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Don’t PS3 Gamers Like Modern Warfare 2? |


I was just looking at the American preorder chart, and the numbers seemed strange. I am comparing the number of PS3 preorders to the number of 360 preorders, as a percentage:

Modern Warfare 2 – 38%
Dragon Age: Origins – 54%
Assassin’s Creed II – 69%
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – 88%
Tony Hawk: Ride – 89%
Dante’s Inferno – 100.4%

Given the market share of the PS3 and the 360 in the Americas, I would think that a ratio like the one Assassin’s Creed II is getting sounds about right. But instead we get wildly differing ratios depending on the game. This shows that a PS3 gamer has a different profile than a 360 gamer.

One thing I want to know is: why are PS3 gamers so much more interested in BC2 than they are in MW2? Is it Activision’s obvious 360 bias? Infinity Ward’s? What is it about MW2 that is turning PS3 owners away? Personally, it’s the only game I plan to buy for the rest of the year, so I’m curious as to why other PS3 gamers are staying away from it.

Edit: Oh, and does anybody know if this game has four player splitscreen like CoD4 and CoD5 did ?

  • I’m not planning on it at the moment. I have Uncharted 2 and Tekken 6 to keep me busy right now. I don’t like having a back log of games.

  • Smegmazor

    I find it strange as well. Everyone I know with a PS3 is excited about this game, as am I.

    A couple of months ago I wasn’t as enthusiastic in purchasing this sequel, but after all the gameplay footages hitting the web, I’ve become more excited. I’m quite sure that most of the people on my friends list will be playing this game come Nov. 10th/ 11th.

  • steffo

    I think its a mixture of things. Live is a better more consistent online experience than PSN, MW2 on 360 is getting a couple of bonus maps, more teenagers owning a 360…

    It all adds up little by little so that for MW2 the 360 is probably the more likely platform to go for, but for other games where the MP is less important or the game as a whole is more niche, things will be more even.

    Personally Im not getting MW2 till its price has dropped significantly. And since there’s no other Activision games that Im even vaguely interested in, you might as well call it a boycott.

  • hobbes

    personally, i believe there are sooooo many more games out for the ps3 that are good, and that’s cannonbalizing on the market in someways. Uncharted, demon’s souls and rachet and clank, plus all these other games. I also think that a lot of ps3 owners never buy ps3 games, and just use the system for a blu ray player, i’d say maybe 10-20% of purchases are this way, now, that may help them eventually get a ps3 game and get hooked, but that’s just my 2 cents.

  • I am surprised at Dante’s Inferno matching the Xbox, we’ll be having God Of War compilation.. I hope EA can keep the 60fps on Dante’s Inferno, btw!

    I spent more than hundred hours on COD4, but I won’t be buying COD6 until it gets cheaper. And I think it will take a while because it will continue to sell well at the premium price.

  • mrfodder

    Wonder if the MAG beta is affecting it. I love MAG and so have no interest in MW2.

  • King32

    The real reason that ps3 owners like myself arent that excited about MW2 is because we all know that MW2 will be half ass done on ps3 that 360. Activison and Infinity Ward dont put as much effort into the ps3 copy as they do in the 360. Even better the xbox is getting a MW2 bundle, where’s a ps3 MW2 bundle. Yes ill be buying MW2 to i know it wont b as good as its 360 counterpart. So that why ps3 gamers arent that excited and to be honest im looking forward to playting with 256 players anyway. LOL!

  • I don’t know how true that is. I’ve had a grudge against Activision for a while now because of the way they treat PS3 owners. But even I have to admit that CoD4 on the PS3 was a very good product, and I don’t think that the 360 version of the game itself had anything that the PS3 didn’t.


    I am a PS3 guy… I hate Microsoft (use to have an xbox 360 and gave it up)…
    I have played both systems and will break this down for you…

    Note: I will be getting MW2, but would rather be getting MAG

    1) PS3 people love exclusives.. MW2 is not…

    2) Many people have spent their money on Uncharted 2

    3) Why play MW2 when MAG is comming soon…

    4) Most PS3 people are Socom Vets, Not COD vets

    5) As fun as MW2 is going to be, PS3 people pride themselves on skill games… (Socom, Killzone, ect…) MW has always been fun, but never seen as a skill game,… more a run and gun…

    6) PS3 — Metal Gear Solid 4, Killzone, MAG, Socom, Uncharted 2, Grand Turismo, even Infamous, when you have so many great exclusives why support the competition…???

    7) MW has always been a frag fest… oh what fun it is to spawn into a grenade…

    8) MW2 already has exploits and it’s not even out yet.. are you kidding me…, the game is full of cheaters (not to say that all games don’t have cheaters, but it seems the more popular the game, the more cheaters it pulls in..)

    9) maybee im being redundent, but PS3 players want games that are fair and that take skill… If I get killed by a bunch of hail mary frags Im gonna get rid of this game like i did the last one…

    MW2 maps are to small for the amount of people they put in them…

    10) I want a game where survival matters, not just how many kills you got…
    tommy gets 30 kills and 44 deaths
    joey gets 20 kills and 2 deaths..
    I think we really know who the better player is…
    (but tommy sure can throw grenades before he dies)

  • anthony

    mw2 > all
    Mag sucks, mag requires no skill at all, any noob can kill anyone which is retarded. Youll die easily in mag

    mw2 will be the game of the year.

    No wonder ps3 sucks right huh? I shouldve bought a 360 instead…………

  • GM – Luke


    What are you talking about? Are you telling me that the company had time to make too different versions for both consoles? That is just crazy talk.

    Hate it or love it EA just worked out a deal with M$ and got them a bundle. If you want a bundle for the PS3 go tell the SONY corporate whores to shell out some money.

  • GM – Luke


    You make no sense what so ever. I don’t own an Xbox but to say that MW2 is retarded and Killzone 2 isn’t is just dumb. All shooters are the same, some people use skill and some run and gun.

