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SkyTV To Hit PS3? |

The XBox 360 recently got the SkyTV service seemingly exclusively, but it appears that the same service may be hitting up the PlayStation 3 relatively soon. According to this article on Paidcontent, there was a snippet in a 277 page public document released by SkyTV that stated:

The deal to provide Sky’s channels on the PS3 platform has not yet been made public and is confidential to Sky.

The document has since removed the line from the document, but this goes to show that the 360 may not have the SkyTV service exclusively after all. If you feel like reading the entire document, you can check it out here.

  • Legion213

    What is SkyTV? Never heard of it til now.

  • JimmyMagnum

    its a pay-tv service in UK and Ireland that consists of a bunch of TV and radio stations (I believe it’s a satellite service like our DirectTV or Dish Network), except it’s a streaming service (on the 360 anyway, so it might be on PS3 as well when it’s officially announced). I think it’s called Sky Player and allows only up to 24 channels (I think there are different packages you can get), and an on demand service for movies, tv shows, etc. Not sure if it would be available in the US market, but I doubt it (not sure on that because I can’t find the info on the 360’s service).

  • Legion213

    Ahh cool. Thanks for the info. Sounded cool.

    I hope one day I could stream TV through my PS3 or Xbox. Browse channel by channel and watch things as they come on. Then I could dump this $80 cable bill and still watch. Will probably never happen but would be nice.

  • matt73

    Not sure how much I believe this. Sky currently have a PC based platform (similar to the BBC’s iPlayer) that is based on Microsoft DRM technology. So the leap from PC to XBox360 was not a big on in terms of underlying tech. However if Sky are to use the same infrastructure to deliver their content to the PS3 as well, it would require Microsoft to supply their DRM modules to the PS3 community…. Now does that seem likely????

  • JimmyMagnum

    yeah, I read about that potentially causing some issues, which led me to believe that if this is, indeed, coming to the PS3, then they are most likely working on a way to do so. The CEO said he’d like to have the content available on multiple platforms to give their customers more choice on how they receive said content.

    In fact, about a year ago or so, Sony and Sky were supposedly working together to do so. Maybe now it’s finally coming to fruition. Until then, this post should be considered a ‘rumor’, so the only thing we can do is wait until Sky and/or Sony make official announcements.

    Also, before I forget, there were a few folks who spotted that line in the document, but IDK if you could classify that as kind of a bigfoot sighting or not 😛

  • Hey Matt

    This seems likely as Sony has just stated in a Press Release that they will be expanding their Net TV services in the coming year. By expand they mean on top of VidZone and BBC’s iPlayer. VidZone is exclusive to the PS3 and BBC iPlayer has a specific player for the PS3. I could see the exact same thing happening for SkyTV and any other service. I have heard that they may be interested in Revision Internet TV as well.

    I wouldn’t be so skeptical.

  • matt73

    Is this expansion the NetFlix offering? Can you point us at the press release?
    And I don’t think the iPlayer is exclusive to the PS3. The interface is the bigscreen interface you can access here, and the icon on the XMB is simply a link to launch the browser to that page.
    There were specific updates to the flash player in recent firmware updates that allowed better use of the PS3 hardware to decode and playback high quality streams for the iPlayer service.

    If you want another good example of big screen interfaces being deployed on the web at the moment, try, although a number of YouTube videos are now using Flash10, so will they still work on the PS3?

    And I like to think of myself as a realist rather than a sceptic 😉

  • JimmyMagnum

    no, Netflix and Sky are two different companies. Netflix is the rental service out here in the states, Sky is a satellite TV provider in the UK and Ireland.

    As far as the iPlayer and whatnot goes, it’s exclusive to PS3 consoles in a way because no other console is able to use it lol.

    As far as the Flash10 videos, that I don’t know. I doubt it would since it seems PS3’s flash codecs are proprietary so they would have to update it themselves (one of the negatives of the PS3 browser)

  • matt73

    Except that iPlayer has been available on the Wii for a long time now so you can hardly call it a PS3 exclusive :-p