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MW2 Splitscreen Rocks! |

Come with me on a trip through time. Back, back, back, about four whole years! It was a time of joy and love. And of splitscreen game playing! It was quite common back then, and a common tool to enhance the enjoyment of said gaming was “profiles”. Your friends could store their profiles on a “memory card” and all their progress would be saved. You could bring said “memory card” to other consoles, and keep playing, making for an uninterrupted social gaming experience.

Guess what?

It’s back baby!

Last night three friends and I had a blast playing splitscreen Modern Warfare 2 on the PS3. We played at my friend’s place, and he has an 11 foot screen (powered by a JVC front projector). So each of us had a nice piece of screen real estate probably bigger than what many of you play with, and we were playing splitscreen! (My dictionary says that “splitscreen” isn’t a word. It’s about time it became one. Fixed.)

Each of us created a profile. And then we played some Modern Warfare 2. Each of us could level up. We could create classes. We could customize badges and killstreaks. It’s all there. Every bit of the online multiplayer experience is available in offline splitscreen. It works, and it’s great. Kudos to Infinity Ward for bringing us out of the stone age and allowing those of us who enjoy social gaming to enjoy this game too.

But wait! There’s more!

The profiles are transportable! So I can copy them onto a MemoryStick and bring them home for when my friends come to play here. Awesome. Some may complain that all the profiles are stored under one user. That is, it’s not done how LBP does it – tied to a login name. But I think that this way is actually better – you can copy all the profiles in a row, easily and faster.

Now, there is just one hiccup.

The profile names aren’t used on screen. What? Yeah, weird. So instead of seeing Viper, ACE, Scae, and toddje battling it out, it was RoadofBones, Guest 2, Guest 3, and Guest 4. Which is quite lame, and easily remedied by the developer. I hope that Infinity Ward can fix this soon.

But all in all I’m quite pleased with the splitscreen support in MW2. Very happy.

  • hobbes

    i wish borderlands had done things t his way

  • Henning

    Um… it did.

    But in Borderlands it’s a problem, because you don’t want splitscreen and online to be differentiated. In MW2, you do.

  • hobbes

    well.. it allows a seperate save, but not to a seperate profile, so trophies don’t work that way.. Any of you guys have the gearbox trophy for borderlands?

  • Henning

    There are no multiplayer Trophies in MW2, so it doesn’t matter.

  • hobbes

    henning, i thought teh coop side had trophies? am i wrong? didn’t resisentence 2 allow 2 logins therefore 2 sets of trophies to be earned? I’ll play with the splitscreen soon, hopefully they allow multiple logins for trophies in splitscreen.

  • Henning

    I’m not talking about co-op. I don’t know about that.

  • JR

    But you can’t hook multiple consoles with the 4 way split screen on each right? I’m thinking LAN party style…

  • No idea…

  • Big_Black_Arab

    mw2 splitscreen is ****ing sweet. one thing that would make it beta is if u could add bots. that would be sick

  • Sulaimon

    Okay the profiles can be transferred but what if I transfer my profile to cousins ps3 which he got in Australia?
    A. Would my profile say guest 2
    B. Would the save work on a ps3 from another country?

  • JakobLover


    I think that will work, becasue PS3 is Zone-Free, which means that you can play games from e.g. Japan on a PS3 from the U.S.

  • bob

    is mw2 split screen campaign or is it just spec ops?

  • Rhyse

    for some reason my slit screen 3 player the third player has the whole bottom half of the tv and i was just wondering if its just mine or is it every ones and if anyone has and has fixed it can u plz tell me how to fix it ? and how do i get a name in split screen my name is always player?