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Modern Warfare 2 Party Guide. |


Getting into a party on Modern Warfare 2 has proved tough, so much so Infinity Ward has had to apply 3 patches since the game’s release on Tuesday. Now that patch 1.03 has been released the party system has been enabled but what if you’re still havng trouble? Well luckily Yaster from the is here to help. Follow his instructions over at the forum and you should be shooting up your buddies in no time. I’m pretty sure this guide is applicable to any game on PS3 like Uncharted 2 as well.

N.B. If you are still having trouble I found that deleting all your messages in your XMB account and restarting your PS3 has also helped some users.

  • Blackstaffer

    This explains the process very well. But it doesn’t mention that game invites had been broken until very early this morning. Patch 1.03 was supposed to fix the problem, except for the fact that Sony Japan (weird huh?) needed to put up some server stuff. Which only happened early today (or late late last night).

    Playing yesterday evening between 9pm and 11pm EST, invites were just NOT working. Hopefully they work now.