    Since you hate M$ so much I hope your not using a PC to write on this blog. I mean come on people when your going to post, at least use your head.

  • There’s one single, simple reason I’m not buying MW2 – I refuse to be ripped off by Activision’s price hike on this game.

    If I do buy it at any point in the future, I will buy it used so that Activision don’t get a penny of my cash.

  • King32

    GM-Luke your an idoit x1000. Everybody in the world knows that when it comes to 3rd party developers the 360 versions looks better. There only a handful of 3rd party games that the ps3 is equal or looks better than the 360 version. Just because its easier to develop games on the 360 than it is the ps3 doesnt mean the 3rd party developers shouldnt put in as much work as they do for the 360. Now GM-Luke if u dont agree to that than ur even dumber than ur name sounds. PS3 should be getting more love than the 360 because it has more power under the hood to make a better looking game than the 360. If the PS3 was ahead in hardware sales i bet u a billion dollars that 3rd party developers would start there development on ps3 first and thats just facts.

  • Stop with the name calling.

    Seriously, guys.

    • Agreed, stop with the name calling. There is no need for that.

  • GM – Luke

    Dude first of all what’s with the name calling, I disagree with you because you talk out of your ass and you call me an idiot and tell me my name sounds dumb??? Are you 2 years old. So instead of posting your going to try and start a flame war?

    I mean give me a break dude you have no clue what is done to develope a game. Yeah EA went into the code and graphics and dumbed the game down. Please do yourself a favor and never post again.

  • JimmyMagnum

    a better looking game would always come down to (at least) one of three things:

    Ease of Development
    Install Base

    And Microsoft has all three.

    Also, stop with the flaming.

  • Jared

    PS3 or not.. MW2… let alone Activision has a whole doesn’t have my interest… with the exception of my GF buying GH3 for the Wii..the last Activision Title I owned was Tony Hawk 2 for the Psone.. And with their cock attitude, pricing and sales approach, i plan to keep that record going.

  • mnas

    king32 are u abnormal??
    ngs2,burnout,tomb raider, so4,alone in the dark are 576p on x360 and 720p on ps3 . a lot of games look better on ps3 despite being ports

    MW2 is the only game worth getting on x360 this year since x360 has no games

    as for GOTY 2010 –that is uncharted 2–96% at meta

    also COD MW2 will sell 2x as much on ps3 in europe so overall sales will be equal globally

  • WWII

    MW2 looks like an updated version of the first game. Something like Halo 3 and ODST and I don’t like that.

  • WWII

    MW2 looks like an updated version of the first game. Something like Halo 3 and ODST and I don’t like that.

  • mnas


    ps3 has a bigger install base in Japan and europe compared to x360. x360 is finished after ps3’s price cut

    also MW2 will sell 2x as much on PS3 in europe compared to X360 version. so sales will be equal globally

  • tundra

    I believe PS3 owners prefer Sony-exclusive titles.

  • yourmom

    I know this will be good but most people have Uncharted 2 and other games (Brutal Legend? Ratchet & Clank A Crack in Time? Fallout 3 GOTY? Or are you just sticking with COD4 or 5?). And I can live without it. I’ll just get it for Christmas. Who gives a crap! I’ll get the same experience as everyone else just except I’ll be playing it a month and a half after and I’ll be playing it with less glitches (they’ll probably release a patch by Christmas). And Xbox Live is littered with 10 year with headsets (that love runescape and have youtube channels). And they can’t stop saying things like ‘Douchbag!’,’SUCK MY BALLS!’ and ‘I can’t be asked’. They piss me off. And they are just South Park wannabes. And Xbox is cheaper and been out longer so of course more people will have it and that means more 10 year olds.

  • T3h B4tman

    I believe it certainly may have to do with unawareness of the product, in some cases the Playstation 3 version is not even being acknowledged to exist in advertisements. You enter these stores such as Gamestop or Walmart and they have big shiny Modern Warfare 2 displays bearing the solely the Xbox 360 logo! These prime time commercials they’re playing during sporting events also give no mention of the PS3 version! Hell, the game releases in exactly one week and there hasn’t been one official glimpse of gameplay whether its from gaming journalists or official promo release.

    It’s also interesting to note Assassins Creed 2 is in some cases being marketed without the mention of a Xbox 360 version, which the pre-order numbers to date along with with MW2 indicate this idea of partnering with a blockbuster game title does work out in your favor.

  • Alot of people are boy cotting MW2 because they are making it casual. Not only this, but there are better games.

    However you must consider that the “trade-in deal” in the UK that GAME are offering

  • Carson

    I’ve always hated Call of Duty, the people at dice aren’t big assholes and MW2 Has a ******* nuclear warhead in it. One soldier got 25 confirmed kills? Let’s give him the ability to drop a hydrogen bomb so he can kill 18 people, like how Hiroshima only had 18 people in it. No dedicated servers? wtf?

  • Trieloth

    Well what else to the xbox guys have to play? Halo ODST was very weak, so they are needing more. Iam getting MW2 for my PS3 and not my 360. But for some reason I have this feeling that I will be dissapointed. Its just another hyped up half ass multiplatform game.
    “Mag sucks, mag requires no skill at all, any noob can kill anyone which is retarded. Youll die easily in mag” humm sounds exactly like CoD4 to me…

  • Lukas

    anthony- when it comes to MAG it depends how you play it when it comes to kills, but because of the amount of players everyone results to tactics and working in squads on different objectives, because that’s how you win the game, by completing objectives not by the most kills.
    I’m not particuarlly interested in MW2 personally because, 1) charging extra just because they can 2) graphics just don’t compare to ps3 exclusives for me, and i like good looking graphics 3) short campaign 4) i find the multiplayer repetetive and you can’t do much else but kill wheras in games like Bad Company, you have a lot more choice of what to do plus bigger maps. I will be getting MW2 but just not straight away anyway because of the higher price, and it will be hard to buy the day it’s out anyway.
    There’s no point arguing about this or name calling, theres no argument here it’s people sharing opinions. If you dislike what i say or anyone else does, say it politely and reasons why, don’t call people names..grow up.

