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Poll: When did you start gaming? |

We have a new poll up in the sidebar. Sinlock came up with the poll this time. If you have any ideas for polls please respond to this forum topic, so we can change it up more often.

Here are the results of the last poll.

Should classic games have a remake?

  • If they upgrade graphics and gameplay – 71 Votes 28% of all votes
  • Yes – 57 Votes 22% of all votes
  • It depends – 56 Votes 22% of all votes
  • If they upgrade the graphics – 52 Votes 20% of all votes
  • Leave the classics alone – 16 Votes 6% of all votes
  • No – 6 Votes 2% of all votes

Total Votes: 258
Started: October 15, 2009

  • Sinlock

    Hope you guys like the new poll. I’m working on some more ideas.

  • Sinlock: Hope you guys like the new poll. Iā€™m working on some more ideas.  

    Be sure to post them in the forum topic šŸ™‚

  • I must add, that I was 6 years old when my brother got the Atari… but I started gaming back then, yes^^

  • LazerFX

    Problem – I can’t respond to _any_ of those… you don’t have Speccy, C64, BBC!

  • JimmyMagnum

    C64 is in there. Those would fall under Generation 1 anyway

  • what about “generation 0”; i.e., pong and the like? our first game machine was a pong clone. this was before the atari 2600. (yes, i’m old :P)

  • I added a new option to the poll bunnyhero

  • thanks tosh!