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MW2: Matchmaking Still Broken |


When I say “matchmaking” I mean the ability to put together a good team to fight with and against.

When I say “still” I mean since… forever. It didn’t work properly in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and it didn’t work in Call of Duty: World at War.

When I say “broken” I mean that it doesn’t work properly. There is matchmaking functionality, it just doesn’t work very well.

Let me give you two examples.

Last night my friend an I were playing Headquarters. The game put all the players at level 50-ish on one team and all the players level 20-ish on the other team. The results was entirely predictable: we lost 200 to 0. This is not an isolated incident – it happens quite often. Some people claim that this happens because all the people on the other team are in a party. I might believe that if this didn’t happen so often.

Secondly – isn’t matchmaking supposed to put you together with people of similar skill level? Because I’ve never seen this happen. Why can’t it find people with similar k/d ratios, and put you together with them? Sure your k/d ratio will vacillate a bit, but I’d take this method over what’s happening now any day.

  • Eddie

    I’ve noticed this with more and more multiplayer games lately. It seems like its almost an after thought or something.

    Fortunately I’ve been getting some decent teams.

  • its not ideal but you can always quit and find another room. 9/10 they seem to be partys but even when people are a higher rank it doesn’t mean they are better. it just means they have played longer so you shouldn’t always judge someone by their rank.

    i know people with the PC and 360 versions and I can assure you they are having the same problems too.

  • I knew someone would make that argument, but it’s specious. Sure you can say that someone of higher rank is no better, but in practice, they are. Those who play more and rank up faster are more dedicated. And are more likely to be better. That’s been my experience.

  • Level and rank does not say anything. I went up against a team yesterday with lvl 40 and above and got 17 kills and 6 deaths (while I’m lvl 12). I ended up killing every player on the other team. My team lost though, because my teammates sucked.

    If you are on a playlist with a team, simply quit.

  • Eddie

    Levels do play a telltale role in skill….but level is not synonomous with skill.

    MW2 is catered to the less skilled players with high rewards for basically sucking, that doesn’t imply that they won’t get good at higher levels.

    A party of lvl 50’s 9 times out of 10 will beat a party of 10’s.

  • lunalink

    it doesnt matter on all depends on skill.

    i had prestiged and am level 25 while a friend of mine is level 70 and my score, kills, etc.. are way higher than all depends on skill.most of the time its a party anyway.

  • punishing1

    Agreed that the matchmaking is awful. It is also unbearable how long it actually takes to get enough people in a game. It constantly tries to merge with other hosts, people drop in & out. I’ve never spent so much time trying to get into a match.

  • Dangthing

    So your stuck with a bunch of losers, yea it sucks but you know what. Stop complaining about it, if you are stuck on the losing team you are probably not very good yourself. Think of it as a chance to fight more skilled players and become a better player yourself. There have been several times where my team sucked and my opposition didn’t. I still won because I made up for the lack of kills my team was making. In theory if you have 5 20’s and 1 34 prestige on one team and 6 70’s on the other the scores will be like this. The 5 20’s will have a really low score but the Prestige’s score will be very high 30+kills. The 70’s will all score good but only have around 10-15 kills for the higher players. Which would you prefer? 30 kills and a loss or 10 kills and a win?

  • Colten

    i don’t even own a ps3 atm but i own a 360 and mw2 and OMg, talk about broken. how am i going to get thrown on a losing team with the winning team having over 7000 on tdm and my team has anywhere from 2k-3k. HOW in the world am i supposed to catch my team up when most of them don’t have mics they’re literally running straight to the other team instead of looking at where the last red dot was and where your team is and knowing to go behind the other team! this has happened to me in 5 out of 8 games this morning and 3 of those the whole other team had tac insert and was carepackage glitching with an emergency air drop. until this is fixed i will not be worrying about my w/l and will follow any glitcher until they go offline. i know one thing that will INSTANTLY fix this upon finding a match when it is testing matches, have two identifiers winning and losing then have a few if statements if winning > 6000 && if losing > 5000 then join, if winning > 7000 && if loosing team has an open spot then DON’T JOIN
    if winning && losing losing + 1000 && time < 60 seconds, i have no degrees, no hours in school for programming but it is my hobby and i love it and these things every programmer should know to put in and the numbers would change if they even did any kind of alpha or beta testing to see what's the lowest score a losing team can have before it is impossible for them to win. the care package glitch could of easily been fixed during coding with some testing. all it is, is getting the carepackage out without he game registering you have it out. that just means there is a huge bug in the main code of figuring out wtf you have out. i will get off my soap box now. i would really love to talk to the programmers over there at iw a few lines would totally make this game the best out!