  • It’s a pretty simple answer really. PS3 owners have alot of great options. 360 owner do not have any option but to buy MW2 or other cross-platform titles.

    I personally am not buying MW2 for multiple reasons. 1. I play Killzone 2 and it’s a better FPS. It’s more balanced and feels more realistic than CoD. Since 4, CoD has been the most unbalanced FPS out there. It’s weapons are totally unbalanced as well as unrealistic, hence the LMG being the best friggin’ sniper rifle in the game. And not only that, but it’s the most noob-friendly, easy FPS I’ve ever experienced. And also the price is rediculous for a game that’s exactly the same as the 2 year old CoD4, only difference being MW2 is even MORE unbalanced and noob-friendly.

    I’m sticking with Killzone 2 until a FPS comes out that better, or at least just as good. Which MW2 is not. I was hoping IW would step it up for MW2, but they didn’t. It’s Activision’s own fault they have lower profits from PS3. Because they are only putting out products that will appeal to people who either like unbalanced, easy games, or have no other choice on their platform (360).

  • The most fun I ever had playing video games was at a previous place of employment. They actually had 8 PC’s set up to play games! The favourite was CoD2. Then when CoD4 came out, it took over. It was a blast playing with a regular group of guys that I knew.

    I don’t think that CoD4/5 has any more or less obnoxious people playing it than KZ2, for example. I am in the MAG beta and it hasn’t impressed me so far.

    What I would like is a regular group of people to play MW2 with. A group that doesn’t care that my K/D ratio is bad. 🙂 We’ll see if I can find such a group.

  • King32

    Yea, i apologize to u GM-Luke for the name calling. That was uncalled for. But games like ghostbusters and that bayoneeta game thats coming out next year look better on 360. Hell Valve said it themselves. I mean we all know that L4D should be on ps3 but no just because u have to work a little harder on ps3 that means u have to degrade the ps3. Alan Wake and Splinter Cell two games that i crave over wont b coming to ps3. C’mon ppl this is rubish and we all know it

  • Why are people complaining about the price? I can see it several places for $59.99, which is better than the $69.99 some charge for their new games (here in Canada).

  • dan

    1 word: ONLINE.

    I have all the systems before you fanboys start to cry but 360 has a better online and people actually talk making the experience that much better.

  • Not to mention all the *** Activision talked publicly about PS3. That’s obviously going to alienate many PlayStation loyal, again, especially when we have other options.

    The only price change MW2 should have had was getting cheaper, not more expensive….since it’s the same exact thing it was 2 years agao, just MORE unbalanced.

    Unfortunately I had to but 1 Activision game this year, and that was Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, but that is only because the MARVEL fanboy in me over-rides my logic center. But I can’t picture myself buying a single game from them after MUA2. They have nothing original coming down the pipe. Just more GH and CoD4 with a dinosaur mod. They aren’t getting another dime from me and they’re lucky they got my money for MUA2.

    They should just pull PS3 support now. It wouldn’t bother me, or millions of other gamers in the slightest. It would only bother CoD noobs and GH junkies. I’m neither.

  • Jam

    As a Ps3 and wii owner I will be getting MW2 at a midnight launch and enjoying it. I think that a lot of PS3 only owners will get it too but gamers who have both HD consoles will most likely get it for the 360 for obvious reason (e.g. better online, or at least they say.. and there are more options right now on the PS3 so they rather get a game to spend some time with their 360).

    Let’s not forget that in the US Microsoft has a significant lead on the 360 and lets face it, Call of Duty is the mother of all shooters and the 360 is the console of preference for people who love shooters. Also, Microsoft made sure to promote Call of Duty as if it was their franchise in many respects with the Xbox logo appearing on practically every video with someone from infinity ward speaking of the game. That also plays into reinforcing the illusion that MW2 was designed specifically for the 360.

    Like a couple of you stated, I too believe PS3 owners will gravitate more towards Bad Company 2 as it seems like a mixture of Modern Warfare, Socom and Killzone in some weird way. As a PS3 owner I loved the arcade style and quick adrenaline rush that Modern Warfare 1 provided online and know it will only get better in MW2 although for better or worse IW will not re-invent the wheel with MW2 but just improve it just enough so that the drive is a little more exciting.

    p.s. I typed quickly so forgive me for any typos or syntax errors.

  • john

    i think the main reason is because the ps3 has so many good games out, and have the goty in Uncharted 2. Many ps3 people know MW2 will just be the same game with light graphical upgrades , a new mediocre single player, new maps/weapons and upgradeable perks… Honestly i wouldn’t even pay 40 for MW1.5, i want the most for my 60$ and MW2 is not cutting it. After uncharted 2 , i expect sequels to be considerable better than the prequel.
    Another reason has to do with activision’s love affair with M$, and the fact that activision pissed of the ps3 community with their retarded comments.

  • I am getting this, but I am not pre-ordering it. Best Buy will have plenty of copies and I am busy with Uncharted and Demon’s Souls. You know, awesome exclusives that the 360 lacks?

  • JimmyMagnum

    I have all three as well, and the 360 is littered with annoying kids who think it’s cool to drop f-bombs every other word. It’s really annoying, hence why I rarely play the 360 online to begin with.

  • mwan

    these are fake numbers from VGCHARTZ

    ofcourse the ps3 version will easily outsell the x360 when it comes to global sales

    x360 is finished after ps3’s price cut

    also PS3 owners have a l;ot of ther games to play which include UC2 –highest rated exclusive game on consoles and highest rated of this year

    UC2 is the GOTY 2010 and these games like MW2 /AC2 basically look and play like ps2 game vs UC2

  • sasd

    PS3 version of COD MW2 will have dedicated servers

    LIVE aka lame crap box 360 online will have peer to peer servers

    does anyone even care about x360 after ps3’s price cut

    x360 is fully finished and it has no games

    ps3 already has the GOTY 2010–Uncharted 2 and ps3 has a lot of AAA this year besides UC2 –demon spouls, mlb,KZ2, r&C

  • KoKoKat

    most people will probably buy it on launch day in stores

  • King32

    Graphically MW2 i think will only b a little better than COD4:MW. I dont play online yet, will be in a couple of weeks so i dont know how online play is different between the 360 and ps3. So someone inlight me on the online play and if MW2 gets game of the year of Uncharted 2 i will stop playing games forever.

