather Jr. against Juan Manuel Marquez, this is a big mismatch in terms of size and skill. Snake is obviously the larger of the two and walks around, I’d say as a Middleweight, and Drake, though slender and agile only makes Lightweight at best. Hand to hand combat is no contest. Drake fights using cliche Hollywood action moves while Snake’s discipline has been practiced and honed to perfection. This fight wouldn’t even be close. Snake would win by knockout or submission in the first 3 minutes of the fight. Hahaha! Both games are great and are the best out there! I love Drake but he is not beating the legendary Solid Snake!

  • VT

    In terms of experience, JMM has more compared to Floyd jr yet that alone failed to bring him the W. As for Snake and Drake, I say Snake is more experience giving him all the advantages against Drake. Drake only chance in winning is to land a hail mary shot just like Rahman did when he first fought Lennox Lewis for the WBC and IBF heavyweight title.
    Prediction: MGS by brutal knock out

  • JimmyMagnum

    Solid Snake would totally win! Drake has no discipline and Snake feeds off of his opponents making a mistake! Mix that with Snake’s stealth ability, and Drake literally wouldn’t know what hit him (Drake seems to rely more on flashy tactics while Snake is more strategical). The fight wouldn’t even last a minute! It might take some time for Snake to sneak up to Drake, but even if Drake managed to sneak up on Snake and perform a sneak attack, Snake definitely has the willpower and strength to pull him off and turn the fight to his favor. I don’t see Drake being able to win a fight against bosses like Ocelot or Vamp, let alone, being able to survive the onslaught of a hallway lined with microwave generators! If Snake was in Drake’s shoes, the Uncharted games would be cake!

  • tarbis

    LOL, military guy vs regular guy. As much I really like Drake. I don’t think he’ll win against Snake that easily. Snake do have all the advantage here.

  • SSJBen

    I thought this was a good article until I read it.
    Are you on drugs?

    Snake took down a tank with just grenades.
    Drake needed RPGs while running around the entire village for his life. Snake just hid around snow and did everything in sub-zero degrees.

    There are lots more to compare but since this is the more sensible one, I’ll leave it at that.

    This article fail’d.

  • name

    funniest thing drakes scared of clowns.
    in absolutes pissed myself laughing when i heard that.
    “an 8? no those guardian things were a 8”
    “8? so whats a 10?”
    “i hate clowns”
    “oh my word!”
    if that does not deserve GOTY nothing does, actually drake you should be a stand up comedian.
    “yea, in like flyn. get it?”

  • How long would it take to destroy a tank w/grenades vs rpgs?

    Snake’s only advantage is the Solid Eye and his stealth suit. It wouldn’t be an easy fight but I still say Drake would win.

  • Ian

    I just think you are ghey for Drake. =p

  • Snake would win end of.

  • aratkrision

    dude, its amazing so many drake fanboys, snake would win old young or in a wheelchair, he carries around a massive amount of weapons plus a cig lol, drake can only hold 2 guns and 3 grenades, snake is an assasin and drake a treasure hunter i would compare drake with the tomb raider chick and even she can beat him easily