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Sony Sued Over Firmware |

Last week, two PS3 owners reported that September’s 3.0 and 3.1 firmware updates bricked their PS3s. Both contacted Sony, being told that their problem was purely “coincidental and unrelated to the system update.” Almost adding insult to injury, Sony told them that if they merely paid $150, they would have their systems fixed. Shortly after, they filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of all PS3 owners who updated to the current firmwares of that time, demanding unspecified damages and compensation.

I have to side with Sony on this one. Being a YLOD victim myself –I still have yet to get a replacement–, I can sympathize with with these two. However, I disagree with the lawsuit, seeing as firmware can, and will, occasionally cause problems. Just to make a point clear, the pair cannot be sure that the firmware caused the problems. Any number of problems can go wrong with electronics. Maybe the number of people with firmware-related problems is larger than I know, but until I find out, I’m sticking to my opinion.

Gamespot reports on it here.

What’s your opinion on the issue? Agree or disagree, be sure to say why in the comments!

  • vw

    go look at the ps3 update forums. sony blows at least MSFT owns up to their mistakes

  • good luck trying to prove that the firmware was indeed the cause for their PS3’s failiure. i can’t see them winning this.

  • Royalty32

    I just got the ps3 3.1 firmware update and my ps3 is working jus fine. I have the 120gb ps3 slim and it works like a dream. Ive even played older games like folklore and fear 2. Hope i dont jynx myself but the new update is working fine with me.

  • Smegmazor

    They may settle instead.

    Not for nothing, but I have read tons of posts on the official Sony forums where people claim they got their RLOD after an update. This happens to a lot of people after every firmware update. That’s got be the greatest of all coincidences. Either that or Sony truly is to blame.

  • Good luck with that. How many millions of PS3s have been sold? And how many have failed after firmware updates?

    These people need to try using what few brain cells they have, and realise that if the problem was firmware-related, massive numbers of PS3s would be bricked.

  • JimmyMagnum

    yeah, the case will either be dropped or settled outside of court. Microsoft only went to fix their mistakes with the 360 and extending the warranty for RROD because 2/3 360s were bricked

  • Trieloth

    As bad as the xbots are getting lately I wouldnt be surprized if alot of them were making these false claims, at a attempt to make sony look bad. Iam not saying there isnt a problem with some PS3s. This is the internet for gods sake. Everything gets highlighted and blown out of proportion it seams. My 360 RROD on me and I rarely used the POS. Should I have gone to the xbox forums and acted like a moron?

  • JimmyMagnum

    xbots are getting worse because they now feel really threatened since they truly care who wins the console war and Sony’s finally catching it’s stride.

  • But why should they feel threatened? The console market can easily sustain three-four different types of consoles. It doesn’t matter what kind of console you buy as long as you’re having a good time using it.

    You don’t see this stupid kind of siding-ism in for instance the car industry, son just quit it here too.

    Oh, and this rant isn’t aimed at any of you people above (except maybe for the first poster) – I just had to get it of my chest. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • JimmyMagnum

    idk why they always feel threatened. I never understood that lol. Both consoles have great exclusives, Sony just has a lot more ๐Ÿ˜› Even if Sony were still in third place, I wouldn’t care because I’m still getting my games, even though I had always hoped Sony would gain more ground with the PS3 and get more respect, so right now, I’m happy in that sense lol. Only thing I can come up with is Xbots, and other 360 fanboys, have a bit of a superiority complex

  • Royalty32

    I think the ps3 has gained alot of ground. This year the ps3 has had the best exclusives hands down. This year it should definitly win console of the year for sure. on top of that the ps3 is only behind xbot please-fix-me by 4 million units. In 2010 and mark my words, the ps3 will be in second place in the console wars. Hopefully project natal doesnt move units and fair game. PS3 has earned alot of respect from everybody including 360 fanboys. Bravo PS3 Bravo.

  • vw

    WTF does this post have to do with xbox? Is the 360 in your head so much that one must defend the ps3 on a thread that has nothing do to xbox. I have both machines, I like both machines. Ive had one die on me after a freakin firmware update. Ill prob. pony up the $150, but my ps3 hasn’t seen near the use as my 360. Its rather ironic that it goes out first.

  • Royalty32

    Get ur facts straight vw the post above me said that he hoped that the ps3 would have gained more ground and earned more respect. All i said was that it has. Dont get mad because the xbox is about about to be in third place. Take it up with M$. Dont b a hater ok.

  • vw

    Yo Royalty, dont misconstrue what I am talking about. I was really not talking about your individual post, more like #7 and those that followed. Frankly I doubt that Sony catches MSFT, but not due to their hardware, but due to their crappy firmware software, and crappy attitude. I mean these are the same bozos that think Home is really worth anything. Finally they figure out that it is a dead end and no one gives a sh#$.

