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Atlus Wants You To Spend Halloween Inside

All day for Halloween the World Tendencies in the land of Boletaria ( Demon’s Souls ) will turn black. Passages to previously blocked areas will appear and tougher enemies will be on the prowl if you play the game online. Beats watching the Syfy Channel all day.

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Tekken 6 Review

After 2 long years of waiting and watching as the rest of the world enjoyed Tekken 6 in Arcade form, PS3 and 360 owners can now enjoy one of the best console fighters of 2009.

Get ready for the next battle!


With a total number of 42 fighters, Tekken 6 has the largest cast ever in a fighting game. All your favorites return for the sixth installment of the series ( if  Forest, Kunimitsu or Orge are your favorites, then you’re out of luck) including 6 newcomers, Alisa,Bob,Lars,Leo,Miguel, and Zafina. All the new characters fit right in to the Tekken world, each having their own unique fighting style. At the moment my favorite of the new cast is Leo but it seems Namco went out of their way to hide this character’s gender. This is evident in Leo’s opening movie. Read the rest of this entry »


Hints of GTAIV DLC coming to PS3


ps3center reports that a local radio show, “Cousin Ed & Dima”, was nagging a Rockstar rep about a PS3 release of the GTA4 DLC and the response was:

“I don’t know entirely what I can talk about, but it’s on Xbox. Microsoft came to us and said ‘hey here is some money if you can bring the content to us FIRST”

The rep could have simply misspoke, but clearly it sounds like he inadvertently slipped that it definitely is a timed exclusive. As is always the case, they generally aren’t allowed to publically say so.

Even without this tidbit, it was already a very safe bet. Historically Rockstar always ports their “exclusive” games to other platforms eventually and historically Microsoft’s “exclusive” third-party deals are almost always timed-exclusives.

The other point is that there is so much of this type of content available. Rockstar’s next big full-release (not just an expansion) GTA/Bully like game is Red Dead Redemption, which looks absolutely amazing and is fully cross-platform on day one. Plus there is Chinatown Wars this year on DS, PSP, and soon the iPhone, and an explosion of quality GTA-style action games (Infamous, Red Faction, Prototype are on PS3) that fans of the genre have plenty to keep themselves entertained…


PlayStation Store Global Update 10.29.09

LocoRoco Midnight Carnival is out today. I’ve played the demos for most of the LocoRoco games, but I’ve never purchased any. Are they any good? I’ll probably try out the Fat Princess and Dragon Ball Raging Blast demos. Anything for you this week?

United States



o Brain Challenge ($4.99)
o echochrome ($4.99)
o Myst ($9.99)
o Super Stardust Portable ($4.99)
o Unbound Saga ($4.99)


* Crystal Defenders (PSP)
o 11 MB

* Fat Princess
o 235 MB

* Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier (PSP)
o 183 MB

* LocoRoco Midnight Carnival (PSP)
o 188 MB

* Petz Saddle Club (PSP)
o 171 MB

* Pro Evolution Soccer 2010
o 960 MB

* Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time
o Ratchet Demo – 2387 MB


* Hasbro Family Game Night
o $39.99

* Inferno Pool
o $9.99


* Full Games
o Crystal Defenders ($9.99)
o Darkstalkers Chronicles: The Chaos Tower ($19.99)
o LocoRoco Midnight Carnival ($14.99)
o Mega Man Maverick Hunter X ($19.99)
o NBA 2K10 ($29.99)
o Petz Dogz Family ($29.99)
o Petz Hamsterz Bunch ($29.99)
o Petz Saddle Club ($29.99)

* minis
o Yummy Yummy Cooking Jam ($4.99)
o Zombie Tycoon ($7.99)


* DJ Hero
o Extended Mix Pack 01 ($5.99)

* LittleBigPlanet
o Halloween Mask

* Guitar Hero 5
o All Hallows Eve Track Pack ($5.49 or $1.99 each)
♪ Astro Zombies by The Misfits
♪ Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson
♪ Gor Gor by GWAR

* Pain
o Celebrity Character Elvira ($1.99)

* Rock Band
o Rob Zombie Pack 01 ($5.49 or $1.99 each)
♪ Burn by Rob Zombie
♪ Dragula by Rob Zombie
♪ Superbeast by Rob Zombie
o Wolfmother Pack 01 ($8.49 or $1.99 each)
♪ New Moon Rising by Wolfmother
♪ Pilgrim by Wolfmother
♪ Sundial by Wolfmother
♪ White Unicorn by Wolfmother
♪ Woman by Wolfmother
o Singles ($0.99 or $1.99 each)
♪ Best of Me by Morningwood
♪ Rock Me by Liz Phair
♪ Sugarbaby by Morningwood

* Rock Band Unplugged (PSP)
o Singles ($1.99 each)
♪ Kool Thing by Sonic Youth
♪ My Old School by Steely Dan

* Trivial Pursuit
o Sports Pack ($4.99)


* Assassin’s Creed 2
o Dev Diary 1
o Dev Diary 2

* Battlefield Bad Company 2
o Squad Story 1
o Squad Story 2

* Beaterator
o Timbaland Trailer
o Intro Trailer
o Sessions: Max & Clay
o Sessions: Artist Series 1
o Sessions: Artist Series 2

* Dragon Age: Origins
o Warden’s Calling Trailer
o Dalish Elf Trailer

* Front Mission Evolved
o TGS 2009 Trailer

* Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier
o Story Trailer

* Just Cause 2
o Vertical Gameplay Trailer
o Panau Trailer
o Announcement Trailer

* NBA 2K10
o Post-Moves Trailer

* Pain
o Elvira Trailer

* The Saboteur
o Irishman in Paris Trailer

* Thexder Neo
o Launch Trailer

* Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
o Behind The Scenes – Mastering the Cell Processor
o Behind The Scenes – Online Technology
o Behind The Scenes -Thinking Like A Dog


* PS3 Dynamic Themes ($2.99 each)
o South Park Dynamic Theme

* PS3 Premium Themes ($1.49 or $1.99 each)
o Apache Gunship Theme
o German Panther Tank Theme 2
o Infantry Theme
o Lingerie Football League: Dallas Desire Theme
o Skull Bash Theme
o It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Theme

* PSP Premium Themes ($0.99 – $1.99 each)
o Apache Gunship Theme
o German Panther Tank Theme 3
o German Panther Tank Theme 4
o Infantry Theme
o Lingerie Football League: Dallas Desire Theme
o Skull Bash Theme 1
o Skull Bash Theme 2

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