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Buzz Quiz World 11/10 |

I haven’t heard much about this game coming out next week, but I am one person who have fallen victom to absolutely loving this game. There is nothing better then having some friends over and playing this game for hours on end.

In this newest version (which is only $39.99 if you already have the buzzers) you will not only get improved graphics and animations, but another 5000 questions, several new game modes, awesome online and Buzz will even call you buy name now.

  • JimmyMagnum

    do the quiz packs from Quiz TV work do you know? I have a couple of those. These games are definitely great for parties and whatnot!

    EDIT: Awesome, they are interoperable! Just checked a post on the official blog from back in October stating they’ll work for both games, big plus there! The game is totally worth it now!

  • Sinlock

    Have not picked up World yet but I love TV, We played a game with my mom one night we had her over and now every time she comes over she asks if we can play. 😀 Nothing cooler than playing video games with youe wife and mother.

    I never got any of the add on packs, they look great but just seem very over priced for what you get.

  • Darrin

    I loved the last Buzz PS3 game! It’s a real great party pleaser. I posted my impressions here:

    It’s a fairly simple game, but really well done. I have this sequel pre-ordered, but obviously it hasn’t shipped yet.