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Happy Birthday PlayStation 3! |

Happy 3rd Birthday PS3

My my, how you have grown in these past 3 years. It seemed just like yesterday I delivered you from your cardboard box and into my world. You have endured a lot of criticism from people, but you stood strong.

A lot of great games have came out since then too. With your recent price cut you are set up for a great upcoming holiday season. How has your past 3 years been with the PlayStation 3?

  • yodaddy

    It was almost great. Of the games I played we had our time. I was holding out in hopes that ps3 would give me game play like I never knew before. As of last night I had to spend $150.00 to ship my day 1 ps3 60 back to sony. They promised me another 60 w/4 ports. Now I have alot to do. I never did get to play MW2, Today I was to pick up GOW 1& 2, but to ps3 to play with. Damn the luck…. danm it!

  • Royalty32

    happy B-Day PS3, i didnt get u at launch but i got u now and may i say u r the best console in my eyes. From games to graphics u are truly the best.

  • Sinlock

    I know how it feels to send you little one off to the PS3 hospital. Did it once and will send send it again likely after the hoildays. But the Slim will do for now.
    Hope you get yours back soon.

  • Happy Birthday! Uncharted 2 wouldn’t be possible without ya.

  • yodaddy

    Thank you for your kind words… It does help in this time of need. When I get it back you have a place on my friends list. Thank you

  • Royalty32

    Amen to that fleakitten!

  • osi

    Happy Birthday, thanks for the words Tosh.

  • JimmyMagnum

    I bought the PS3 when I got my income tax return in early 2007. 60GB. $624. I had only paid that much, because I knew that it was the best value, despite costing tons more than the “competition”. I had bought a 360 the year before. This was back when I had a little extra money to spend lol.

    Ever since then, I constantly had arguments with friends about which console was better, but Sony never really got a chance in the conversations because too many people believed the 360 hype and propaganda. To this day, I use my PS3 about 95% of the time 4% on the 360 and 1% on the Wii.

    All the flack the PS3 has gotten since launch is unjustified.

  • Eddie

    Only console in history to continually beat their own year over year sales with no signs of slowing down now.