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A Load Time Comparison Between 360 and PS3 Netflix |

I just finished making this video, but it compares the time it takes from starting up the system to being able to view playback of a movie. For the PS3 running off of a disc and then streaming the video, the time lapse is really close, at least within 1 second. Even the selection of the video to actual playback is close, with the 360 having a slight 3 second edge.

Both streams are the HD stream of the cult comedy classic The Big Lebowski. They may be different scenes, but that’s not really going to affect streaming time all that much. The only differences between the two is that the 360’s is currently integrated into the Dashboard of the 360 and also has a party mode.

XMB integration will be coming next year, so that could shave a few seconds there. As far as the Party view goes, almost sounds like this Sony patent is rather comparable.

One thing, as mentioned in the video, the PS3 has a huge one up on is being able to go onto the PS3’s browser and search by title to add to both the DVD queue and the Watch Instantly queue, so being able to manage both queues would be made easier from the comfort of your living room there.

Apart from that, both are, indeed, pretty much the same in terms of browsing the lists of movies, rating them and watching them. Of course, the only real difference is just the layout. The 360s service uses the same setup as the Dashboard and the PS3’s is more proprietary to Netflix. When XMB integration hits next year, I’m sure that would be more proprietary as well, and will probably be its own program like Home or Living with PlayStation.

Now the question is, if you use the 360 solely for Netflix play, is the party mode really worth the extra $4 or so a month?

  • andreasdelcarr

    Turn off the auto-focus.

  • JimmyMagnum

    wish I could, it was just a point and shoot that doesn’t have a manual focus setting.

    Just a little tidbit, there is a difference, as pointed out in a comment on the video, there is a 20 second differecne between booting the app and video playback on both consoles, with that going to the 360 clocking in around 1:04 and the PS3 at around 1:24. This is mostly due to disc load time, but it makes up for the 360’s slow booting. I also timed the time it took from pressing the play button and video playback and both took almost exactly 0:35 a piece.

  • sam

    you know if you pay month tomonth on xbox live it’s 8 bucks righjt? i pay month to month cuz i only play online when 360 exclusives come out that i want. otherwise it’s ps3 for my multiplatform online. it think it’s rediculous that you have to pay microsoft to use a service that you are already paying netflix for. bull shit. netflix should be open to silver members too.

  • @sam – from what I’ve read, they’ll charge for the Twitter and Facebook access too – both of which are only available to Gold members.

    So not only are they charging you for something you already pay for, but they’ll be charging you for services that are otherwise free.

  • mikmik

    their has allways been a difference when it comes to gold and silver, so obviously they will add more things to the gold side, and xbox live is better overall, you get what you pay for. and that huge one up is not huge because you have to go in the browser and its not native to the netflix area to que up movies, in that case i can go to my computer and do the same thing. you didnt mention the mandatory disc that you need, so untill LATE next year netflix is just an add on, while live its mixed in along with twitter.that radio crap and all, you fanboys are idiots. im a playstation fanboy but not to this extreme, what do you expect from a stupid site like this

  • JimmyMagnum

    lmao, it is a big advantage because you don’t have to go to the computer. There is no such option to use the 360 to add movies in the same way. Live is overrated and overpriced. You don’t get what you pay for unless you want to pay for a bunch of little immature 13 year olds yelling through the microphone! The disc isn’t a big deal either. And with Twitter and Facebook, I’ve been able to use those since the PS3 came out!

  • JimmyStewart

    Yeah I’d dispute the big advantage of the browser. I’ve only touched the PS3 browser a handful of times and each time it’s pretty much dreadful. There’s no way I’d take to spending the time trying to punch in all that info onto a remote… I’ll get up and use the PC in 1/5 the time and sit back down regardless of the system I use.

    I’d say they so far seem to operate mostly the same. I find the PS3 version to be a bit slower in response and on the initial load, but nothing MAJOR and I’ll take the bluetooth remote any day over the POS the 360 has. I’m hoping the sluggy playback will be ironed out next year when the PS3 software updates to support it. Still a bit of a bummer to have to use the disc for us multi-PS3 households. Right now we’ll use the 360 in the living room (since we want our gamertags out there anyway) and the PS3 disc in the bedroom.

    And all that garbage about Live being overrated could be left out. You’ve got to think without the PS3 blinders on for a second. There’s a reason people gladly pay to have XBox Live. I greatly prefer to play on Live and I can assure you my brief attempts to play on the PSN have met just as many 13 year old boys yelling, only on the PSN it’s through a kinda choppy bluetooth headset. That’s why I mute voice in most games. Instead of trying to trash the other console, think of it this way… the innovation will eventually come to the PS3, just like Netflix did. Maybe one day the PS3 will catch up, but for now you should be happy there are folks out there paying their Gold accounts forcing MS to keep pushing the limits of online services on consoles. The stuff that works eventually makes it onto the PS3 for free! Everybody wins and we should all get along!

