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PixelJunk Shooter Impressions |


  • The fun of this game is interacting with the fluids and gases. There is basic shooting and collecting, but that’s just a simple game on top of playing with the fluids and gases. There is good variety as well. The game introduces a new mechanic of some kind every few levels.
  • The levels are puzzle-like, but they are easy and very fun to play through. This is WAY easier than Monsters or Eden which were both unusually hard games.
  • I’d estimate that I spent about four or five hours with it before I beat it. There is actually a lot of content for $10. This is much less grindy than Monsters and much less time consuming than Eden. You can zip through the levels fairly quickly.
  • Great, very appropriate music, although some of the lyrics are intrusive.
  • Overall: great, really unique, fun game. Outside of Wipeout Fury add-on, this is almost surely the best downloadable game of ’09. Eden is probably still my favorite PixelJunk game, but this is a close second. These guys are really good at finding fun concepts and turning them into fun, polished games.

Any other impressions?

  • JimmyMagnum

    I still gotta get it. dont have the dough right now though

  • Eddie

    I absolutely love this game. I’m taking my time and trying to get all the crystals and miners before I beat it. Some are really hidden well.

  • JimmyStewart

    I’m with you Eddie, taking it really slowly. My wife and I have been going through each level over and over until we collect it all. It’s the same as we did for PJM! That’s one of our favorite games period.

    This one is really really fun too! It’s much closer to the fun of PJM than Eden was. I’m really digging it, but I’d trade it in for PJM 2 in a heartbeat. I think PixelJunk is Playstation’s best kept secret. And I don’t think that’s really a good thing… Sony should be yelling it from the rooftops. This previously unknown publisher has become an event in our household. PJ titles are hands down the best games we’ve gotten on the PS3.

  • Only if I could convince my wife to play with me. I played with my bro at his place, co op is absolute blast (I haven’t tried single player yet, but you can’t beat that interaction)

  • JimmyStewart

    It’s a bit tricky to get a wife on board for gaming sometimes. The hurdle for us was the skill gap. One of the first games we really tried to complete “together” was Gears of War 1. It mostly consisted of me playing the game and then waiting for her to finally catch up to me so we could progress.

    In a few short years though I think she’s surpassed me. I think I’ve still got the edge in Halo (certainly multiplayer) but she seems to be much better in Gears 2. I KNOW she’s the better PJM player, but I’m working on getting better! Right now we’re about even in Shooter. I tend to die more frequently, but she tends to kill off all of the little men ALL the time.

  • Darrin

    I am envious, JimmyStewart. My wife is otherwise perfect, except she generally refuses to touch video games. Having a wife that would seriously play real games (not just casual crap) enough to get good? That’s awesome.