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Gran Turismo 5 Demo on PSN 17/12/09. |

A Gran Turismo 5 Demo is hitting the PSN on December 17th in conjunction with a new GT Academy 2010 competition.

On 17th December exclusively via the PlayStation store, we will be launching the GT Academy 2010 Time Trial. The time trial will be the only way into this year’s Academy, and if you’ve got what it takes it could be the start of a life-changing journey.

Whilst This isn’t strictly a demo of GT5 it will still be from the newest build of the game and is rumoured to feature a new track along with the new Nissan 350z pictured above.

Here’s a video detailing the competition;

The closing date for GT Academy 2010 is 24.00 CET on 24th January 2010.

GT Academy 2010 Launches December 17th With Downloadable Time Trial []

  • P5ycH0

    Big ****ing Deal.
    Just give us the game already. We know it’s already finished.
    Stop teasing us. I bought my launch PS3 for GT5.
    Now please deliver goddamnit.

  • Mark

    What worries me most of all is the GT PSP release, waited too long for an average game that was technically great but missed the mark on gameplay. Could the PS3 release be the same? Where is the great driving game that the console deserves, is there a problem developing a driving game in the next gen space? Thoughts?