  • Darrin

    Wow, tons of posts!

    In the U.S, Call of Duty isn’t just a game, it’s its own fad. The Xbox 360 isn’t just a game console it’s its own fad. The two fad-centric audiences overlap.

  • I don’t mean this as a negative towards the 360 but I think PS3 owners have more to play right now and more to look forward to game wise than 360 owners do. PS3 owners just have more options right now on great games to play.

  • Majadra

    Well, I’m pretty sure that ps3 users like RPG games more then FPS games

  • Im getting this game day one! actually
    midnight lol.So join me and lets kick
    some noob a$$.

  • PS3 gamers dont like it because we have more way to play then 360 gamers. 360 has very few games to play. So they turn to COD4 and COD5. Since MW2 is the new edition it will still be the only thing they’ll play. While ps3 gamers have Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, Little Big Planet, Motorstorm, MAG, God of war 3, Heavy Rain. ETC….

  • Eddie

    Wow..someone wont he most responses lol

    I plan on getting MW2 for my PS3 and play the living bejesus out of it. I even took off that day.

    I don’t think this has anything to do with how PS3 users are negatively geared towards this game so much as 360 users are positively geared towards it.

  • dan

    I think something has to be said for how there isn’t a gaming board alive that isn’t filled with MW fanboys who berate anyone that doesn’t think CoD is the best franchise and game EVER. That resentment carries over, imo. I personally think it’s a decent shooter that now suffers from the HALO syndrome where what people say has more to do with their imagined positions in fanboy flame wars instead of just expressing an opinion. Personally, I didn’t love MW1 enough to really want to revisist, especially when the shooter i’ve been waiting 2 years to buy is called MAG, not CoDMW2. That’s not because I love Sony, but because I loved older SOCOM games and have been waiting for zipper to do something amazing this generation.

    I prefer shooters with weight as opposed to being twitchy and “arcade” feeling. CoD is the “anyone can pick up and play game” – but I prefer more depth and a harder skill level to my shooters. I just prefer other franchises to this one. But I’ll at least rent it to see what it’s like.

  • Procles

    I suspect that many of gamers that have both systems are choosing the 360 version over the PS3 for XBox Live and the improved online play they believe it will provide. For a game like this, smooth connections are more important than improved graphics. Thus, the higher percentage of 360 sales doesn’t mean that those PS3 gamers will not buy MW2, they just will not buy it for that particular system.

  • GM – Luke

    For those that are thinking of saving some cash pre-order it from Amazon or Walmart, they are offering a $20 Gift Card.

  • Your Brother :)

    Forewarning: I didnt read any of the comments. So if this has been said already, then get over it.

    I think that since you did something very dumb and posted them as just percent ratios, then you might have overlooked a few things or just didnt think about it. Maybe PS3 gamers pre-ordered more copies of Modern Warfare 2 than Bad Company 2, yet you couldnt tell because of the sheer number of 360 gamers pre-ordering Modern Warfare 2. Give us actually numbers next time, this percentage of ratio is complete crap. The 5 PS3 owners who pre-ordered Dante’s Inferno matches 100% with the 5 360 owners who pre-ordered it. <- obviously sarcasm, but you get what i mean.

  • George

    Why are some people saying that the reason for PS3’s MW2 preorders is because of PS3 owners buying U2?

    Didn’t Halo 3:ODST sell WAY more than U2 (ODST even falls into the same genre as MW2, unlike U2)? But you don’t see 360 sales lagging like PS3’s. Just face the facts.

  • Your Brother: I posted the link, so you can see the numbers yourself. What you do is move the mouse over the text with the line under it, and click the button on the mouse.

  • KoKoKat

    “King32” the online play is exactly the same on both platforms the only difference is that on the xbox 360 version there are alot of annoying 13 year old boys yelling at eachother, i have both versions. PSN is completely awesome its not worse than XBLA at all! and its free and lag free!.

  • GM – Luke


    “I suspect that many of gamers that have both systems are choosing the 360 version over the PS3 for XBox Live and the improved online play they believe it will provide. For a game like this, smooth connections are more important than improved graphics.”

    What does that mean? I am not trying to be a smart ass but I just don’t undersstand what you are getting at. I have had a PS3 for over a year now and I can’t recall having a crappy connection. Everything has been running as it should have. What improved online play?

  • Your Brother :)


    My appologies, I didnt see it.

  • Your Brother :)

    @Blackstaffer again

    But did I not prove my point? PS3 gamers arent more interested in Bad Company 2, they just didnt pre-order as much as 360 gamers did.

  • Axe99

    It’s always been the case that the PS3 has catered to a broader audience than just the shooter fans, while the 360 has been targeted much more squarely at males aged 18-30 and shooter fans in general. In that context, this result (particularly in the US, where the 360 has a significantly larger share of installed base) is hardly surprising. The other figures shown above reinforce this by highlighting this preference for variety (other than MW2, PS3 is over-indexing relative to its install base on pre-orders for every other game listed in the article).

    Doesn’t mean that PS3 owners don’t like MW2, they just like other things as well ;).

  • Trieloth

    Oh man so much funny stuff here…graphics arnt important anymore, LIVE has people that talk and PSN dont, sales sales sales.

  • Tallpaul77

    haha, spot on Axe!
    Anyway, it’s just a pre-order, I’ll get it when it’s released – no need to pre-order 🙂

  • Lazyeye79

    i wont be getting it, i am not a fan of the COD series.
    They were never that fun to me. it better have spit screen, that is the only time i have played it and me and my friends had a blast with it (friend owned it not me).

