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Final Fantasy XIII Gets a 39/40 From Famitsu |


A great score but a little shocked we didn’t see a perfect score. FFXII was the only FF to ever have gotten a perfect score. Along with this info, we have some other great news.

-FFXIII will be on a dual layered blu-ray disc. MGS4 is the only other game to use one.

-No installs

-PS3 version will have uncompressed video and audio due to lack of size constraints.

-You can restart battles! Awesome option


  1. It’s confirmed: Famitsu is unreliable.

    They gave that story-less, uninspired, uneventfully boring FFXII a better score? They even gave The Last Remnant a 38/40 and WKC got a 29/40 because of the online component while thay liked the rest of the game.

  2. FF XII was really boring ! The only FF I didn’t finish !
    I REALLY can’t wait for FF XIII !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It’s Final Fantasy XIII. Most will buy it regardless of what Famitsu says.

  4. Trieloth

    Iam getting this game no matter what other people think of it.

  5. Exactly. I might not buy it day one. but Maybe in April after certain government refund cheque drops by, it’s a done deal. It’s a matter of when not if.

  6. All the people breathlessly touting the “uncompressed video” of the PS3 version would do well to note that no such thing exists. You might fit two and a half minutes of uncompressed 1080p video on a dual-layer BD.

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