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FFXIII Images and Info |

Lots of news has been dropping about the upcoming FFXIII adventure which is set for release in Japan in December.

Now we have found out a few new details that are really really amazing.

-Hunts are back! One of the best parts of FFXII have made an appearance on FFXIII but in a slightly different way. It seems you won’t accept hunts at a desk or bulletin boards, but by visiting glyphs that are found around the world.

-There will be some sort of job classification but I’m not sure of the details on this yet.

-There will be large scale enemy fights. As you can see in the image below from the Shonen Jump scan, you are very very tiny compared to this dinosaur looking beast.

-Order of Characters to Summons:

News is leaking out more and more so keep and eye out for more updates.

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  • Greta I like the hunts. Nice feature that would make a great DLC. I was always surprised that FF didn’t make more use of this. MAybe it will be a bibger part of FFXIV

  • That area in the pic looks like the Calm Lands from FFX.

  • Royalty32

    just wondering. Are these all new characters in the final fantasy world or have they been mentioned before.