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The Weekly Recap (November 1-7) |

It’s been a relatively busy week! Folks have been getting ahold of the God of War III demo and enjoying it, lots of controversy over Modern Warfare 2 (in which we had to have broken a site record for :P), a PS3 exclusive beta for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 this month, and Netflix has finally come to the PS3. There’s some huge releases in games coming up over the next couple months, so most of our wallets will be drained.

That’s also going to bleed into next year with big name exclusives such as Heavy Rain and God of War III. Makes you think that 2009 was the buffer for the 2010 year, which looks like it’s shaping up to be the true year of the PS3, what, coming off of a recent price cut, new model and a big back catalog of other great PS3 exclusive titles?

For starters, there was some big news this week, but we only got in 20 news articles. Blackstaffer’s Modern Warfare 2 article had the biggest growth in a short period of time I’ve ever seen on this site! It’s currently sitting at 117 comments, of which, 115 are from the 4th, hitting number one on N4G’s PS3 page.

Also of note, there have been a couple changes to the side bar. I mentioned last week the change done to the Poll area. Not sure if I overlooked this or not before, but we also combined Recent Comments and Recent Posts into the same subsection of the sidebar, which means less clutter.

We also held a contest for a free code for the God of War III demo. Only 5 people met the qualifications, and after randomly drawing a name, YODADDY won! I hope you’re enjoying it and congratulations!

Also added between last night and this morning is a new tab up top for Reviews, so you don’t have to go to the Archives section and look for it through there. We will also be getting a Guides tab up top as well, when I do my Guide/Review of the PS3 Netflix service this week. If anyone is interested, keep an eye out for that. Now for the recognitions:

Contributor of the Week

  • JimmyMagnum – 5 Entries

Most Liked

Most Comments

Modern Warfare 2 Killstreaks and Perks Revealed
Eddie – November 2nd

God Of War III Demo Impressions.
Trev – November 3rd

Magic The Gathering Tactics MMO Announced for PC/PS3
Eddie – November 3rd

Don’t PS3 Gamers Like Modern Warfare 2?
Blackstaffer – November 3rd

Video Delivery Service to premiere with blockbusters.
Trev – November 3rd

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Movie Trailer
JimmyMagnum – November 3rd

Amazon PS3 Gaming Deals
Tosh – November 4th

Sony Patent gets inspiration from Mystery Science Theater 3000
Tosh – November 4th

Tekken 6 Online Patch Coming
Tosh – November 4th

Modern Warfare 2 Launch Trailer.
Trev – November 5th

Sony Sued Over Firmware
AznFriday – November 5th

“Little Big Planet 2 Would Be Counter Productive”
Eddie – November 5th

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Beta PS3 Exclusive
JimmyMagnum – November 5th

Netflix Instant Streaming Discs Shipping Out
JimmyMagnum – November 5th

Who said video games are too violent?
Trev – November 6th

Buzz Quiz World 11/10
Eddie – November 6th

Bad Company 2 Trailer and Other Info
JimmyMagnum – November 6th

PlayStation 3 is the best platform for Heavy Rain
Tosh – November 6th

A Load Time Comparison Between 360 and PS3 Netflix
JimmyMagnum – November 6th

The Netflix Discs Are Arriving!
AznFriday – November 7th

God of War 1 – 3 Visual Comparision
Tosh – November 2nd

250GB PS3 On Sale This Week
JimmyMagnum – November 2nd

Another Chance to win the UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves – Fortune Hunter Edition
Tosh – November 5th

Winner of God of War III E3 2009 Demo
Tosh – November 6th

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Buzz! Quiz World
Dragonball: Raging Blast
Chaotic: Shadow Warriors

Braid (PSN)

*Includes any Bundles/Special Editions, etc.

Not much else to say! We love to have our readers take part in the community, so if you’re constantly checking us out, but never registered and/or said anything, do so! We greatly appreciate it! You’re also open to posting news yourself, through approval of course, but the site is built upon involving our readers in everything we do! Next week is looking good so far as well, with the release of Assassin’s Creed II and the GOd of War collection on the 17th :).


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2



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  • yodaddy

    Thank again tosh… not only for the demo but for keeping this site running… Me and a few of my buddies killed that GOW3 demo alot… tommorow will be the start of GOW 1 & 2 and this is all from info I got from this site…

  • No problem Yodaddy 🙂 Glad people are using the site.