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Modern Warfare 2 Servers are down. [Update] |

With Patch 1.02 (for trophies) released today the multiplayer mode of Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 suddenly disappeared and went offline. Many gamers have feared that this will not be resolved until patch 1.03 (a fix for party invites) is released this friday. I can reveal that this is not the case as it is merely the servers being overloaded and going down due to the intense demand.

Robert Bowling revealed on his twitter;

PS3 Status: Patch successful. Trophy Unlocks on PS3 now available in Single Player & Spec Ops. Adding more servers to meet MP demand.

They [Demonware] are adding more bandwidth servers to meet MP demand. The Patch was for SP only.

MP doesn’t require a patch. It’s a server overload not a bug in the code. They’re working to have servers back up ASAP.

Demonware in case you are wondering is a third party IW outsourced to, to run the multiplayer side of the game. On Xbox Live Microsoft maintain all the servers but on PSN its up to the game’s makers provide the servers, which is mainly why it is free.

So please stay patient as the servers should be up soon, in the mean time you can always play the excellent Spec-Ops as you’ve more than likely finished the Campaign already. A review of Modern Warfare 2 will be up soon.

[update] From Robert Bowling;

PS3 Update: MP Servers gradually coming back online. Some users may still experience issues. Also, EU Players get Trophy patch tonight.

  • Girby

    yeah, pretty cool that they are working on it, but in holland whe’re almost 24 hours further, and still nothing!! i mean come on! this doesnt need to take 24 hours, does it?

  • mathew

    #MW2 So far this is a let down no multi player until they fix the servers wtf this is so stupid cannot play cannot play and tomorrow is my day off glad I bought this just to let it sit on my shelf

  • Kris


  • Low_Low_Knight

    i got to play 1 day online then it stopped and i complete story and spec-op

  • Matt

    any news on if they are fixing the search and destroy scoring, it only gives you 50 score on the leaderboards shoud’nt it be 500?

  • GM – Luke

    I understand that the cost of servers and maintenance is high, but come on they knew that preorders werestrong. How do you go and do such a shitty job of having everything run smoothly?

  • anthony

    @5, SnD you get 50 for score that goes to leader boards, But the 500 xP goes to your experience level to level up faster. Its fine.

  • Alex


  • Doesn’t Matter

    MAJOR IW FAIL for PS3. IW release possibly the biggest game of all time and not enuf servers for MP. Bet ya 360 MP doesnt have this issue. If you ask me its just IW/402 being 360 bias again.

  • mathew

    No XB360 doesn’t have this problem my friend has been on his all day maybe PS should go after there own servers like XB micro

  • mathew

    I get a kick out of them saying but dont forget to get the trophy patch when they s&*( doesn’t work right now come on fix it then promote patches

  • Another further update;

    “Looks like it was the amount of connections at once that killed PSN. They’re enabling 20,000 users at a time to connect now”

    Sounds like they didn’t have enough faith in the PS3 market?

  • The issue has been resolved and servers should be online now;

    Bowling; “PS3 Status update of the day: PSN Multiplayer should be running at full capacity. We expect smooth skies ahead.”

  • GM – Luke

    Found this on Horizons Blog:

    “On what caused the Demonware servers to go down (8:oo ET):

    #MW2 PS3 Update: Looks like it was the amount of connections at once that killed PSN. They’re enabling 20,000 users at a time to connect now

    Demonware server died. Causing mass error messages to Sony’s server, which made it block all #MW2 connections to prevent PSN fail

    On when Demonware and XBox Live would fix the intermittent multiplayer issues (8:00 ET):

    I know the two teams are working on it non-stop and won’t stop until it’s up for everyone. Already get @’s of ppl connecting”

    You guys up yet or still nothing?



  • PSN multiplayer has been running smooth ever since the second update. There were over 60 thousand people online when I had it 3 days early.