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The Netflix Discs Are Arriving! |

After walking outside to check my mail, I noticed a few Netflix movie envelopes. I proceeded to casually pick them up until I saw PS3 written in that iconic Sony font right on the side of one. I ran back inside, completely ecstatic with joy! Into the living room, up to the television, and … nothing. I still haven’t purchased another PS3 after my last one YLODed on me. Ouch….

Anyway, I decided to take the liberty of posting a few pictures here for everyone’s enjoyment. Behold!


This is taken straight from the slip for the disc:

To watch instantly:

1. Place this disc in your PS3™ system.
2. Your choices will automatically be displayed.
3. Play any movie or TV episode you want.

I can’t wait for someone to post a review!

  • Is it a Blu-ray disc or DVD?

  • JimmyMagnum

    blu-ray because they use BD-Live to get access to the Streaming service

  • AznFriday

    Jimmy is right. They are Blu-Ray. 🙂

  • Hector

    why did u recived? do i need an account on netflix? or sony picked up the adress on my PSN account?

  • Earl

    I got mine yesterday and used it. I have been streaming netflix to the PS3 using playon software. This disc gave me WAY WAY WAY BETTER QUALITY.

    I was quite sick with delight. My wife watched a whole movie with no problems. Huge thumbnails of the movie poster image, easy to browse, it was sweet. There was a little activation thing you had to do. It pops up a code, you have to go to your computer and login to netflix and type the code in, and then poof, it started working.

    It’s awesome.

  • JimmyMagnum

    yeah the activation code needs to be used on all devices, including the 360. When it gets integrated into the XMB, it should load much faster as well. The quality I get is even better than what I get on my PC lol. Also, you can add movies via the PS3 browser as well. I’ll be making a complete PS3 Netflix walkthrough video as well, including how-tos in the browser