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Naughty Dog gets into the Halloween spirit [Update: Double Cash Weekend]

At late night Tweet from Naughty Dogs reads “Working late tonight, got a ton of things that need to get done…“. Which links to a photo with some creepy skeletons shown above.

I assume this is hinting at the next DLC, or maybe just a Halloween surprise. What are your thoughts?


For the US and Europe, next time you boot up the game. You’ll be prompted with an update which has the following fixes:

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Sony Fiscal Q2 (calendar Q3) Financials

You can see full financials here, but I wouldn’t bother. The only interesting bits are overall company revenue dropped, year over year, from 2072.3 billion yen to 1661.2 while profit dropped from +11.0 billion yen to -32.6 billion yen.

There are some interesting game hardware/software breakdown numbers. I left these in fiscal quarters, so add one quarter to get the corresponding calendar quarter:

Platform 2008 Q1 2008 Q2 2008 Q3 2008 Q4 2008 Total 2009 Q1 2009 Q2 2009 Forecast
PS3 1.6 2.4 4.5 1.6 10.1 1.1 3.2 13
PSP 3.7 3.2 5.1 2.1 14.1 1.3 3 15
PS2 1.5 2.5 2.5 1.4 7.9 1.6 1.9 5

Beyond that their entire report sounds like a big long excuse. They blame everything on their older products, “revenues/profits are down because PS2 is slowing down as expected”. The unfavorable change in exchange rate is a very valid point, but I’m tired of hearing their financial statements moan about it every quarter.

And why did they move PlayStation products out of their own “Game” reporting category and into “Networked Products and Services” along with VAIO PCs which really have nothing to do with each other. Are theytrying to obfuscate their performance?


No more 60FPS games from Insomniac.


Insomniac Games conducted some interesting research into the correlation of Game’s graphics/frame rate and review scores/sales and came up with these two interesting results;

• A higher framerate does not significantly affect the reviews of a game.

• A higher framerate does not significantly affect sales of a game.

You can look at Uncharted 2 (and even Halo 3) as a good example of a great game well recieved with a frame frate of 30FPS. The difference between the frame rates affects how smooth the gameplay is and more importantly how responsive the controls are. Insomniac have decided after this research that gamers/critics are not needing games to be at 60FPS and have decided that in the future they are willing to make the sacrifice in frame rate to make a game look better. Its a shame as I always thought the Resistence games could have been improved greatly with 60 FPS rate like the Call of Duty series.

You can read the full research with all the answers over at the Insomniac Blog.


Golden Joystick Awards Live.


The Golden Joystick Awards are being presented today and you can follow the live blog at It has not quite started yet but you can read all about people’s ties and someone setting a speed record on Sonic 2 until it does commence.

These awards were voted for by the gamers, 1,223,646 gamers to be exact. I believe Uncharted 2 was released too late to be counted in the votes but titles such as Killzone 2 and LittleBigPlanet and other exclusives could be up for awards.

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