  • JimmyMagnum

    that’s funny, considering Home is getting more and more support and more and more users logging in all the time.

  • justsomerandom

    @ post 5 – Paranoimia
    Just one suggestion really:
    Go and do some sort of course which involves learning about manufacturing tolerences.
    When completed, find another course which will explain to you the connections between firmware and hardware.
    Then examine what Sony themselves claimed as benefits of the 3.0 f/w upgrade, and determine for yourself if you believe that these benefits would put extra strain on the components.
    With your new-found knowledge, THEN come back and determine if your comment actually had any basis in fact whatsoever.

    If you can’t be bothered, please allow me to provide a shortcut:
    Your statement was factually incorrect.

  • Royalty32

    Are u kidding me vw Home is way better than that Avatar Bull$#!t. M$ is copying nintendo and there Mii’s. You cant even do anything with them but put new clothes on them. Home is jus how it sounds. You make your person and u build your HOME the way u like it and invite friends over and much much more. Go to your xbox and watch your RROD. vw ur a LOSER!

  • I wish the two (others with similar issue) get the machines fixed at no cost. Sony is wrong in its part for demanding money to fix when trouble began while updating their firmware with latest which was also theirs. The two were not trying something not allowable as unlocking iphone

  • Chad

    I have a 40 gb original ps3 I bought in september 2007, hardly ever play it but never ever had a problem. Out of the blue update from 2.52 firmware to 3.1 with no idea of any problems for other owners because its not on the news anywhere? after the firmware update screwed up my game play, I started searching on the internet and low and behold there are tons of people with same problem. Sony needs to fix for free for sure, this was probably all some big ploy to ruin the older machines with smaller drives. Tell you its $150 to fix and you will be out of a game console for quite a while with the amount of repairs they are facing I’m sure. So most avid gamers will just say oh well I wanted to new bigger hard drive anyway its just easier. They know gamers are lazy and think like that. I for one will not, I will no longer buy Sony products at all after this crap.

  • Efrain Cuellar

    I’ve had the palystation 3 for two years with no problems and when I wanted to play online an update for 3.1 was required. I was unable to play any Blue-Ray DVDs and PS3 games after the update. I was mad of the fact that a simple update could do such a thing, I viewed online and saw that I was not alone. It is amazing to me that people would consider this as a coincident and not pay up. Again, I had no problems before the update and was looking forward to playing new games I have purchased, now I simply can’t. I am out of the year warranty and would need to pay $150 and months wait to get it fixed. What if I do get it fix….will it happen again? It is disconcerning and wished that it never happened to me. Hopefully, something positive will come out of this.

  • mike

    On the first ps3s you had to option to add on linux and other things like that. sony then took that option out of the later ps3s. The firmware update had to do with eliminating that ability in the old ones. since many many generations of ps3s have now gone out with out the linux option, many of them won’t be affected in that aspect. the older ps3s would.

    another example would be like the backwards ps3s that could also play ps2 games. sony phased that out as well in the later versions, and now the majority of ps3s are not backwards compatiable. if they released something that would make the ps2 compatable consoles unable to play ps2 games, you would only have a few people upset while the majority don’t notice anything.

  • Eknight

    ” #1 by vw on November 5th, 2009

    go look at the ps3 update forums. sony blows at least MSFT owns up to their mistake”

    you mean like how they owned up to the ring of fire by firing the guy that brought it to their attention? microsoft was dead in the console water with the first xbox, making the 360 was just another stupid mistake, they just made enough money off the first one to justify spending the money to develop the 360, but they won’t make that mistake again, in order to keep up in the market and make a 3rd console, they would basically have to give a ton of cash to sony for blu-ray drives… giving money to the competition to try and beat the same competition… microsoft would have to be twice as retarded as i think they are to make that call. xbots have a right to be scared of ps3’s current and promising momentum, with their useless pride that makes them look even dumber clinging to an idea that is nothing short of epic fail, xbox can rot. nintendo, on the other hand is playing off sony very well, allowing sony to grab the high end of the market, while keeping themselves in the economical end of it. two sides of the coin, slow growth and steady income is the only strategy that can dance with big gambles, not to say ps3 was a shot in the dark from sony’s angle, but with the issues the ps3 had from the start with overheats, crashes, and compatibility irritating buyers, they did have a small window of failure, but they weighed their options well. Nintendo vs Sony will be the back and forth to keep an eye on, everything else can follow xbox, falling in line behind dreamcast, jaguar, and tamagachi.