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PS3 Gamers Avoiding Borderlands Too? |


According to this article, Gearbox sold 545,000 units of Borderlands in October. The 360 version sold 418,000 units. That leaves 127,000 units sold on the PC and PS3 combined.

That’s quite a difference.

Are the recent PS3 exclusives that good, that so many PS3 gamers are staying away from the multiplatform titles? This fall there were three big games for me: Uncharted 2, Borderlands, and MW2. Each game is totally different and I’ve been having a blast playing all three.

I just hope that Gearbox doesn’t look at the PS3 numbers and decides that focusing on the 360 was indeed the correct move. The PS3 version had some teething issues, just like MW2 did. (And Sacred 2 a while ago as well, but there the 360 version had problems too.) Is that because games sell so much better on the 360? It would make sense.

Are the PS3 versions receiving less attention because of bad sales? Or do people see the problems with PS3 ports and stay away from them? Chicken and egg, I guess. But I think it’s sad that PS3 versions come limping out of the gate. Borderlands and MW2 are both awesome games, and I think they’d sell better if the developers spent just a tiny bit more time getting them right.

  • I sure didn’t buy this or MW and don’t plan to.. Only saved up enough for Uncharted 2, Tekken 6 and Demon’s Souls.

    A bit of good news is according to VGC, Tekken 6 on the PS3 outsold the 360 version in it’s 1st week.

    Worldwide numbers btw.

  • hobbes

    i liked borderrlands.

  • Royalty32

    That is exactly what happens. PS3 version of games dont sell well so developers dont bother to make it as good as the 360 version. They know that there money mainly will come from the xbox360 so they dont put in any effort at all. To be honest who really cares, the exclusives for the ps3 are 20x better than any exclusive 360 game. I also thought borderlands wasnt that good to begin with. Im a gamer and i appriciate a great game so i guess its bout that time to go to xbox…….. then i think about Gow3 and all my problems go away.

  • I got Uncharted 2 and played it solidly to get all the trophies and that happened to be the day before i got MW2 so yeah it just got crowded out, may pick it up later for cheap if I have a friend getting it too to co-op with.

  • Royalty32

    Trev dont bother pickin it up. U have the two best games of 2009 in U2 and MW2, which i have as well. Plus they are the top 2 picks for GOTY. Borderlands does nothing special in any category. Ive played it and to me i wasnt terrible but it wasnt all that good either. Just stick with the two games you have and wait until April of next year when a guy that goes by the name of Kratos arrives and shuts down what ppl know as gaming in HD forever.

  • Ceidz

    I second Royalty32. Borderlands is good, but far from exceptionnal !

  • hobbes

    i enjoyed borderlands more the MW2 thus far, the cooop and looting are fun.

  • Francois

    I buy a lot of games… but from now on I am staying away from first person shooter period. I have played Cod 1,2,3,4,5 (plus many from others franchises) and I think I had enough…

  • It’s perhaps due to the fact that 360 owners have been a bit starved of decent games for a while now, whereas the PS3 has had some heavy hitters rolling out pretty much throughout the year. (Note: My opinion only, but the 360 has precious few games that interest me; that’s why i don’t own one. For me, PS3 has the multi-platform titles I want, and by far the better exclusives.)

    I’m not interested in Borderlands because I don’t like cel-shaded graphics in games. And I won’t be buying MW2 because of Activision’s greedy UK-only price hike – simple as that.

  • teedub

    Borderlands is great fun in single player and co-op. I hope more people pick it up for the PS3, it deserves better sales.

    “…the 360 has precious few games that interest me; that’s why i don’t own one. For me, PS3 has the multi-platform titles I want, and by far the better exclusives.” +1 from me.

  • Kicks

    I really enjoy Borderlands for the PS3, but it is sadly not getting play time right now. MW2 is getting most of my attention and Assassin’s Creed 2 will get the rest for a while.

  • Royalty32

    If u havent played borderlands by now dont bother, just pic up a copy of MW2 and have a blast. U2 has an amazing multiplayer as well………….. off of topic. I just wanna say that if ps3 doesnt get console of the year than i will not play any game for the rest of my life. PS3 deserves this award and in 2010 is will only get better.

  • George

    I played Borderlands for a while, it certainly is a good game. The boss battles are sufficiently tough that you have to think about how to do them. Unfortunately compared to other games out right now it’s not as good, and I’ve moved on from it.

  • oly1kenobi

    I have been playing Borderlands and think it’s definately one fo the best games of the year… The graphics are amazing and it is truely an enjoyable game. I can’t wait for the add on on the 24th. And yes I have both U2 and MW2, but still spend more time on Borderlands!

  • Craig

    I’m not buying MW2 because the single player is so short. I did buy COD4, but didn’t play the multi-player at all. I will rent it once I finish R&C to play through the single player though.

    Borderlands seems like it’ll be a big time sink, and I’m still to even get Fallout 3. I’ll probably get them when I run out of other games to play. But with the southern summer almost here, FFXIII (and hopefully GT5) will probably be out by the time I run out of things to play.

  • Too many games, not enough time. I got R&C and Uncharted and those have been taking up most of my time. UC2 multiplayer is pretty good.I’m not sure if I’ll pick up Modern Warfare 2 or even God of War 1 and 2. Borderlands looks great but I just don’t have the time to put into it. And A friend gave me a copy of Demon’s Soul so that might suck up a bunch of my time.

  • Royalty32

    Dont bother with borderlands if u havent played it. Im playin AC2 and its amazing.

  • mi55ter

    Why don´t PS3 owners just “come over to the Dark Side”? It´s obvious that the Xbox is just a superior platform, and if you really wanna put your skills to the test against real gamers, Live is where it´s at…

  • Thanks for the laugh mi55ter.

  • Royalty32

    Get this xbox loser outta here. Xbox doesnt even come close when it comes to the exclusive games. This year U2 blew everybodys mind. Then next year we will have one of the best games of ALL TIME in GoW3. Nobody like xbox, and i dont blame them seeing that u have to ship to MS to repair it like every two weeks.