  • lol

    wont buy mw2 for either system the first was to easy beating it on veteran took 4-5 hours and 70% of the player online all the time were noobs atleast when i borrowed my friends 360 for a week maby it was a slow week i donno either way i haven’t seen any change in mw2 so at the moment i’m not getting it

  • Austin

    Remember these are just pre-order lists, you don’t know exactly how many people are just gunna swing in and get the game, i know plenty of people doing so, I’m not, I’m getting the ****in Prestige Edition!!!

  • Lazyeye79

    @ #9
    sweet post!!! completely agree

  • DevilDog273

    I havt to agree with alot of the other comments, yes the PS3 vs is not as good & yes it’s a good game. But I want something differnt while COD6 will fall under the same catagory as all my other shooters. When u have something like Uncharted 2 out that brings a fresh game play & u consider Battle Field Bad Company 2 along with MAG, these couple games are probualy going to be a better bang for your buck. But honestly I think it’s just that COD6 is not really bringing anything new but a few upgrades, & it just falls into place with all the other shooters.

  • Mark

    Jesus Christ even PS3 fansites aren’t safe but butthurt Sony kids looking to complain about something…

    And im getting MW2 on 360/PS3 so suck on that crybabies.

  • I think more people should look into Bad Company 2. Personally I find it more appealing than MW2.

  • Fatalveli

    Most people dont pre-order games unless they are of the hard core base. also i think since it came out that the single player lasts only around 6 hours many people will hold off till a price drop or sale of some sort. lots of games coming out and not alot of money to go around people have to be smart with spending

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who says MW2 will be better on the 360 than the PS3 is brainwashed. COD4 was exactly the same on both consoles. I played both.

  • chulonyc

    Who cares about mw2 and the maps on xbox? please u guys need those little trinkets lol we dont!!! we have full blown exclusives that rip anything on the xbox 360 give it up your time to shine is over just keep breaking down and well let you idiots keep spending money on defective hardware lol Ill keep playing my U2, MAG, Killzone 2 and soon my GOW ewww weeee lol

  • Xbot

    I though cod4 was overated trash so i’m zero excited about this brainless casual POS shooter.

  • JimmyMagnum

    to Microsoft’s credit, Forza Motorsport is, IMO, their best exclusive franchise.

    And yeah, when the first MW came out, it was a prime example of both versions of the game being exactly the same, and there was a lot of media buzz around that fact, too.

    In any case, one of my favorite missions ever in the CoD universe was from the first one, the one they used for the demo, where you had to cross the river to Stalingrad in that boat. I was simply awestruck as the Stukas strafed the boats, and others around you blew up. And then the artillery barrage on the hill after you get to the other side of the landing zone.

    The nuke on the first MW was cool too. I’d probably rate it the same awe-factor as the Stalingrad landing (though, that’s relative to their release dates. If the first CoD came out the same time MW did, that’d be a different story lol)

    If anything, apart from a few maps maybe, the two versions of the game will be exactly the same. Only difference is, the 360 MIGHT have more players, but I’d rather play with the PS3 crowd, because they are more mature at least. Unfortunately, even that is starting to change since the price cut. Damn loudmouthed, disrespectful, little turds between the ages of 10 and 18 ruin online gaming for me.

  • Dany

    PS3 owners do care abot MW2, but people like me know PS3 has a lot more games better to play, like Uncharted 2, and i dont like infinty ward, treyarch is better in my opinion doing COD games, and one of the reasons for having more sells on 360 is 360 has no real big games coming out exclusivly, usually just halo or some other big game to pick, but PS3 gives big and great worthy choices

  • tarbis

    If I want to play FPS games, I’d rather play it in my PC. It’s hard to play with a controller y’know.
    I own PS3 and I mostly play exclusive games since that’s what worth getting.
    The only thing that interest me in your list is Dante’s Inferno. They say it’s GOW clone ‘coz of similarities, so when’s a game not a clone of every first game ever came out? but I don’t think it that way, I believe it’s gonna be a great unique game.

  • BlueGamer2000

    If you only buy Modern Warfare 2 this whole year, you are NOT a gamer.

  • Well, I am sorry the ps3 does not have enough pre-orders for you but we would rather play our games then pre-order them unless we get something from them like uc2 gave golden weapons and double the cash what do we get for pre-ordering mw2 nothing + we have games to play and dont have to play year to 2 year old games waiting for the prequels when we have new franchises coming all the time. 🙂 If you are a good uc2 player look mxrider2199 up.

  • D.O.

    honestly I believe it’s a combination of a lot of reasons.

    REASONS WHY PS3 OWNERS DON’t WANT MW2 AS MUCH AS 360 OWNERS (Sorry for the Caps Lock)

    1. Bobby Kotick – He threatens that he may stop supporting PS3, any PS3 fan with be insulted by this because of this superiority complex.

    2. Infinity Ward – This though I’m not sure as I’m in school I can’t fully check my sources, but I believe MW2 will have a week timed exclusive for some maps. Now timed exclusives won’t win you any fans no matter how good you are. Example I’ve seen some idiots hating Batman AA for the sole reason that the Joker wasn’t on 360 or people against Tim Schafer for the free maps on BL for a few months while 360 owners have to pay right away.

    3. Sony’s line-up – This fall a lot of people with PS3’s have had the opportunity to buy not just one exclusive but three, UC2 and Demon’s Souls came out early in October, with R&C following later. What exclusive did the Xbox 360 have this fall?

    4. Microsoft’s Bundle – Microsoft knew MW2 will sell systems so they made a bundle for it that alone will sway some fans into pre-ordering the bundle which in then turn to 360 gamers pre-ordering the game because they know Online will be active.

    5. Different tastes – The Xbox 360 is known as a shooter console most people who have it like shooters, the Xbox thrived on Halo and the 360 is no different even if the 360 has a lot more to offer more people will still view it as a shooter console whereas the PS3 does not have a focused genre.


