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Heavy Rain Covers for US and EU Revealed |

Well, here are the official covers for Heavy Rain in both the US and EU. What I never quite understood is why some games have different covers in different territories. Wouldn’t it be more cost effective to use the same cover in all territories (though, translation and whatnot might be a factor).

I know it’s probably to attract people in the different territories due to different tastes or something. I still remember the GTA3 packaging. PAL territories’ was way different from NTSC (US versions had the separate boxes with different individual pictures and EU had a very chaotic cover, as pictured here).

Anyway, the cover design on this game is a bit mysterious. It looks as though the only people who would pick it up would be because of that fact, or, obviously, they kept their eye on the game’s development. I know this game isn’t targeted at the mainstream, so the cover design serves its purpose. As for personal opinion, I’m not sure which one I like better. I like the dark, gritty texture of the EU version, but the newspaper clip on the US version adds to the mysteriousness of the game in it’s own right.

What strikes me as odd is the PlayStation Network bit on the top right of the US cover. Does that mean it has some online functionality? And if it does, what kind? The back side of the cover says it’s only 1 player (which makes sense anyway). Maybe it’s just for uploading to YouTube or something.

In any case, the game has been scheduled for a release on February 18th, in Japan at least. EU and NA areas should see the game before then, though, no official release date has been reported for those areas. Right now, it’s rumored to be February 16th in NA (so EU territories could potentially see it on either the 12th or 19th, if the rumor is proven to be true). Anyone planning on checking this game out? I am, for sure.

  • JimmyMagnum

    also, keep in mind, the NA one is currently a placeholder for retailers. The final box art will most likely remove the Best Of badges and replace it with QuanticDream’s logo

  • teedub

    The PSN logo is likely there to denote “Trophy Support”. I’ve seen single player games with the PSN logo for trophies alone (Wolverine comes to mind).

    Can’t wait for this title.

  • JimmyMagnum

    good point, never crossed my mind haha

  • Royalty32

    Man f*** ps3. I own a ps3 slim now and it completly gave up on me. I was looking forward to GoW 3, even downloaded da demo and it was awsome. My PS brand headset stopped wrking and my controller on works if its being charged. Im going over to 360, which erbody says itr has better online than ps3. Plus natal is coming and Alan Wake looks freakin amazin. PS3 your a piece of crap and the only reason why ppl shound buy u is for BD. Somethin told me to buy an 360 un the first place….. I should’ve listened. Even though ps3 will get console of the year this year…….Down with PS.

  • Michael

    Having ‘heavy rain’ in the picture seems to make sense. Although it, and the origami, really reminds me of Blade Runner more than anything else.

    The paper is a perhaps a bit more literal about the content of the game, which probably makes sense for the US market. Althought he composition isn’t great – title is too spaced out and wide, and the origami is too big.

    TBH a black and white front with the name and maker would do me for any games – they rarely convey any more information about it.