  • Colten

    so mad atm i can’t even write a damned if statement correctly!!!

  • If it was so easy to ‘program’ a game you’d have studios focusing on gameplay and not on simply getting the game running. I’d expect you’d know since this isn’t any recent news.

    Also, bugs are bugs for a reason. They aren’t simply a couple of lines you just glanced over. It means the user found a way to get passed your code to reach an unusual set of conditions. This might have been caught in beta but who cares? They fixed it.

    If the team you are on sucks, why do you insist on staying with the team? I’ve hardly have had that problem and yes, I’ve been put on teams that ‘seem’ unbalanced but find my way out by either pulling my team to the top or quitting. When you join a lobby you can tell if your team sucks.

    You should learn how to program so you’ll learn why its difficult and why people get paid so much money. Because there are some that simply can’t do it. It takes practice. It’s not as easy as you make it seem.

  • Colten

    I wouldn’t think you would look at this but go look at bungie!!!!!!!!!

    Being put on a team that sucks in a lobby I am fine with. Being put into a game about to end and on the loosing team, that could of easily been fixed! and I will leave that game.

    They did not fix the care package glitch they only patch what is being used currently.

    I’ve been learning since I was 5 when I was watching my step mother program robonuat.

    Don’t even get me started on parties! how hard is it to say oh this game only has this many slots but this party has to many ppl. oh no let me kick these ppl and let these others join the game, know how ****ing stupid that is? I would really love not being thrown INTO a game that is in progress and is about to end and it putting me on the losing team!

    I am not talking about getting thrown into a lobby with losers I am talking about an in progress game!

    Oh yes you’re totally right it’s so HARD to add 5 more identifiers and a few more if statements that they already have in the testing matches code.

    I’m not saying they could add it now because adding identifiers that an in progress game can send back most likely can’t be put into an update. I am in no way saying they can fix it now. But they sure could of alpha tested this with some hard core gamers and had the matchmaking fixed.

  • Bungie? Search Halo bugs and you’ll see posts on bugs as well. All games nowadays require patches since most of the time something goes wrong that is difficult to test in a controlled environment.

    Getting thrown into a losing game is different though. I understand that blows. It’s happened a couple of times to me already. That’s something I believe should be fixed.

    And yes, I’ll still argue that its difficult to throw in identifiers if you haven’t seen that bug yet. Hasn’t there been bugs on EVERYTHING (iPhones, Space Ship Shuttles, Robots…)? I’m pretty sure people at IW aren’t gods at coding. Everyone makes mistakes. Sure, maybe a beta testing could of catched this, but I doubt it would have catched all errors.

    Once you have a large team programming on product, you are bound to miss some things.

    Even though this is infuriating, I still play the game since when it works, its amazingly fun.

  • Colten

    We’re starting to agree! 😀 Yes the larger the team it is hard to keep track of what everyone is doing, If you’re even keeping track which I have had many ppl just completely overlook a part of my code and messed everything up. yes halo has had many bugs and still has a few, but no MAJOR glitches that will let a player totally destroy another team in halo 3.

    And so do I, it’s addicting! like them damned facebook games LMAO! but yea when you get into a lobby with good players who don’t glitch it’s an awesome feeling if you win or loose by 100.

  • Yes, working with a team can be difficult at times. Lots of complications arise. Have you seen the Extras cd for God of War II? Right before demoing and the final product, those crunch days seem intense. I can imagine things ‘slipping’ through for various reasons. I still remember how they mentioned it seemed like ‘Pegasus was shooting from his ass’ at some point in development.

    But ya, once IT does work, its great.