    1. The LE – Is the same price as the regular edition

    2. Graphically beautiful – looks beautiful and has destructible environments.

    3. Activision – see reason 1& 2 of the first list

    Peace dudes

  • JimmyMagnum

    AFAIK, the 360 has only one real exclusive that I know of worth getting, and that’s Forza 3. Everything else is meh, unless you count the Ballad of Gay Tony GTAIV episode, which is pretty decent

  • Andy

    No need to pre-order, I’ll just pick it up on the day of release.

    Maybe 360 owners are more worried it’ll sell out on their console.

  • mprashanth911

    I am getting MW2 on my ps3 on day one.
    But 15of my friends are not,i asked them why and here were their reasons
    1.Infy are yet to show ps3 footage of the game.

    2.Cod games always look good on the 360console and the ps3 versions are always inferior.

    3.Infy hates Sony and we hate Infy.

    Those were the reason given by my friends.
    But i found those reasons reasonable,but nothing is going to stop me from getting the game on Nov9th here in my country India

  • Prashanth AKA Sony Fan Guy

    I am getting MW2 on my ps3 on day one.
    But 15of my friends are not,i asked them why and here were their reasons
    1.Infy are yet to show ps3 footage of the game.

    2.Cod games always look good on the 360console and the ps3 versions are always inferior.

    3.Infy hates Sony and we hate Infy.

    Those were the reason given by my friends.
    But i found those reasons reasonable,but nothing is going to stop me from getting the game on Nov9th here in my country India

  • Nathan

    Maybe it’s because video gaming is like music. Everyone has different tastes.

    I find 360 owners tend to gravitate towards shooters. Personally, shooters only account for about 12 – 17 % of my total game library.

    All pre-orders do for publishers is show guaranteed sales before the game’s release. I bet more people are going to pick it up without pre-ordering because there will be a lot of copies available.

  • Austin

    I have a theory Alot of PS3 owners also own PC therfore are favoring BFBC2 because well PC AND PS3 are boths AT WAR with infy…. I hate what there doing with the game on the PC an dont wanna Pay 60 for a game that if IT WAS done right on PC would be much better an cheaper on PC… I am on the boycott list…

  • I cant speak for all gamers on the PS3 but i am very skeptical of the PS3 version of MW2. Show me a man that says that COD4:MW was equal on both platforms and i will show you a man that has never played the game. Case in point: on the 360 version of MW there is a little thing called “pre-match host selection”. What it does is at the beginning of every online match it searches for the console with the best signal (ping) to all players and automatically makes that console the host of the match, therefor dramatically reducing lag. On the PS3 version there is no pre-match host selection, instead the first person in the lobby is made host regardless of signal strength, therefor causeing many more games to end prematurely do to “lost connection” and makes the PS3 online experience of MW a general lag fest. That in and of itself is proof that IW favors 360, they couldnt be bothered to take the time to add that simple feature to the PS3 version. I for one will be returning my copy of MW2 immediatley if it does not include prematch host selection for online multiplayer.

  • Anon Y Mous

    For me, I am not planning to get Modern Warfare 2 anytime soon for two reasons. First and foremost, there are a TON of fantastic exclusive games recently released for the PS3. I have purchased six in the last couple months. Second, Bobby Kotik’s remarks about the game and gaming industry have really put me off. I figure I’ll vote with my wallet and not buy his companies game if he wants to be a jerk about it.

    Maybe more PS3 owners are in the same situation I am and just don’t feel the need to support a company (Activision) who has such open hostility and disdain for their customers.

  • Mac42o

    Will say this much MW2 will be an is a game for noobs just like MW was. The game really takes no tactics.. Ive seen a kid rape the entire other team in HQ just because he ran around an hide then just sprayed them with a P90 when they came out.. Your a dumbass if you think there isn’t shooters that take skill an strategy over running an gunning.. Hate to tell u but COD is a run n gun type of game that doesnt take teamwork. MAG takes an entire teams effort to win. There to completely different types of games.. There just both FPS.. MAG cant be compared to anything 256> everything else.. Nuff said

  • everyone to busy playing the good games ps3 has to offer. modern warfare 2 is only good thing xbox players are looking forward to this year

  • naksak

    not only does it have split screen but also each player can create there own class and rank up. also kill streak too. also you can play co-op split screen but they are more like challenges that you gotta do within less than 5 mins. played all of them, they pretty good.

  • Hi, very long thread 😉

    I think there is a difference between pre-order or not wanting a game.
    If a new game comes out I want the best deal, and until now most pre-orders are not the best deal if you look at the price.. (not the value)

    So maybe ps3 owners are a more aware of this than xbox owner..

    And ps3 owner that have both consoles will of-course always choose the xbox versions of multi-console games because until now they are always better! So Sony give those 3rd party devs some love and crank up the engines you build with the 1st and 2nd devs.. 😉

  • JimmyMagnum

    I always buy the PS3 version on a multiplatform title (unless the PS3 version is out of stock, such was the case with Burnout Paradise). If you’re an owner of both systems, and you love the PS3, you’d support that console by buying the PS3 version to show devs people care for it and an investment into developing for that hardware will benefit all parties.

    Another reason is because I’m still on my gen 1 60GB system, but have been through two 360s and am currently on my 3rd. Last thing I need is a neat 3rd party, multiplatform title freezing in the middle of the game, only for me to discover that my system, once again, has the infamous RROD. I’d rather risk that for any first party titles like Forza 3.

  • Nuno Figo


    1. Because there are more new great games available on the PS3 than on Xbo360 (Uncharted 2, Demon Souls, Ratchet & Clank, to name the biggest).

    2. Because PS3 owners are, on average, older than Xbox360 owners, thus have less time to play online games.

    3. Due to direct competition: a big chunk of “online resident” PS3 users are SOCOM veterans who are waiting for MAG

    4. Because there are more Xbox360s than PS3s in USA

    5. Because hardcore PS3 gamers hate Activision

    6. Because we don’t want to pay extra for a game… when you can wait a couple of months and get it with discount (and during that “wait” you have a lot of games to play on PS3).

