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[Rumor] Firefox Coming to the PS3? |

Firefox Web Browser PS3 XMB

Apparently Psinsider received a tip that Sony has been in talks with Mozilla about porting Firefox to the PS3. The source also said they were unsure if anything has been finalized. But good news is that Sony is looking to improve there web browser.

I would welcome Firefox coming to the PS3 with open arms, what about you?


  • Smegmazor

    That’s great news. I find the current web browser to be real ****** and would rather use my Mac for browsing. Hopefully Sony will give us something that will make using it a more enjoyable experience.

  • Darrin

    I’m surprised it has taken this long. With mobile Firefox, mobile WebKit, and even mobile Opera, I’m surprised Sony is still using their own custom inferior browser.

  • Ben

    The amount of open source browsers out there, Im amazed they even made their own browser. Surely must of been easier to port an open source one?

    The PS3 browser can’t render anything that was made in the past 5 years

  • Would be really great!
    I hate the current browser.

  • GM – Luke

    Holy crap, did we just talk about that a few days ago?

  • Kenneth Harris

    That would be !! The current web browser isn’t THAT bad…but could def. use some work. I’m just happy that our consoles even have a web browser to begin with. Being able to view websites and multimedia content…including porn on my 52″ is GREAT!!

  • Kenneth Harris


  • GM – Luke

    Yeah the damn converter that I got for the PS/2 to USB isn’t working with the keyboard I have/ SOB!

  • Joel

    Oh, please God.

  • chris

    that good sony is doing it know

    if the what to one up xbox 360 they should get

    in game music app like xm sirius radio

  • yes please!

  • oly1kenobi

    AWESOME!! SONY.. MAKE it happen!

  • JimmyMagnum

    I’ve gotten pretty used to the PS3 browser for a time because we were without a computer for months and the PS3 was my only way to get online haha.

    Firefox implementation was one of my feature suggestions in my Suggestions list in the Community lol. It’d be sweet if it came to fruition! As long as you’re able to update it and has full plug in support (or at least the important ones like Flash, etc.) and used the PS3’s capabilities in an optimized way, it’d be killer

  • GM – Luke

    If they do implement it I hope they implement it correctly, not do some half ass job.

  • Angus-MacGyver-

    They couldn’t make the browser much worse….

  • Very nice… looking forward to having a familiar browser on PS3

  • Earl

    I love how you’ve all been putting in that little bit extra these recent weeks, but come on, the blatent cut and pastes from is starting to get old….

  • JimmyMagnum

    umm, we don’t rip off anyone in case you’re wondering. If there were any rip-offs, that would be others copying and pasting from us. If we do get word for word from another site, we make sure to put those in either quotation marks or blockquotes. smart guy

  • Mmm.. I would think they are in contact with Google?
    They already have the google search and the Youtube special PS3 (not workable) version..

  • exostencil

    Finally! Can we implement this, like yesterday? Glad to hear that someone at Sony is working on replacing the lame PS3 browser.

    Firefox would be great, but yeah.. Google’s Chrome would seem like a more practical choice. It’s sleek, efficient and seems to do everything you want right out of the box – no plugins or extensions needed.

    In a perfect world, we could have our pick from Firefox, Chrome, and Opera… Until then, they just need to offer up a fuss-free version of one of these to stop the bleeding ASAP.

    • Chrome would be a great fit for the PS3 too. They are already friends with Google, make it happen Sony! 🙂

  • JimmyStewart

    Toss me in the good camp as well! Especially since I would assume that with Firefox the development would be done by others so Sony could focus on the PS3 instead of the browser.

    I’d accept Chrome as well… but I’d prefer the open source browser I use and recommend, rather than tossing in another corporate brand.

  • @ JimmyStewart

    Netfront the current browser is already 3rd party and Chromium is opensource, Google adopted it to Google Chrome as Sony could do..

    I think Sony can not use a opensource browser in their close sourced XMB.. it’s like Apache and IBM.. in the end it’s call IBMIHS but is still Apache…

  • Great News.
    I got a USB keyboard for $9. The PS3 needs a good browser.
    It’s not the browser that’s important. It’s the underlying rendering engine that really important. Webkit and Gekko being ported are more important.

    THis is good news.
    Sony should Run over to Google and ask them to port Chrome to the PS3. There’s too much money to be made to worry about the strange bedfellows.