Uncharted 2 The gift that just keeps giving.

This weekend on Uncharted 2 Is a double cash weekend along with a new map and fat skins. Similar to the halloween weekend Naughty Dog have got into the holiday spirit and is celebrating Thanksgiving with another double cash weekend and a new patch.


The patch contains a new map, which looks like the fort from the first Uncharted and features a plane crashing?! Leader boards have added so you can now compare your stats with your friends, as well as globally and the two teams will be skinned with fat Drake for the heroes and Fat Larovitch for the villains. Might be good enough to tempt everyone away from Modern Warfare 2.

Be Thankful as Double Cash returns! [Naughty Dog]

Written by: Trev - Contributing Editor

  1. #1 by yodaddy on November 25th, 2009


  2. #2 by Fleakitten on November 25th, 2009

    I’ll be there.

  3. #3 by oly1kenobi on November 25th, 2009 [ 132615 Points ]

    Fat skins.. lol awesome

  4. #4 by You on November 25th, 2009

    HAHAHA…..I will see you all there =)

  5. #5 by Luke on November 25th, 2009 [ 27382 Points ]

    Awesome post Trev

  6. #6 by mcloki on November 26th, 2009 [ 2355 Points ]

    See you all there this weekend. When exactly does this hit? Friday morning?

  7. #7 by mcloki on November 26th, 2009 [ 2355 Points ]

    it’s 1 pm EST Friday that this stats. See you around 4. After I download it.

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