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Zombie Rally in PlayStation Home |

Before you read this post, open this link in a new tab and let it play in the background and imagine a crowd of zombies. Best zombie techno ever, lol.

Zombies have invaded home, myself included. I got the DeadQuarters space. What’s cool if any of my friends visit me in my DeadQuarters space they get free zombie items! So if you want to become a Zombie in Home let me know.

For a trailer on what the DeadQuarters personal space looks like check out this post.

So after you visit the DeadQuarters and become one of the living dead, we need you to go to and cast a vote to allow zombies to roam free in PlayStation Home. The ballots close on Friday evening, so make sure you do this NOW. Then, we ask that you come out to Central Plaza dressed in your finest funerary threads right at 8:59pm PT (11:59 EST) to find out the results. Werewolves, vampires, and all haunts of the night alike will want to come out to for this event, as it will determine the very future of PlayStation Home.

I voted yes, how about you?

Celebrate Halloween PlayStation Home-Style at the Zombie Rally

  • Blackstaffer

    I voted no. Zombies are an eyesore and I wish people would get over them finally.


    Lol i love posts from PS HOME

  • jondier

    oooh i wana be a zombie! add me J_CZAR so i can join the zombie brigade!

  • Sinlock

    Looks cool, to bad I’ll be at Star Wars in concert during the zombie meat…. oops I ment meet.

    Let me know when you want folks to meet you in Home.

  • Ljoes

    add me coz i wanna be a zombie
    im ljoes

  • anybody need zombie costumes, add my friend PatchAdams2000 he’ll invite u 2 Zombie Deadquarters. EVEN THOUGH Zombie Rally is over with, still get ur zombie costumes

  • wow great games with coll content. scream costum hehehehe