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Final Fantasy XIII Official US and EU Release Revealed |


While Japanese gamers will see Square Enix’s first PS3 game this December those in the rest of the world won’t have long to wait. Revealed at the end of a new trailer, FFXIII will hit stores in North America on  March 9th 2010 and EU on March 12th 2010. Here’s hoping Level 5’s White Knight Chronicles isn’t lost in the shadow of FFXIII when it’s released just a month prior.

 Good news for those diehard FFXIII fans waiting for their Final Fantasy fix. Too late for me SE. I’ll be getting WKC instead.


  • Eddie

    What about MAG, GT5, Heavy Rain, WKC and GOW3….all coming out within of a 2 month span…

  • hobbes

    it’s gonna be like this month all over again…almost got my plat on Borderlands, then i’ll be on to MW2 and demon souls again

  • JimmyMagnum

    Westminster Kennel Club is getting a game?! SWEET! Work my way up to Best in Show with my French Poodle 😛

  • @ Eddie
    Forgot about all of those. Sega’s rpg Renosance of Fate is due out around the same time too.

    I’m more of an rpg fan than a racing, fps and god of war ( never could get into that series ) anyway so WKC is all I’m looking foward to in the next 6 months.
    Maybe Heavy Rain too…

  • Eddie

    I’m a huge RPG fan too…my favorite genre…but Resonance of Fate looks corny lol.

    Now WKC…sold.