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First Look at Brink by Bethesda |

Good news is, we got a promising video of Brink. Bad news is that its delayed until Autumn of 2010. It shows some promise though. Like a Mirror’s Edge Bethesda style.

  • Why do all the soldiers have such long faces? And why are they all male?

  • Blackstaffer: Why do all the soldiers have such long faces? And why are they all male?  

    I guess that’s what people will look like to 2045, lol.

    I do like how you can vault over & under things ala Mirror’s Edge, pretty cool.

  • Eddie

    Yea i’m not thrilled with the character design, but knowing Bethesda, there will be a pretty detailed character creation tool.

  • I think I am the only one that likes the stylized look of the characters. The characters clearly are not meant to be realistic. Actually I was just to write that I was digging the art style before seeing your complaints!

  • Characters look just the way they look, because that is the policy chosen in this game. The more interesting thing for me is the physics. From this short movie some things can be seen but I’m wondering how will it look during the game.

  • Royalty32

    Besides Fallout 3 Bethesda has not been puttin out good games latley. I mean WET was terrible, absolutly awful and Rogue Warrior looks not better. Just a lil hint to Bethesda, stick with Fallout, that seems to be ur gem. Cant wait for Fallout Vegas.

  • Eddie

    Wet was developed by Artificial Mind not Bethesda. Rogue Warrior was Rebellion Developments.

    Bethesda just published them.

  • Royalty32

    Well its making Bethesda look bad. When ppl see those games they are gonna say “hey Artificial Mind and Rebellion made some crappy game” No all the blame is gonna b put on Bethesda. Hopefully Brink will be good…………Hopefully!

  • Eddie

    Thats what I see when I see those games.

    Personally I think anyone that doesn’t see it that way probably isn’t hardcore enough to care and are probably the same gamers that did buy Wet and Rogue Warrior.

    Not an insult..just saying these consumers play games for games. Not for who makes them, how many fps they do, texture quality, lighting, etc etc.

    Sucks…I saw gaming with new eyes when I learned what tearing was, how to eyeball fps dips. Kind of ruined gaming for me as a whole lol.

  • Darrin

    “It’s more than just a rail shooter with canned cinematics”

    Rather than tell us, they should show us. OK, the movement system is nice (SMART? come on), but that’s a small piece of a game.

  • Royalty32

    When it comes to fps Bethesda kno’s what they are doin. So i have high hope for brink. Im the type of gamer who likes to play almost all types of games besides RTS’s. To me u have to have good gameplay and yes awsome graphics. I say that because for on M$ and Sony say that there console can deliver life lick graphics. So i say prove it. 2nd, when a developer say that there game is beautiful it better be. So yes graphics and physics play a huge part in my chioce of games. For ppl to say graphics dont mean everything is complete BS. If thats the case the Gameinformer and even, when they do reviews do not include the graphics/visual section.