    All sumed up.

  • AnarchicMeat

    Has occurred to people that not everyone wants to preorder games? I know that for COD4 i waited a while until I got it. Not everyone can afford to preorder as Nuno Figo says.

    sorry if i’ve repeated. I haven’t read through all the comments. my bad.


  • Jay

    I never tend to comment on blogs but I had too on this topic!

    Anyway… the information is on pre-orders which subsequently can skew statistics greatly depending on the source of information and which retailers are participants of the data itself? If it’s a sample this skews the information even further! Also install base needs to be taken into consideration aswell.

    I would be interested to see pre-order sales vs actual release day sales, whereby people actually go into a shop on the day.

    I was going to boycott this game myself as a point to activision, but unfortunately when I discovered Hans Zimmer was doing the soundtrack that sold it for me regardless!

  • Terwaffle

    Personally, I dont think COD is a very good game. any of them. I, being a PS3 fanboy, may be a perfect example of why we dont like COD. we have better games to occupy our time. like right now, I have Uncharted 2. I could care less about MW2 because U2 is amazing. I dont think the 360 has any games that compare to U2, so they need to resort to getting MW2 to satisfy their gaming needs. MW2 actually looks decent, but its not THAT great. just my opinion

  • james

    Blackstaffer: have you seen any recent gameplay video of bfbc2?
    im gessing you haven’t because of what you wrote but i suggest you watch some new recent gameplay vid of bfbc2 and i bet you that you will be surprised with what you see AND u might realise why bfbc2 has good pre order sales.
    it is a amazing game made by amazing DEVS who know how to make a intence, online game.
    bfbc2 is MUCH more better than mw2 in every catorgory.
    Better graphics, better gameplay, better physics and a better multiplayer that will last you a LONG time. its large aswell. and it dosen’t look cheap like mw2.
    mw2 is a overhyped piece of junk that(if its like mw1) a really rubbish game.
    mw2 SP mode will be awesome though.

  • Tha Wut

    I have both console like many of you already do and I reserved it for the 360 for the simple fact most Activision has thrown salt in sony’s eye and I think because of that sony would be getting a raw dael from them in game development and multi player support I play dedicated games on my PS3 or games that are made for the PS3 and ported to the 360. Besides that sony has had the biggest line up this quarter and i’m already tapped out CoDMF2 can wait most PS3 gamers know that. The 360 doesn’t any huge exclusive so all of it hardcore users can dump their money into CoDMF2 this November

  • Joey

    FPS is always better on PC. You can’t deny that.

  • Your Brother: The only thing we can do really is compare percentages, keeping in mind the installed base percentage. Which is why I mentioned Assassin’s Creed II as a good barometer.

    To those of you saying that preorders isn’t a good indication of how many people will actually buy. Is that true? I haven’t seen anything that backs up that statement.

    naksak: That’s great news. Did you play four player splitscreen yourself, or see someone else?

  • Benjamin

    Well there are a lot of factors contributing but the first few posters covered it. Exclusive and I have a ton of other PS3 exclusives to get by.

  • Gqoute

    I believe the argument is slightly flawed in this article, it doesn’t seem to take in to account that there is no real incentive to pre order MW2. When you pre-order a game from GameStop Generally there is some sort of add-on or exclusive DLC that encourages you to pre-order a title. Now I may be mistaken but I believe the pre-order bonus for MW2 is a poster screw that I know as a gamer that there going to be copies upon copies of this title for both systems and I don’t need a dinky poster. I plan on picking up MW2 on its release I’m just not going to stress about pre-ordering. PS3 it only does…everything

  • That doesn’t mean preorders aren’t an indication of final sales.

  • Watcher

    I have nothing against MW2. I own MW and enjoyed it. My issue is with the deluge of first person shooters out there. There are way too many imo. Adding to that is the fact that the PS3 has a sweet fall line up that I’m struggling to keep up with.

    Right now I’m busy playing:

    Uncharted 2, Crack in Time, Fallout 3 DLC expansions, and Ultimate Alliance 2 (Finished it but playing through it again with another team).

    Next Week I’m looking to get Demon Souls, Dragon’s Age, and the God of War collection on the 17th.

    I know I have to fit Assassin’s Creed 2 in there somewhere, but I may have to put it off till December.

    With all of these great titles comprised of a mix of exclusives and multi-plats I don’t even have MW 2 on my radar until next year.

    In general I prefer action, adventure, and RPG type games. I don’t care for the multiplayer side of FPS. They’ve been done to death. I’m sure MW2 will have a great (and short) single player campaign, but since I’m not into the multiplayer side of it the game has less value to me than the other titles mentioned above. I’ll get it eventually, but right now I’ve got enough fun on my plate for some time.

  • blacksharinganx

    yeahh i have its just, i barely was able to preorder the game, money problems everywhere you know, i have uncharted 2 have 100% going with demon souls to 100% ( damm that game is hard, rememebr those old sonic games where if you died you start again, kinda the samelol but fun). cod most defenatly coming, wanting assasins creed 2 , but no money for it XD

  • Tinman-SC

    I for one pre-ordered MW2 for the PS3, it might just be that a lot of PS3 owners have games that they are trying to finish or games they want to stick to like Demons Souls, Tekken or Uncharted 2.

    I’m not surprised on the numbers on Bad Company 2 as they say that the game’s graphics, gameplay is on par with MW2, the multiplayer gameplay also has more variety, and with totally destructible environment like taking down a building, adds more to the experience, that’s why I pre-ordered it as well.

    I’m going to love playing MW2 (no dedicated servers is just bull) but I’ll be splitting gameplay of it with Demons Souls and Uncharted.

