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Is Bungie Working on a PS3 Game? |

The last time Bungie touched a Sony platform was with Oni for the PS2. Since then Bungie’s been busy working exclusively with Microsoft. Are things about to change?

Yes, says HipHopGamerShow . Bungie’s first PS3 game could be gracing Sony’s platform sometime next year. I think it would be silly to expect anything  Halo related or anything exclusive but, if this is true, what could Bungie be cooking up for the PS3?

Oni 2 perhaps?

  • JimmyStewart

    Not 100% sure if this is still true, but when Bungie went ‘independent’ part of the deal was that any new IP Bungie would make MS would have the first shot at. If that’s still true, the only way this would end up on the PS3 would be if MS didn’t want it for themselves… I find that hard to believe.

    Maybe after they make one new IP and it tanks badly, but for their first attempt I’d imagine MS would publish that immediately. The Bungie name alone almost guarantees it’ll be a million seller regardless of quality. It is nice to see the Halo boys getting some love over here though!

  • Marathon. It was an old MAC classic back in the day.

    Bungie just has to bring the gameplay and the networking code to make it big on the PS3. They have a big enough pedigree that people will buy the game.