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November 2009 Sales |

Hardware Sales

Platform United States Japan Total Year Over Year Change
PlayStation 2 203100 10455 213,555 -6.37%
PlayStation Portable 293900 244239 538,139 -13.09%
Xbox 360 819500 21887 841,387 -4.78%
PlayStation 3 710400 226515 936,915 100.96%
Wii 1260000 244556 1,504,556 -30.88%
Nintendo DS 1700000 444720 2,144,720 7.58%

US Top Ten Software for the Month

Title Platform Month of Release Monthly Sales
CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE 2* 360 November 2009 4.20M
CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE 2* PS3 November 2009 1.87M
ASSASSIN’S CREED II 360 November 2009 794.7K
LEFT 4 DEAD 2 360 November 2009 744.0K
WII FIT PLUS* WII October 2009 679.0K
ASSASSIN’S CREED II PS3 November 2009 448.4K
DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS* 360 November 2009 362.1K
MARIO KART W/ WHEEL WII April 2008 315.0K

Japan Top Ten Software for the Month

Title Platform Release Date Monthly Sales
World Soccer Winning Eleven 2010 PS3 2009-11-05 321722
Professor Layton and the Devil’s Flute DS 2009-11-26 301290
Tomodachi Collection (Friend Collection) DS 2009-06-18 256208
Wii Fit Plus Wii 2009-10-01 209525
Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver DS 2009-09-12 181629
J-League Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou! 6: Pride of J PSP 2009-11-12 126155
Inazuma Eleven 2: Threat of the Invaders – Fire/Blizzard DS 2009-10-01 123333
Dragon Ball: Raging Blast PS3 2009-11-12 90067
Persona 3 Portable PSP 2009-11-01 65885
Final Fantasy Gaiden: 4 Warriors of Light DS 2009-10-29 58876

360 did surprisingly well. It beat PS3 in US sales (PS3 comes ahead when in Japan and Japan + US), and 360 did amazingly with sales of CoD and AC2. Well, most everyone seems to think that the PS3 is delivering far better software and hardware. They have definitely narrowed the gap. I guess the 360 just has a much stronger brand in the U.S and people want to buy what their friends have.

  • Darjeeling

    Strong figures for all consoles.
    The PSP numbers could be better though, when you take into acount all the great software it had this year… Seems likes it’s time for a small pricecut maybe. E3 next year perhaps…

    The PS2 is just a beast! It is amazing how it just keeps on selling.

    The PlayStation 3 also showed strong numbers (a bit dissapointing in the US though) and with a year over year rise of 100.96% in sales, the future looks bright.

    Hope we are going to get a chart for the entire year of 2009, like you guys did last year 🙂

  • Francois

    I think the playstation brand is going pretty well but I am surprised that the ps3 with its new marketing campaign still sold less than the 360 in the us.

  • NAs are hardcore 360 fans and since MW was bundled w/the 360 it couldn’t help but sell a bit more HW.

    In the end the PS3 is the only HD system with a sales increase ytd.That’s bragging rights alone.

  • Kenneth Harris

    FK….what you say about a YTD sales increase is true…however that’s only bc ps3’s prior years sales have been relatively poor. I just still find it so dissappointing to see how Sony squandered their brand equity and allowed 360 to gain a foothold the way it has. MW2 sales on 360 are just staggering…almost 3 to 1….no wonder we continue to get shafted on comparable quality on multiplat games. Thank GOD for first party!!

  • Royalty32

    Yea but its still sad to see that third party developers wont take the time and make the ps3 version on par or better than the 360 just becuase it wont sells as well on da ps3 than da 360. I mean i know its all about the $ but if the developers would actually take time and develop a good ps3 version maybe they would see sales increase. I said it b4 and ima say it again and listen up good. “The PS3 will be the second best selling console in the U.S.” Yes, the ps3 will outsell the 360 in 2010 and beyond. If they bundle GoW 3 with da ps3, the 360 will be doomed.

  • Trieloth

    Lol looks like the banning of all them 360s payed off. And the ads that gave the impression that the MW2 is a 360 only game.

  • Trieloth – just what I was about to say!

    Plus, in terms of MW2 sales, let’s not forget that – advertising impressions and bundles aside – it’s one of few quality titles the 360 had during the year, whereas PS3 owners were pretty spoilt for choice. Next year’s looking to be pretty similar, too, especially early on.

  • Darrin

    That’s nonsense Trieloth… there are large groups of people who view video games as junk food like entertainment, don’t take them seriously, and have a large brand affinity towards Xbox. No more complicated explanation is needed.

    Look at the runaway success of youth targeted products like Harry Potter or Twilight. The success is largely due to a quality product, but it’s largely a group effect. People buy because all their friends are buying it.

    This actually makes more sense with multiplayer games, because if all your friends have Xbox only, you can only play with them on Xbox as well.

  • ROb

    Funny I stumbled upon this post – Just saw that is completely out of stock of the PS3’s – 160 and 250GB.

  • Walmart’s $99 Xbox 360 Arcade bundles helped out too I bet.

  • Eddie

    Actually the 360 has increased year over year as well since launch. This might be the first year in which it doesn’t actually beat itself.

    PS3 has almost beat its year over year already.

    And no…PS3 sales weren’t “poor”. They are tracking higher then the 360 was since launch by a few million. In fact…PS3 is the 3rd fastest selling console of all time from launch. Imagine that.

  • SicSemperTyranis

    The 360 is the console for FPS’s. That’s just the way that people see it. People feel Live is better than PSN so naturally the biggest FPS ever would sell boat loads on the 360. Not that the PS3 sales are bad just not as phenomenal as the 360.
    On a different note, does anyone know how Uncharted 2 did in November? I’m just curious I did find the top 20 and it wasn’t in there so it piqued my interest.

  • JimmyMagnum

    I think it lied more with the advertising of MW2, since advertising was exclusive to the 360, despite it being a multiplatform game.

    Given that fact, Microsoft still couldn’t meet it’s sales from last year, whereas the PS3 more than doubled its last year’s sales, which is more important anyway.

    Wii made a lot of sales, but that could mostly be due to the new Super Mario game. In Japan, though, it looks like Wii Fit Plus. PS3 is slowly creeping in the top spot, though. It’s just the US is still stuck in the Wii fad (honestly, it’s got barely any good games, and if you read my metacritic article, it’s obvious).

    I think Sony will make great headroom going into 2010, though, especially because of its killer first party lineup (its seriously the best I’ve seen ever) and the current ad campaign (hopefully they still keep at it with Kevin Butler), which I say contributed a lot to the sales last month.

    Plus, from the looks of things, more third party developers are putting content on the PS3 versions that are exclusive to the console. It worked with Arkham Asylum (which, according to NPD, the PS3 version exceeded the 360 version by around 10,000 units) and Dante’s Inferno is giving a PS3-exclsive Divine Edition. I wouldn’t be surprised if more third party followed suit.

    One thing I’m really hoping for in the next year, though, is a lot more dedication from third party developers to work on the PS3 versions and make them on-par, or better (look at FFXIII, the 360 will need multiple discs and lots of compression).

    Overall, though, 2009 was the year PS3 really set its seed and began growing, but I feel 2010 will be the year it blooms.

    EDIT: also, one positive, the more people who buy PS3s, the better chance you have of your friends owning that system as well. Within the past few months, a bunch of my friends finally got PS3s!