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Uncharted 2 1.02 Update Today [Update] |

The Uncharted 2 1.02 update should be arriving in about 1 hour. The update includes a new map and double cash weekend. Plus the Uncharted 2 characters are fat from thanksgiving, lol. [Update: Now live!]


  1. yodaddy


  2. i came! updating atm!

  3. foxxstory

    after the update finished downloading i get the loading screen with the dagger and it has not stopped spinig/loding for the last hour. Should I quit?

  4. Ya, if it doesn’t load after a few minutes just quit. See if the disc needs cleaning, if it’s fine get a DVD cleaner and put it in.

  5. Great update but there still needs to be a few updates on the single player mode like The store glithes. Please fix ND

  6. it won’t work i need help !!!!!!!!!

  7. What won’t work?

  8. Guillermo

    Hi, I have de asian version of this game and it seems that it doesn´t update. Since the new 1.02 was launched I wasn´t be allowed to play online… even with friends. Any comments? help me.
    Sorry about my english, my language is spanish.

  9. Hi, i just both uncharted 2 and i started it and i updated the patch 1.02 and it have been loading for almost 15 minuts is that supose to happend ?

  10. Try cleaning your disc or if you have a dvd cleaner, do that.

  11. to anyone having trouble with the game loading after the update try deleting the game data and re-downloading the patch.

  12. ive tried deleting game data, and then still stays on loading screen with data..who can i contact for this shit..ever since the update…im 94 percent complete..and i cant finish

  13. Try calling Sony I suppose.

  14. Well, I just got the game and its updating right now… I have the PS3 40GB and it downloads slow as hell.. is there a way to download it to my PC and install it through a USB like I usually do for PS3 Updates?

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