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PSN to Get “New Revenue Stream From Subscription” |


Apparently a slide at the “media/invester conference” had some information about some kind of subscription based service heading to PSN. The same slide mentioned “non-game SDK’s” will be released the second qurter of 2010.

What do you think this is all about? What is your take?



Edit: Added the slide in question


Update: Hirai “Current PSN service is to remain free, subs are for “premium content and services” Link

  • hobbes

    if it’s a subscription for video, like netflix, that’d be nice, it needs to be value added

  • Kenneth Harris

    Glad to see Sony growing the business…also glad to see that they will keep PSN free. Premium content strikes me to mean things like what you heard out of Activision….subscription based multiplayer models….like maybe some of the MMOs that are supposed to be dropping pretty soon. Also I can’t help to think that they may have some subscription component to HOME…

  • Kenneth Harris

    Wat’s even more interesting tho is the 3D Game stuff?? Color me interested.

  • Sinlock

    Any chance there might be something behind the “3D GAME” listed as one of the key advantages?
    It would seem silly to list that if it just ment games rendered in 3D as that has been standard in gameing systems back to the N64.

  • hobbes

    this could also be for subscription games like FF14

  • sinlock, are you talking about simulating 3D on a 2D screen, titles like doom and castle wolfenstein being ‘3D’ games indeed, simulating 3D using the Z-buffer.

    The 3D sony is describing is like in the 3D cinema where objects seem to ‘pop-out’ of your tv set.

    If sony would start to charge for services on PSN that are currently standard and available to all, I’ll stop using them, no money from me

  • GM – Luke

    I am not sure how to take this, I want to wait until I find out what they are going to charge for before I start running my mouth.

  • Kenneth Harris

    yea I just think it’s for “premium content” that they’ll be charging for…I think that most things that are currently standard and free will remain so.

    BTW. here is the link to the actual presentation.

    I’m always interested in corporate strategy and if you scroll down in the presentation you’ll get a lil info on Sony’s strategy re: games and 3D etc.

  • Agreed with Luke. As long as it’s not a subscription for something that would make my PS3 useless otherwise then it’s OK. I never understood why people pay for Xbox live. It’s like charging for 5.1 sound, or colour.

    I mean a 360 without the live subscription would be useless. Why bother. Sony should be hitting harder, marketing wise, with that main difference. Maybe a new “Kevin” ad.

  • JimmyMagnum

    Premium content hmmm. A couple free HD rentals? Free dynamic themes? IDK.

    @hobbes: PS3 already has Netflix. You have to pay Netflix for the service, though, but that wouldn’t be included in the premium subscription. It’s through a disc right now, but XMB integration is coming, which should also be included free.

    I’m surprised no one mentioned the Non-Game SDK. Sounds like we could see a lot of third party programs running on the XMB (probably for programs like you’d find on the App Store). If that’s the case, I hope they’ll allow you to organize your list.

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