    Oh and as for Twitter and Facebook, again… I wouldn’t use the PS3 browser for anything, much less something like facebook/twitter. On the 360 though the integration seems much lighter and more console friendly (yes, I’m in the extremely open public demo). If I want to use a browser, I’ll go to my PC. The trashing of these features reminds me of the similar trashing Netflix got on this site a few months ago when it was a 360 exclusive. So for now, I’ll look forward to reading all the raves about the Twitter/Facebook add-ons when they eventually make it to the PS3. 😉

  • Legion213


    Oh please please please tell us how Live is so much better.
    Tell us how in order to use free services on your Xbox you must pay a monthly fee.
    Tell us why, even though you can use Netflix for free on the PS3. You’re still getting what you pay for when you pay for gold.
    Tell us how Live is so much better when you can just use the PS3’s web browser and use twitter and facebook. (By the way the Xbox facebook and twitter app is lame as you can’t do everything the site offers on your xbox. Meaning you will have to use your computer to still get the full experience.)

    How exactly is adding free services to something you must pay for a ok thing thing to do? Other then having a overall better network when it comes to online play. I don’t see how Live is so much better. With all the stuff they force people to pay for gold for that you can use for free else where. It ridiculous that people actually defend it. Gold is definitely not worth the price of a game per year. Not to mention the PSN is getting better by the day. I can play Killzone 2 online with no problems.

    Seems to me you came to a PS3 BLOG as a Xbox fan boy but claimed to be a Ps fan boy. But you seem to be blinded to the fact that the PS3 offers everything the Xbox live gold offers but for free. Microsoft has no intention to reduce the price or make those free services free to all Live members and not just gold. I have stopped paying for Gold for 2 years. The only thing that was giving me an itch to pay again was to stream Netflix on my TV. Now I don’t have to and Microsoft can shove Gold right up their greedy ass.

  • Legion213


    You seem to think that because MS puts it on the Xbox first. Sony would have never done it. Which is incorrect. I admit it does give them a push but it doesn’t mean it would have never happened. Not to mention the only reason MS has these services first is because they pay for their exclusives. They paid Netflix for its exclusive streaming service. Though you would never get anyone to confirm this. Fortunately for us these exclusives only last a year. You think its a coincidence that the PS3 just happened to get Netflix the exact same time time of year the Xbox got it last year?

    Also the point of bringing up that you can use Twitter and Facebook on your PS3 since it launched. Is not the fact that you or anyone would use it. But rather it is yet another thing Microsoft is adding to a paid service that the PS3 can do for free. Though I expect something more integrated to come to the PS3 sometime in the future.

    Just to mention. No one is thrashing the service. They are thrashing the fact that you must pay for gold in order to use this service. So try and keep it straight and not act like people are hating the fact that you can use Facebook and Twitter on your Xbox. Because once Sony releases its Facebook and Twitter XMB. They will once again be offering these services for free.

  • JimmyMagnum


    The browser is a lot more bearable with a mouse and keyboard. Definitely far from perfect, but the option is still there if you so choose. The reasoning behind the browser being a big advantage is if you sit to play a movie and a couple days ago, say you saw a movie on the watch it now list you wanted to watch, but you can’t find it anywhere on the lists provided on the PS3/360 Netflix, you can go to the browser and search for the title and add it from there, which is more convenient than having to go to the PC and add it to your queue from there, especially if the PC is located elsewhere.

    As far as the initial boot of the disc, the PS3’s fast boot time makes up for it. Going from booting up Netflix and then to video playback, the 360 was about 20 seconds faster, but if you include system boot time, they both came out to about 1:45. Loading time for the movies after you press the play button for both is roughly 0:35. Also, the bluetooth remote is a big advantage for sure.

    Also with the Live stuff, I don’t really think they’ve really innovated much of anything THAT much. And yeah, I agree with the PSN and 13 year olds. They aren’t as bad as Live in my experience, but it is getting worse. I mute people on both consoles all the time. The 360 does have a big plus with joining friends online, though. That’s definitely something the PS3 needs.

    Facebook/Twitter implementation will most likely make its way to PS3 in a console-friendly way (Uncharted 2 already does Twitter), but it’s not really needed. The browser is there for people who want to use the PS3, though. I prefer PC myself, of course. And the Facebook Mobile portal works great on PSP. As for Netflix implementation, I’ve been wanting it since it was announced for 360 lol. THe PS3 browser definitely isn’t that great, but at least the PS3 has one.

    Once you get used to it, you can work with it pretty fast. Adding Sasquatch Gang to my watch instantly queue last night took probably 2 minutes (and that’s with the bluetooth remote surprisingly), if that. Doing it on the PC would have probably taken about 1:30, assuming you put your PC in hibernate or sleep mode (much longer if you need to start it up. Even if the PS3 were shut down, they start up much faster than a PC), so that’s a far cry from 1/5 the time.

    In any case, I don’t really have a need for Live Gold anymore and will be reverting my account back to Silver this month, since it’s renewal time and I rarely use my 360 anyway. Whenever I get Forza 3, though, I MIGHT reconsider, but I don’t even have the money right now to use Live anyway.

  • My Netflix disc is on the way, I don’t understand why it wasn’t just done through a firmware update however, or even an install from the disc, I heard you need the disc every time? I think it could’ve been done better than that.

  • JimmyMagnum

    a lot of people believe its because of their contract with Microsoft. It will be integrated into the XMB some time next year though. As far as using the disc, it’s not really that big of a deal, no different than popping in a DVD really, though, the integrated program would be much sleeker and faster