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Cross game chat still coming. |


This was a response from James Thorpe of Sony from a question pitted to him by user ADMAN111 in the comments section on the post PlayStation 3 Firmware (v3.10)
The full conversation exchange was;

When is there going to be Cross-Game voice chat? You can’t hide it forever.

James Thorpe
I wish I could just give you a date, I really do!! Trust me when I say that as soon as I hear from ‘up top’ I will be shouting about it and making myself the most popular person on the blog 😉

James Thrope’s response was vague at best but it does at least confirm that something is in the works and that he will pass on the information when possible.

  • Eddie

    I really don’t care about this at all. When I’m playing a game…I don’t want to idle chat. If its team based I want to chat with my team.

    Now cross game invites….I do want that.

  • I don’t care about this either. Cross game chat is overrated.

    Somehow I only play single player stuff and nothing online.

  • Wonder what people would complain about next if cross game chat arrived.

  • Blackstaffer

    I want to talk to my friends online, but not others. I would use this feature. Also, if a game’s voice chat is subpar, hopefully we’ll be able to use this as a replacement.

  • Blackstaffer

    Well, once cross game chat arrives, I’ll start complaining about the PS3’s party system (or lack thereof). And the fact that inviting friends to join you in a game is slightly different in every game. Sometimes it takes a bit for me to figure out how to get a friend to join my game. It’s quite annoying – why can’t it work the same in every game?

  • Kenneth Harris

    Blackstaffer…I agree…this has been one of my biggest gripes with ps3…I’m a ps3 fanboy thru and thru…but when you match up there vision and foresight in their hardware strategy and match it up with there lack thereof on the OS side its maddening. I’ve just gotten the impression that they’re just making shit up as they go along. Even the original Xbox had a certain level of uniformity across functions. Did Sony not learn anything from them?? I bought a ps3 because in my mind it was the surpreme console….at times though on the OS side it seems the furthest thing from it.

  • weatherman_

    Yeah we’re asking for standard communication tools to make playing online as simple as possible. Right now if you’re organizing a game night with a group of friends, you usually have to rely on two or more communication devices. Email, telephone, text messaging…. I feel like I’ve been repeating this for years now, but XBOX live version1 got it right 5-6 years ago. And it’s not because they’re geniuses. They just spent 2 minutes thinking about the end user experience, something Sony is not as good at.

    Personally, I think it’s too late for the PS3 now, they didn’t design the OS around this or leave the overhead available. Hopefully next gen they’ll put more emphasis on this stuff.

  • Kenneth Harris

    @ weatherman…I know right that’s exactly what I’m sayin….and those ugly boxes on the friends list was the most recent example of Sony just not getting on the end user side. All you had to do is run that past somebody outside of SCEA headquarters…..AAARRGGGHHH

  • oly1kenobi

    is this cross game voice chat? Usually ill want to talk to only people in same game.. lol

  • CrossGame Chat is *just* about being able to talk to people in other games. The way most people use it on the XBox. Is as a fix for the poorly just normal in game chat setups. Take the worst chat system in the world on the PS3 COD4:MW. With it’s lack of lobby muting or new game un-muting of everyone. Now on the Xbox, we are to down the volume on the chat to 0% but still here are group with out interruptions or some jackass’ loud music blasting thought.

    OR we’ve used it to just banter with friends on opposite teams.

  • Andy

    Scrap cross game chat…who needs it?

    Fix the stuff that needs fixing…that god damn awful menu layout (why do I need to constantly search for media servers under each XMB menu, just have one under System and tidy shit up…same for Playstation Store, why do I need it under every freaking menu, leave it where it was…arrrgh!!!