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Hints of GTAIV DLC coming to PS3 |


ps3center reports that a local radio show, “Cousin Ed & Dima”, was nagging a Rockstar rep about a PS3 release of the GTA4 DLC and the response was:

“I don’t know entirely what I can talk about, but it’s on Xbox. Microsoft came to us and said ‘hey here is some money if you can bring the content to us FIRST”

The rep could have simply misspoke, but clearly it sounds like he inadvertently slipped that it definitely is a timed exclusive. As is always the case, they generally aren’t allowed to publically say so.

Even without this tidbit, it was already a very safe bet. Historically Rockstar always ports their “exclusive” games to other platforms eventually and historically Microsoft’s “exclusive” third-party deals are almost always timed-exclusives.

The other point is that there is so much of this type of content available. Rockstar’s next big full-release (not just an expansion) GTA/Bully like game is Red Dead Redemption, which looks absolutely amazing and is fully cross-platform on day one. Plus there is Chinatown Wars this year on DS, PSP, and soon the iPhone, and an explosion of quality GTA-style action games (Infamous, Red Faction, Prototype are on PS3) that fans of the genre have plenty to keep themselves entertained…

  • Does anyone still care at this point?

  • darrin

    GTA has well passed its it-game peak, but I’m still a huge fan. The Ballad of Gay Tony looks great. The GTA4 DLC is easily my most wanted 360 exclusive.

  • Trieloth

    Did they fix the craptastic car physics yet? How about the low resolution? Most of the missions where drive way over here then drive way over there, it got old fast. I wanted to enjoy this game but it just didnt and wont happen.

  • I loved GTAIV and would love to continue playing it on my PS3. It’s one of my favorite games in my collection.

  • Andy

    I played it for about 2 weeks, then never looked at it again. I didn’t even come close to completing all the missions, perhaps some DLC for the PS3 would get me to load it up again…but with the release of Uncharted 2 and CoD MW2 it looks unlikely.

  • JimmyMagnum

    i have both expansions on my 360 version (well, its technically my bro’s, his friend bought it for him (but I purchased the DLC), I have the PS3 version) and I think they’re pretty good and each adds a bit of new gameplay elements. BOGT finally has base jumping and whatnot. I liked GTAIV, but it was a step backwards in term of gameplay. San Andreas’ content was loads better for sure (but I didn’t care for the story). I don’t see why so many people complain about the handling. It’s much better IMO. The cars actually feel like they have some weight to them.

    I still play it on occasion, mostly for a round of online free play, turning friendly fire off and shooting rockets at eachother, sending people flying around the airport runway, good times!

    I’m hoping for a GTA in the 70s, though, preferably San Andreas, because there’d be a LOT of cultural satire and would be the perfect setting for 70’s Las Venturas and 70s San Fierro at least. Plus great music and great cars, can’t go wrong! 😛

  • JimmyStewart

    I believe GTA 4 to be easily the best game I think I’ve ever played on a console. It literally change the way I, and many non-gaming sources, think about video games and the way they can relay stories. NPR had a wonderful piece on the game and it’s leap forward in making video games a respected form for story telling and art. I believe that 100%, and I can’t think of another game that does the same thing near the level that GTA 4 does. But I’m also coming at it as someone who DETESTED the other GTA titles. They were too far over the top and graphic and seemed more to represent a more juvenile mentality. That to me seems to be the divide of people with GTA. Folks who didn’t like the series much before seem to adore what this GTA accomplished and the leaps it made. Folks who wanted more of that somewhat offensive, gamey open world stuff were left VERY disappointed. But I say, that’s why Saint’s Row is there now (I realize now I’m not sure if this is on the PS3 or not).

    Anyhow, was the DLC ever supposed to be a permanent exclusive? I always assumed that it would come, as I do for all DLC. As Darrin said the game has well passed it’s “it-game peak”, and that’s what MS paid for. It’s a bit like when XBox finally got GTA on the original XBox. Sure it eventually came, but by the time it did no one cared any more. There are more recent examples of this (DMC on the 360 and BioShock on the PS3). Outside of first party developed titles I think this is where the future of exclusives are headed, or perhaps it’s even the reality we live in today. No exclusive will last forever.

  • Yes, that is why it is being pressed to a separate disc.

    It can and will ONLY be available for DOWNLOAD from XBox Live, but the DISC PRESSING is NOT DLC. It is a STAND ALONE GAME unto itself and apparently does not even come with GTA IV music – only the stuff from the episodes, and that’s it.

    In my thinking, the lack of music since it’s “a completely separate game” (words of rockstar) tells me tnat EFLC is NOT = to TBoGT and TLAD separately.

    Basically, only the Live service can offer it as an Expansion to GTA IV as a DLC – a separate game (EFLC disc) is NOT still DLC, hence, I think we’re good. PC FTW.

    Also, rumour is that the PS3 version is going to be 720p for this title, which is cool, because if it WAS on the PSN as a GTA IV DLC and not a stand alone game, you’d still be suck on the lower res.

    I for one am on my PC, if I have to pick a console, it’s the PS3, but I really don’t like consoles, as much as I love the market. Thank you for sharing this, I found ya while I was looking for a post that appears to have disappeared from gamespot about the next GTA location – hopefully I can find it in the cache and expose whatever they had to remove (for them, of course) xD

  • I’m still waiting for it, I just hope it will come before Q4 2010

  • yodaddy

    I liked san andreas the best…. gta4 was not as fun for me… if they do gta5 I will rent it 1st.

  • Darrin

    “Outside of first party […] No exclusive will last forever.”

    If Microsoft made that epic original announcement of GTA4 DLC as a timed exclusive it would have lost all of its impact.

    Generally, games “published” by the platform holder (definition of first/second party) are long term exclusive while externally published games (third party) are multiplatform. But that’s not always the case. Look at Mass Effect 2 or Left 4 Dead or Metal Gear Solid 4 for big counter-examples.

    GTA is a lot like note-scrolling music games. They both had a time when their audience had never played anything like it, and they were the hottest thing around. Then despite getting technically better in every way, their hit status faded. Their magic and freshness just wore off.

    I still think GTA and other games from the same team such as Manhunt and Bully have a distinct style of writing and imagination that hasn’t lost its edge one bit.

  • JimmyMagnum

    Don’t forget that the team who worked on GTAIV is now working on Agent, so the next GTA could be a ways off (and that game is exclusive to PS3 for a time). I hope the next GTA really does hit up the 70s, though. That decade just screams GTA IMO.

  • Darrin

    The core Rockstar North team is doing Agent. That’s probably the core gameplay programmers and artists. I think that the writers, producers, and senior designers jump around between projects more quickly.

    We don’t know much about Agent, except it will probably be amazing.