  • Kee

    okay, now, in this article you are making the assumption that americans represent the whole world. which isn’t very fair considering that a lot of americans have a ps3 and a 360. this means they’ll choose the 360 versions just because they might as well play it on that considering they have to pay their XBL anyway.
    I have P/O’d mines for the ps3 months ago…(uk)

  • Actually, given that the stats were for America, I was talking about America.

    So I didn’t assume that Americans represent the whole world, I just ignored the rest of the world, that’s all. 🙂

  • james

    DID you just say bfbc2 graphics are on par with mw2?
    your crazy.
    bfbc2 has proballly the best multiplatform fps graphics ive seen and theres 4 months left till release.
    JUST watch a recent video(bfbc2 moment video)
    and you will realise what i mean.
    mw2 has average graphics. texture is quite bad aswell.

  • farz

    MW was a fantastic game (while it lasted)… Reason I’m not buying MW2 …

    Acti-blizzard cranking the price up just because they know that most gamers want this game. It stinks and everyone should not fall for this blatent rip-off.

    Its the only publisher greedy enough to set an RRP of £54.99. Greed Greed Greed.

  • King32

    MW2 multiplayer will prolly be the best to date but what about the single player. I think a hyped game with all the praise going to multiplayer to me has to have a good single player campain to match. Look at U2. The single player is the best ive ever player period and the multiplayer is fun as well with the graphics not taking a big downfall. In order for me to play multiplayer in MW2 is must have a great single player experience.

  • JimmyMagnum

    I was looking at the percentages myself, I think it would have made more sense to put the percentages as part of a whole, so the PS3 would have taken this number of pre-orders (in comparison to te 360) by adding the preorder numbers together and then dividing by the number of PS3 preorders:

    Modern Warfare 2: 27.5%
    Assassin’s Creed 2: 40.9%
    Dragon Age: Origins: 35.2%
    Battlefield Bad Company 2: 46.9%
    Tony Hawk Ride: 47.1%
    Dante’s Inferno: 50.1%

    Anything above 50% would mean the PS3 had more preorder sales. I think this percentage makes more sense, seeing as the percentages you put up were more like a percentage in change rather than the number of preorders (you get what I mean)

  • x1BrYcE1x

    Maybe it has something to do with the average age of 360 users vs PS3. Run-n-gun nadefest or Tactical teamwork shooter with vehicles?

    oh and also the fact there was a slip on Gamespot about exclusinve PS3 Beta access for pre-orders.

  • King32

    I think MW2 will be good no matter what system ur playin it on. Of course the 360 will have a slight edge only because developers dont take time to tap in to the power of the ps3 but im not gonna complain. As long as it has a great single and multiplayer then im good wit that. I dont think that this will be better than U2 but it will be a damn fine game to say the lease.

  • MatriXZ

    i have 360 and ps3 ,i’ll be getting the ps3 mw2 ,i think it’s gonna be better,why do people think the 360 has better online connection,it’s worse for me my ps3 is much better no lag no 10 old kids shouting ps3 online is much better in my book,and it’s free ,
    can’t make out what u are accully paying for on live.

  • Royalty32

    I agree 100%, why are ppl paying for online gaming with the 360 and they can play for free on ps3. Now i dont play online yet but its an obvious choice to go with psn, why u might ask, again ITS FREE!

  • yodaddy

    WOW…. I just bought this game… althought I have not played it just yet or any modren warfare’s on any system, I came to read up on it…. and there is to much to read… never been to big on 360, for no other reason then I got a ps1 when they 1st came out and have stuck w/ ps… I have played 360 but just liked ps more… if I offended any 360 guys, or any activison guys, or anybody for that matter please let me know… face to face… I not much of an internet tuff guy !

  • Kee

    I just got it yesterday and it is on a whole new level of greatness. Best FPS ever made!

  • Royalty32

    Yes i’ll admit it to, this game is awsome. I was one of the ppl saying that the ps3 version will be crap, but i was completly wrong in every way. The graphics are beautiful (not better than U2 but im not complaining). The controls are tight and very responsive. I havent tried multiplayer yet, hopefully on black friday ill be able to get an computer. The single player campain is cool and very well done. Yes its short but its a lot of fun. Also the storyline was a little dull, it doesnt draw u in like U2 does. I think U2 should win GOTY because it is an complete package but MW2 is an AMAZING game and it definitly is the best FPS ever. Go buy this game NOW!

  • Zeke

    I believe the reason is because MW2 is just stale. In my eyes, MW2 is merely an expansion of CoD4 and is still a pretty boring FPS that has been done over a hundred times. I’ve played modern warfare 2 over at my friends house just to try it out and literally fell asleep playing it my 2nd time… I don’t ever plan on buying it and why should I? when an amazing shooter like BFBC2 is about to come out? I have the multiplayer beta for bad company 2 on my ps3 and i have been blown away so far at how incredible DICE/EA made this game. The whole aspect of being able to level buildings, a wide variety of vehicles, AMAZING SOUND EFFECTS which make you feel as if you are actually in a live battlefield, MGS style upgrades for weapons, and don’t forget about the massive map size. BC2 is the true shooter experience because you truely aren’t safe anywhere. If you try to hide and camp like most people do in the CoD universe, that = you getting a building landing on top of you. Or atleast the section of wall you are hiding against blown apart. Weapon handling and various effects bring to life the realism of actual combat. MW2 just simply can’t compare to that when all of the guns sound like staple guns, and when the only strategy you have is 1) Run n’ gun 2) camp.

    And as other people have already mentioned before, I have too many games to preoccupy me on my ps3 to be even concerned with MW2 like MGS4/MGO, U2, Bayonetta, Dante’s inferno, GoW3, infamous, crack in time, valkyria chronicles, demon’s souls, disgaea 3( ESPECIALLY disgaea 3), etc.

    I even prefer Battlefield 1943 over MW2 and 1943 is only an arcade style shooter with very little content made for the sole purpose of tiding people over till BC2.

    No offense to people who like MW2, but I despise that games popularity while it is only a mediocre FPS that has just been recycled 2 thousand times.