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The Weekly Recap (November 29-December 5) |

Been a bit busier this week as compared to last. Unfortunately, it’s been a bad week for me so I missed out on quite a bit (internet was shut off for a few days). And some other personal things are going on, so I didn’t really have time to make any articles and posted mostly QuickNews.

Anyway, we’re going to have a bit going on over the next month. I’m keeping track of a bunch of things that will be posted on New Years Day (more details in the Community section). Hopefully there will be some good news in store for us this coming week!

Alrighty, this is Last Call for the $25 Amazon Gift Card. If you were wanting to participate in the contest, make sure you have your 15 new posts made in the Community to qualify! The contest ends at midnight, presumably Mountain Time (EST-2, PST+1).

We also got nominations for Game of the Year, as well as Most Important and Best Games of the Decade. You can nominate titles in this post. Keep in mind, the Decade contests are open to any platform, including handhelds, PCs and even the Dreamcast. Game of the Year nominations (and the subcategories) will be strictly for PlayStation 3 titles. Going back ten years in gaming will be tough, so take your time with your list.

Also keep in mind I’m also tracking another thing for New Year’s Day. I’m still looking for you all to contribute to this topic and let us know what you want to see in future Firmware updates for the PS3. We already got quite a list going and would like to continue building upon it.

Here’s this week’s recognitions:

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Another Sweet PS3 Bundle
Luke – November 29th Cyber Monday Deals
Tosh – November 29th

LittleBigPlanet Update 1.21 Leerdammer is live.
Trev – November 30th

Gran Turismo 1 Retrospective.
Trev – November 30th

Brand Loyalty
fleakitten – November 30th

Thanksgiving Week Sales
Eddie – December 1st

First Look at Brink by Bethesda
Eddie – December 1st

Red Dead Redemption Official Trailer
Darrin – December 1st

Free game with Go, UK style.
No Kill Tayler – December 1st

ModNation Racers Character Creation
Tosh – December 2nd

FIFA 10 Ultimate Team.
Trev – December 2nd

New Medal Of Honor Announced. Its Modern.
Trev – December 2nd

PixelJunk Shooter is almost here!
Luke – December 2nd

If You Want Something Done Right..
fleakitten – December 2nd

Final Fantasy XIII Prologue “Episode Zero” Now Fully Translated
Eddie – December 3rd

Playstation is 15!
Trev – December 3rd

Gran Turismo 5 Demo on PSN 17/12/09.
Trev – December 3rd

InFamous Price Drop and DLC Details
JimmyMagnum – December 3rd

December ‘09 PS3 Firmware Wishes
Blackstaffer – December 3rd

Max Payne 3 Delayed to Q4 2010.
Trev – December 3rd

It’s Plundering Time!
fleakitten – December 4th

Is GTA Annualized?
Darrin – December 4th

White Knight Chronicles Officially Feb 2nd!
Eddie – December 4th

Some Possible Cool Features for Gran Turismo 5
JimmyMagnum – December 4th

Nobunaga’s Ambition Online Set for PS3
fleakitten – November 30th

Buy a game, get a $20 PSN Credit
Tosh – November 30th

Heavy Rain Pouring in February
fleakitten – December 1st

Dante’s Inferno Demo Coming Soon
JimmyMagnum – December 2nd

Rumor: PSP Minis To See PS3 Support
JimmyMagnum – December 4th

Buy InFamous, Get Uncharted: Drakes Fortune Free
JimmyMagnum – December 4th

The Saboteur
There are some supposed PSN releases this week (PixelJunk Shooter on the 10th), but I rarely ever see full announcements until the day before/of the Store updates

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  • “Hopefully there will be some good news in store for us this coming week!”

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  • JimmyMagnum

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