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God of War 3 Ultimate Edition $100 |


Wow…looks amazing!

Extra’s include:

Dominus Skin
Combat Arena 7 Unique Challenges
Heavy Metal Album
Trilogy Soundtrack
Art Book
Pandora’s Box

I’m not a huge GOW fan, but this is one awesome LE/UE game. I have a feeling this will sell like crazy.

  • Watcher

    Wow. I can’t see myself dishing out that much for a single title. My gaming budget per month isn’t that big and It’s 1/3 the cost of a Slim, but it is sweet for anyone who is a die-hard GoW fan.

  • Wow…umm…I think you’re not supposed to open pandora’s box.

  • yodaddy


  • JimmyMagnum

    i think they should have bundled the GoW collection with it as well…

  • JimmyStewart

    It’s sad to say, this is an instant purchase for me! It looks awesome. Or at least the box does. The rest the extras are SUPER disappointing. I’m with JimmyMagnum, it should’ve had the collection in there to boot. Other than that, I guess the art book is cool. I didn’t want to play the challenge rooms in the game… so more doesn’t interest me. I don’t really care about a “special” skin, though it probably is the second best part of the set. Then you’ve got a “metal” album? No thanks… hate metal and I’m not about to listen to a video game soundtrack, none the less horrible metal interpretations of one. Which leads us to the soundtrack, yawn.

    But that case is AWESOME and this game is the thing I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. This will make that game more of an event so count me in! Looks on par to easily be my favorite PS3 game and one of the best games for this round of consoles, at least for me. I want it!

  • Based on how impressive this is, I’m wondering if rare video game collectors will go nuts over these things 5 years from now if I buy one and hold onto it sealed. Think it’ll be worth more than $100 down the road?

  • This is by far the coolest shiz that ps3 has offered…i had to drag that damn box all over gow1 and I’m super stoked to owe one and get a chance to play one of the greatest games ever made! Sweet Jesus release it already!!!!