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Konnet Power Pyramid for PS3 Review |

This is a new product from Konnet called the Power Pyramid. It can store 4 controllers and charge them within 3 hours. When it’s charging it shows red, blue means it’s fully charged. Features intelligent charging design to avoid overcharging.

The blue light in the Pyramid lights up when you have controllers connected. Once your remove all the controllers the lights turn off, which is nice.

The controllers connect/remove to the usb docking port easily. They feel snug once connected too, I actually lifted it up and walked it to the table to take photos and it didn’t feel like they would fall out.

Style wise I give them points for being unique. I wish it had an USB port on the charger itself so I could charge my bluetooth headset. But overall it’s a great charger with a unique look and gets the job done.

Konnet also has a model where you can charge two PS3 Controllers and two XBox 360 Controllers, useful for those that own both systems.


Unique Design
Doubles as a storage stand
Frees up USB slots on the PS3
No external power switch
Somewhat pricey

Stay tuned on how to win this charger 🙂

Here are some other photos I took:

This review is based on a retail copy of the PS3 version of the Konnet Power Pyramid provided by Konnet.

  • LazerFX

    So… how do we win this?

  • I’ll make a post about how to win it tonight.

  • you did a good job of cleaning the pads before taking pics ;]

  • 😛 Those are actually extra controllers I keep in the basement. I rarely use them.

  • wildhorse

    hey .. wat a cool piece! where to buy it?

  • There are links in the post on where to buy it.

  • oly1kenobi

    gonna win this I can feel it!! lol