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PlayStation Video Store Previews Needs Work |

PlayStation Video Store

When I rent a video from the PlayStation Store. Which has been quite often lately. I like to see a quick preview of the movie. It’s very slow to load. It’s much faster for me to exit out of the store and pull up YouTube on the PS3, search for the trailer and watch it there instead.

But when I do let it load the preview a little, if I watch it up to the point where it needs to download more the audio will usually skip through the rest of the preview unless I restart the entire preview. Minus annoyance. I also find it a little odd there is no rewind/forward option. Just to restart the preview or pause.

So I decided to time how long it took to fully download the preview. I have a fast connection. I checked it right before I timed it, I had 6.53 MB Down and 3.26 MB Up. These previews are SD too, so it shouldn’t take that long to download.

It toke over 20 minutes to download a 2 minute trailer (see if you can guess the movie from the screenshot 😛 ). To be fair I did start the test at 5:30 pm, so maybe the servers where just really busy. But it’s been like this for a while now. Hey, maybe it’s just me, how are your load times?

  • Same here, and I also have quite fast internet (2MB/s down, 100K/s up).

    The interesting part is, first, the video store actually DOES have trailers for all the movies, not like the games store, which SORELY needs those, second the game trailers do actually load fast for me, which makes little sense.

  • You have 3.26MB up? Holy fast pipes, Batman!

    (But I think you mean 3.26Mb.)

  • iFlash

    The preview feature is also under used. Many items in the store don’t even have previews.

  • yodaddy

    20mb down… only 1.5 up…. does no good w/out a ps3

  • knowing you Tosh that had to be Wolverine? 😉

  • Preview on the video side is still SOOO slow. And yes Trev it was Wolverine, lol. Sorry I never answered you.